Rise of Runtime Monsters Revealed (and Continued New Franchise Trend)

    Transformers: Rise of the MonstersThe runtime has now been revealed, and it marks a change from the Michael Bay films in the franchise’s past. Directed by Stephen Capley Jr., Transformers: Rise of the Monsters as a loose sequel to 2018’s Bumblebee and a prequel of sorts to the original 2007 movie. The upcoming movie is based on the Beast Wars spin-off franchise and will introduce Maximals and Predacons as well as bringing back Autobots and Decepticons.

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    former to Transformers: Rise of the Monsters release date next month, collider He reveals that the film will be 1 hour and 57 minutes long, not including the credits. This brings the upcoming sequel in line with BumblebeeRuntime 1 hour 54 minutes. The sub-two hour runtime is a significant departure from Bay’s entries in the franchise, which all came in at around 2.5 hours, with Transformers: Age of Extinction The longest entry is at 2 hours 45 minutes.

    Transformers 7’s shorter runtime is a good thing

    Transformers rise of optimus primal monsters

    first bay transformers The 2007 film is still widely considered one of the best (if not the best) in the series. At two hours, 24 minutes, the film accomplishes the difficult task of introducing the titular living mechanical monsters and the conflict between the Autobots and Decepticons while creating a number of convincing human characters to root for. Bay’s subsequent sequels only increase in scope and scale, expanding the conflict and making the story more epic in nature.

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    As the franchise progresses, it can be said that the quality of the films begins to decline, with Transformers: The Last Knight (2 hours 28 minutes) Sitting at 16% on Rotten Tomatoes. Bumblebee It was a breath of fresh air in 2018, offering a fresh take on the franchise from director Travis Knight. The film was a critical and commercial success, proving that telling a concise and focused story in the franchise is more than possible.

    despite of Transformers: Rise of the Monsters Seemingly more epic in nature and tasked with establishing more of the franchise’s lore, audiences are now well versed in the ancient Autobots vs. Decepticon feud. Hopefully, the franchise’s supposed pre-existing knowledge means the upcoming entry can dive right into its new team of human characters led by Anthony Ramos, and get to the heart of the story. if Transformers: Rise of the Monsters A big hit, perhaps subsequent sequels will gain longer runtimes as the stakes grow and audiences invest with the new characters.

    source: collider

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