10 Workplace TV Dramas That Really Feel Real

    Whether you’re sitting at a computer at work or you’re outside working with your hands, there’s likely to be a TV show that you can relate to. the desk, for example, was ridiculous in its depiction of life in a desk job, but a lot of people can relate to having a boss who is eccentric, unconventional, or even incompetent. On the other hand, eg ER Show the realism of working in a hospital and the agonizing trauma that healthcare workers see and experience every day.

    In recent years, there have been a large number of televisiondrama It is very accurate in showing the realism of the workplace to viewers. Many of these shows have won Emmy Awards for their efforts and have become modern classics. Succession is a series that showcases the hierarchy of a wealthy family at the top of a media empire and the tension that comes with wealth, while… instinct anatomy It is a medical drama that combines the personal lives of the characters with work and the conflicts resulting from the confusion of the two. These are the best Workplacedrama Almost too realistic to bear.

    10 Succession

    Succession 1-1
    Courtesy of HBO

    Succession It is one of the hottest TV shows of the moment. Currently in its fourth season, the show revolves around the Roy family, a wealthy family at the helm of a giant media empire called Waystar RoyCo. Brian Cox plays Logan Roy, the patriarch of the family and company, who knows his time in the industry is almost up, but refuses to name one of his sons as his successor.

    Succession is full of intense moments. The back and forth between Logan and his kids is scary. Sometimes he loves and protects them. In others, it leaves them to suffer the unimaginable consequences of their actions. With an excellent supporting cast that includes Jeremy Strong, Kieran Culkin, and Sarah Snook, among others, Succession is a workplace drama that captures all the tensions that can occur in a high-pressure environment.

    9 a house

    Gregory House

    in a houseHugh Laurie plays Dr. Gregory House, a doctor who specializes in helping people with rare diseases. Dr. House’s attitude was often unkind or indifferent when he looked down on his co-workers. His partner, Dr. James Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard), was a more sympathetic doctor, offering his solutions and giving House a sounding board when no one was listening. Laurie is a great actor but his last show Street 5 It was recently canceled on HBO.

    a house It ran for eight seasons from 2004 to 2012 on Fox. Dr. House was a very down-to-earth doctor who was often frank with his patients, telling them harsh truths even when they were causing them emotional pain. Laurie’s portrayal of the character is spot on, giving him a dry sense of humor but a realistic view of what life in the hospital is like.

    8 suit

    Mike Harvey Suits

    suit It centers around Mike Ross (Patrick J. Mike lies about his credentials and talks Harvey Spencer (Gabrielle Macht), the firm’s chief attorney, into giving him a job. Although Harvey is aware of the deception, he trusts Mike because he is evilly intelligent and has a photographic memory.

    you may know suit During the show was Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, before she married Prince Harry. It is a powerful drama about the legal system and the tenacity lawyers have to fight for their clients. The show does a great job of showing the real tension that goes on in a courtroom.

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    7 The bear

    Jeremy Allen White in Bear

    The bear It is one of the best TV shows streaming on Hulu right now. It stars Jeremy Allen White as Carmen (“Carmy”) Perzato, an accomplished chef who returns to Chicago to run his family’s sandwich shop after the death of his brother. Totally on edge, Carmi works in the kitchen while trying to balance the restaurant’s books and keep his staff happy. Fans will be excited to hear that Bob Odenkirk will be joining The Bear for season two.

    Those who have worked in the restaurant industry know the story behind it The bear So reall. Working in the kitchen can be stressful, stressful and sometimes dangerous. Carme’s situation is familiar to food outlet owners because they often operate on thin margins and struggle to keep staff in a competitive job market.

