What makes the horror franchise so special

    There are many famous horror franchises in cinema, each with its own uniqueness that has earned it loyal fans and countless sequels, but none are quite as unique as Evil died franchise. Sam Raimi started it as an incredibly mediocre feature that led to a surprisingly effective horror story about teens trapped in a cabin with a demonic spirit, which has now led to two sequels, two spin-offs, and a TV spin-off, each feeling quite unlike other films of its genre because of the brand it created. Raimi in the initial trio.

    What makes evil dead Very special? There isn’t exactly one reason, but several reasons linked to a unifying philosophy of creativity, innovation, and fun that have made each iteration so exciting for many. Here are some of the reasons evil dead It is a film of unparalleled excellence.

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    live cam

    Ash and William Evil died
    Renaissance photos

    One of the most iconic photos in evil dead The films are the camera flying through the woods, representing the sinister force that stands in the way of its unsuspecting victims. It’s a fun image that Raimi accomplished by mounting the camera on a long piece of wood and having two people grab each end and hold it in the woods. It’s also fitting that this image got iconic, because the camera was made to be a living force in film, with exaggerated motion that doesn’t end in this one shot.

    Raimi constantly manipulates the camera with bold, intense moves that heighten all the emotions of the films. He tilts the camera at impossibly weird angles, rushes in quick shots to intensify every action, and brings the camera ridiculously close to the actor’s faces to drive viewers into the movie. While other films use the camera to expressive effect, no one does it with as much passion and personality as Remy does in his film. evil dead films.

    It’s a definite brand of film that when any other filmmaker imitates, they always call out those original films, which are best shown in spin-offs that use these techniques to connect their film to the franchise. Everyone should use a camera to make a movie, but few make the camera as personal as Sam Raimi evil dead.

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    Gags in plenty

    Evil Dead 2 (1)
    Renaissance photos

    Every horror movie has gags, inventive tricks performed for gruesome murders that shock and delight viewers everywhere, but none feel as creative as evil dead. The movies are filled with incredible moments from demonic eyes escaping from the eye sockets into screaming mouths, multiple fountains of blood of a different color, and mischievous miniature versions of our hero crawling around biting him and throwing things at his head.

    To better illustrate this point, let’s take a look at what happens to Ash William at the height of the franchise, Evil Dead II. After being bitten off by the head of his now-dead girlfriend, Ash’s hand is infected with evil, which is shown visually in the increasingly gruesome coloration of the hand as it becomes damaged. Ash realizes this when his hand starts attacking him in a strange way Three comic characters– Solid sequence results in cutting ash for him with a chainsaw.

    This does not end the attack, however, as the Hand begins crawling around the cabin and hiding in the walls while Ash shoots it with a shotgun, which ends with a geyser of black blood exploding in his face. It’s crazy, goofy, and just plain fun, just like evil dead Should be.

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    color chaos

    Evil Dead 2 (1987)
    Rosebud Releasing Corporation

    What determines evil dead Apart from his peers, more than anything else he is willing to discard everything in favor of inventive fun. While the films started as an effective no-budget horror flick that can still terrify viewers today, the series has been more than willing to drop zany hi-jinx scares whenever appropriate. This trend began early on in the beloved sequel blending horror and comedy in the most ingenious way, which has only continued in the more adventurous sequel, dark army.

    Both chose to eschew it in favor of returning to the horror roots established in the first film while still trying to embrace the wilder elements the series allows, as in the case of 2013’s shocking sequel to the remake.

    Either way, these movies made it clear that they can do anything they please, and it doesn’t have to make sense because it is evil dead. Other horror franchises have tried to shift to a comedy genre fusion approach as they’ve gone on, but none of them feel quite lawless. Just evil dead He has mastered this and continues to excel at it in a way that is always a pleasure to watch.

    We can only hope to see the franchise jump back into its more wacky fun in the future, but we’ll always have the masterpiece that is. Evil Dead II Back to an exciting future ahead of the future spin-offs that will continue the legacy of this one-of-a-kind horror franchise.

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