Season 2 of 10 Storylines needs to expand

    Wednesday It delivered the supernatural, friendship, mystery, and horror all in its first season. While the first season was certainly packed with interesting stories, events, and characters, there is room in the second season to explore and expand on plot lines that had loose ends at the end of the season. Season 2 either has plenty of time to develop the storylines hinted at in season 1 or just didn’t have time to explore more. while Wednesday Showcasing some time with the rest of the Addams family, including filming flashbacks centering on Morticia and Gomez’s past at Nevermore Academy, she’ll always be an exciting addition to more episodes in season two, as has Uncle Fester. Meanwhile, some storylines have ended on cliffhangers, like what happens next for Tyler or the mystery behind Wednesday’s stalker.

    Nevermore Academy is also the focus of many questions, as the school needs a new leader with Christie’s death, meaning the school lacks a central leadership figure. Enid’s place as the black sheep of her family may have finally ended with her eventual transformation into a werewolf in Season 1, but will that be enough to help raise her confidence?

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    10 Wed relations with her family

    Wed Gomez and Wed Morticia

    despite of Wednesday She explained that the title character’s relationship with her family is not the closest, and that season two could expand on it. Specifically, Wednesday’s relationship with Morticia has been portrayed as strained, and while Wednesday attempts to project herself as an individual outside of Morticia and Gomez’s entire Nev Academy history, solving this serious murder mystery has likely done the work for her. Going into the second season, though, the rest of the Addams Family do not play central roles in the show, Wednesday She can still expand on the dynamics on Wednesday with her parents, brother, uncle, and aunt.

    9 Enid is feeling like a black sheep

    Emma Myers as Enid Sinclair on Wednesday

    Having failed to transform into a werewolf, Enid is the black sheep of her family, which is how she ends up at Nevermore Academy. When Enid’s parents come to visit, this mentality is forced even more. In the Season 1 finale, Enid finally fully transforms into a werewolf.

    Enid’s identity as a wolf, her morphing abilities, and her ideas about whether she would remain the black sheep of the family can be examined more thoroughly in Season 2 now that Season 1 has given its foundation. Enid’s increased friendships with others can also help boost her self-confidence to allow her to feel better about herself instead of worrying about how her family views her.

    8 Tyler’s character arc

    Doohan on Wed

    Although Tyler initially shows himself to be a sweet love interest for Wednesday in a mini-love triangle, the season finale reveals that Tyler was never who he claimed to be. Instead, Tyler was the vengeful and dangerous Hyde, possessed by Miss Thornhill. Since Hyde did most of the work, and Tyler always worked under the Master, season 2 could expand on who Tyler is without a controlling Master.

    Does Tyler really hate the students of Nevermore Academy? Can he grow to see them as people, too? Will Tyler always be evil? Given the excitement of Tyler’s escape, season 2 could answer some of those questions and reveal new elements to his arc.

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    7 Wed friendships

    A scene from Wednesday
    MGM Worldwide for Television and Digital Distribution

    For the most part, outside of Enid, Thing, and Eugene, Wednesday isn’t the most social person. Her romance with Tyler ends horribly, and Xavier always acts like someone who wants to be seen as a love interest rather than a friend. However, there were many other characters that were introduced as well Wednesday Can expand when it comes to central friendships.

    Although Wednesday doesn’t need to become the most social person in a way that conflicts with her character, offering a fresh look at potential friendships rather than enemies can add layers to her character arc.

    6 Addams family in general

    A scene from Wednesday
    MGM Worldwide for Television and Digital Distribution

    The Addams family’s iconic place in history should offer the characters a broader role in season two. Although the series surrounds Wednesday, that doesn’t mean her parents, brother, and uncle can’t go out to visit more often. Wednesday She’s given a taste of her dynamics with her kin, and while the series shouldn’t make changes to turn it more into an Addams Family driven series, their history and present could continue to influence the story.

    5 The supernatural or the supernatural

    Wed Ajax

    Nevermore Academy is full of supernatural characters and types, but their individual abilities should get more focus. Wednesday fights her clairvoyance until it works in her favor to help solve the mystery. Enid’s inability to transform prevented her from exploring her full potential as a wolf. Bianca’s siren abilities could help give a better understanding of her past and future in Season 2. Season 2 should expand on the supernatural elements Season 1 already introduced to go deeper into the world even more.

    4 Next Steps Nevermore Academy

    Larissa Weems on Wed

    Given that Nevermore Academy lost its leader, there must be next steps for the school. Who will take charge in the aftermath of the tragic death? Will Nevermore Academy take tough new precautions after Tyler’s actions? Will the school remain at the center of mysteries and terrors? How can Nevermore Academy remain such an interesting and exciting place as the series continues?

    3 Morning song

    Farah Al-Ahad as Bianca

    Bianca’s family siren cult is mentioned throughout the first season. However, research into Bianca’s backstory would allow Wednesday to personify Bianca and the Siren more than in the first season. Bianca is a compelling character, with a backstory Wednesday There could certainly be more to her pre-lives of Nevermore Academy and the cult of the Sirens, he was suggesting, than what the series has shown thus far.

    2 Wed stalker

    Wed Addams

    Throughout the first season, Wednesday is seen under mysterious circumstances by an unknown source. Since the mystery of Hyde took center stage in Season 1, the stalker’s plot has been primarily a backstory. However, in the final moments of Season 1, the stakes surrounding Wednesday’s stalker seem to have melted away.

    But who is he? Season 2 could reveal Wednesday’s stalker instead of making it a drawn-out story. Wednesday is already curious, and since she’s unlikely to stop looking for the person threatening her life, Season 2 may also come together to reveal who threatens Wednesday and why.

    1 Wed and Enid’s relationship

    Wednesday Wednesday and Enid

    Wednesday’s friendship with Enid is the most important relationship from the first season. It prevents Wednesday from changing her personality but shows her willingness to take care of someone completely different from her. Wednesday and Enid’s slow friendship is a staple of the first season. Since Enid is the only person who lets Wednesday hug her, and she even reciprocates, this indicates that their bond will continue to grow into season two.

    Enid had never wanted anything from Wednesday other than to be her friend, and she never expected anything that Wednesday could not give. Meanwhile, Enid is the main one forcing Wednesday to confront feelings she’s not used to exploring.

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