    6 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

    Law & Order: SVU

    Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (or SVU, for short) is one of the longest-running TV shows. Captain Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) leads a police department that investigates particularly brutal and sensitive crimes, such as sexual abuse and crimes against children. With the help of her team that includes Det. Elliott Stabler (Chris Meloni), Sergeant Vin Tutuola (Ice T), and Sergeant John Munch (the late Richard Belzer), Captain Benson work hard to bring criminals to justice for their heinous crimes.

    since 1999, SVU It captivated viewers with its realistic stories, stunning acting, and strong editing. Unfortunately, many of the episodes were based on real-life events, which gives it an unsettling feeling of being too real. More than 500 episodes have been broadcast since its debut. The show has been on for so long that fans sometimes forget the many guest stars who have appeared over the years.

    5 instinct anatomy

    instinct anatomy

    Another long-running show with a strong and dedicated fan base is instinct anatomy. The show follows Dr. Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo) as she begins as an intern at a Seattle hospital, later working her way up to become Chief of General Surgery. Dr. Gray’s personal life is constantly intertwined with her work and she is forced to balance personal time with shift work at the medical center.

    Health care professionals know it’s a tough field to be in, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance isn’t easy. At first, Dr. Gray’s schedule is hectic and she still has to find the time to finish the work required to complete her residency. Viewers can relate to this medical drama because many of them also had to work to pay for tuition while completing school.

    4 mad men


    in mad men, Jon Hamm plays Don Draper, a wealthy advertising executive who carries himself with bravado and poise. The problem is, it’s not quite what he thinks it is. Don is actually a man named Dick who stole Don Draper’s identity from a fellow soldier years earlier. As Don, he can be the man he’s always dreamed of being, with a beautiful wife named Betty (January Jones) and a keen secretary (Elisabeth Moss).

    mad men It shows the fast-paced lifestyle that people lived in the 1960s. It was a time of great change when more women joined the workforce and men were struggling to maintain power over one another. The high pressure working environment in an advertising agency is very real as advertising managers are always trying to satisfy their clients while getting more and more money from them. mad men Contains one of Jon Hamm’s best performances.

    3 scandal


    scandal It stars Kerry Washington as Olivia “Liv” Pope, a crisis management specialist who runs her own company and works with the President of the United States. Known as the “fixer” in the White House, she is often quick to cover up scandals and put a positive spin on negative events. In the first season, the viewer learns about Liv’s relationship with POTUS (Tony Goldwyn) as she works out whether or not he had an intimate relationship with a woman named Amanda Tanner (Lisa Weil).

    Politics can be an intense field to work in. Although scandal It is slightly exaggerated in its depiction of the relationships between co-workers in the White House, and is still an accurate portrayal of the field of crisis management. scandal is a serious drama created by Shonda Rhimes, who is very familiar with the realism from her other shows like instinct anatomyAnd How to get away with killingAnd Special training.

    2 industry

    Industry - Herold and Abella

    There are plenty of good reasons to watch industryMost importantly, it’s a great show for young people who are struggling to get into the workforce. The British TV series, created by Mickey Down and Conrad Kaye, follows a group of graduates who compete for positions at a London investment firm. Graduates are given six months to prove they can keep up with the commercial industry, or they will be let go.

    Marisa Abella is brilliant as Jasmine, an ambitious woman from a wealthy family and fluent in several languages. Some of Jasmine’s co-workers lie about their credentials to keep up, while others deal with their fast-paced lifestyle by drinking and doing drugs to take the edge off. industry It is a suitable show for anyone who has ever been pressured to perform or faced with the chopping block.

    1 leakage

    Elizabeth Holmes Dropout
    Disney platform distribution

    leakage It feels real because it was in reality. It’s based on the story of Elizabeth Holmes, a Stanford dropout who formed a company called Theranos that claimed to have discovered a breakthrough medical technology. in leakage , Holmes is played by Amanda Seyfried, who does a masterful job with the character. The show follows Holmes from her time at the school to the founding of her company until her eventual downfall.

    In real life, Elizabeth Holmes was convicted of defrauding investors and the government. leakage Very real for anyone with a dream of being self-made. There is a fine line between being ambitious and being willing to twist the truth to succeed. Holmes crossed this line and leakage It does a good job of drawing the viewer into Holmes’ real-world experiences.

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