Why Disney should go back to classic style animation

    In 1937, Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Hitting theaters is a stepping stone in Disney’s rise to become a prominent media company. While traditional animated films helped Disney build its empire, Disney distanced itself from the medium.

    Traditional animation was synonymous with Disney, but now the company has shifted to computer-generated animation. With Disney’s growing interest in live-action remakes, it can sometimes feel like Disney wants to distance itself from animation as a whole. Traditional animation increasingly seems to be in the past. However, going back to traditional animation could easily have been a good idea for Disney.

    Disney could benefit from nostalgia

    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    RKO Radio Pictures

    Nostalgia is a powerful thing, and Disney knows that. This is why their animated films have been turned into different books, sequels, remakes, stage shows, TV shows, and various entertainment spots. There are already a lot of Disney fans who have expressed their desire to see Disney return to its roots and produce more traditional animation.

    This is also not something that will necessarily change with the new generations. Because Disney films are often marketed to children, children of different generations have grown up watching the same traditional Disney animated films. The child may have suffered snow white at the kiddie matinée, on VHS, or on a streaming service, but it’s still part of their childhood.

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    Other companies have 3D animation covered

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    Although it seems that traditional animation and CGI are often pitted against each other, one has more to lose than the other. 3D animation and CGI won’t go away if Disney returns to traditional animation. Lots of other animation studios have produced successful 3D animated movies.

    One of the benefits Disney can get with a return to traditional animation is that it can help the company stand out when more animation studios prefer 3D animation. In fact, Disney doesn’t need to produce its own 3D animated films to stay in the field. Disney has been making 3D animated films through Pixar since it became a subsidiary.

    Innovations in animation should not be wasted

    A scene from the movie Fantasia
    RKO Radio Pictures

    Disney’s animation division helped pioneer traditional animation as a whole. Many of Disney’s early animated films made use of various technologies, such as rotoscoping and multiplane camera. Even in the early years, animation was ready for experimentation and exploration.

    These innovations would eventually be in vain if traditional animation was abandoned as a whole. Since traditional animation has a longer history than CGI, it would also be a waste of a head start to give animators.

    In one example, when Disney appeared tangled was still”Rapunzel is not braidedAn early idea was for the film to resemble a revived oil painting, inspired by realist Rococo paintings. However, by the final film, this had been mostly reduced to backgrounds. By contrast, many of Disney’s traditionally animated films are capable of Repetition of different artistic styles, from sleeping beautytexture pattern for HerculesA Greek look inspired by the vase.

    Animators are required for Disney Legends

    Lily Jim is Disney's Cinderella in the flesh

    Disney is best known for producing live-action animated remakes. This trend began in 1994 with Rudyard Kipling Jungle Book. After a few early films, the trend began to explode in popularity in the 2010s, with films like Alice in WonderlandAnd CinderellaAnd mischievous. The trend has become so mainstream, it is a vivid remake of 2016 Moana It was announced less than a decade after the original film’s release. Disney’s animated characters have appeared in other live-action venues as well, such as ABC once upon a time or televised live performances.

    While live-action remakes seem to have usurped the animated films, they actually have a symbiotic relationship. And it stands to reason that for this trend to continue, there would have to be primarily animated films to adapt. Disney found loopholes around this. 101 Dalmatians Not only has it seen a live-action remake, but a sequel and spin-off Cruella film.

    Admittedly, Disney has considered this treatment for their CGI films. However, new stories are ultimately needed. Likewise, the effect of recreating the stories is lost when the 3D animators try their hardest to replicate reality.

    2D and 3D animation need each other

    Mirabel from Encanto
    Walt Disney Studios

    Traditional animation and 3D animation seem to be like rivals, but they are both forms of animation and even involve similar processes. A return to traditional animation will not necessarily replace the company’s 3D animation projects. It could actually allow Disney to focus on animation as a whole. With Disney’s increasing focus on live-action fare, animation itself could risk losing ground within the company.

    The change can also be beneficial for the masses. Disney can definitely be more experimental and offer different types of animated movies. Treating traditional animation as an archaic medium ultimately runs the risk of making animation as a whole obsolete as well.

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    Traditional art could be better revived

    Princess Aurora as Briar Rose in Sleeping Beauty
    Buena Vista distribution

    Over the years, Disney’s traditional animated films have explored different forms and styles of art history. Sometimes, it affects the entire film’s style, such as the geometric texture designs in sleeping beauty. Other times, it is shown only briefly, such as the opening and closing of stained glass panels beauty and the beast. These art styles translate well to traditional animation because they trace their origins to hand-drawn artwork.

    Even the architecture referenced in Disney movies started out as a sketch on a blueprint. There are plenty of art styles from around the world that Disney hasn’t explored that could one day give way to a new visual landscape.

    Traditional animation has found success in other countries

    Demon Slayer Mugen Training Movie
    adult swim (tonami)

    One reason for ignoring traditional animation in favor of CGI and 3D animation is that audiences are expected to favor supposedly advanced technology. However, this is not necessarily the case. Japan, for example, has proven that traditional animation can be popular in its own right.

    This is something Disney should be aware of. again in 2021, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Traina movie from Demon Slayer The franchise, however, has been successful in both Japan and North America, even topping Disney Raya and the last dragon. Traditional animation, despite its long history, can still have untapped potential that other markets could easily overtake.

    Traditional animation is good for merchandise

    That's how you know who's bewitched

    Disney is definitely fond of the merchandise. Disney fans have enjoyed various books and dolls based on their famous characters. Sometimes traditional Disney animated characters have had an easier transition to merchandise and promotions.

    When 3D heroines, such as Rapunzel and Merida, were added to the Disney Princess lineup, new 2D designs had to be added so that she could appear alongside others. 2D designs have also been important for things like book illustrations, comic adaptations, and even TV shows. When the characters appear in the drawings, it may help when they were drawn in the first place.

    This is also not just a problem for moving media. Disney could make better use of animated characters rather than live characters. For example, Disney once intended to include Gisele Who fascinated In the Disney Princess lineup. One issue that ran against this was that they needed to pay Giselle’s live-action actress a fee, in exchange for the use of her image.

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