10 relationships that need more screen time before the Netflix series ends

    Weird things He introduces several friendships and romances throughout the series. But some relationships resonated with the public more than others. As the Netflix series approaches its fifth and final season, the specific dynamics should have a central role in the final batch of episodes, given the depth of the relationship or how the show wanted to present the growing bond.

    Although Eleven and Mike’s relationship, and subsequent romance, has been ingrained in the series from the start, this relationship already occupies a predictable place in the show’s narrative. However, their relationship was contentious between uncertainty about whether it was healthy and whether it brought out the worst parts of Mike.

    Meanwhile, unexpected friendships, like the surprisingly fun duo of Dustin and Steve in Season 2, have resulted in fan favorites. Likewise, Nancy and Robin’s fun team-up in Season 4 offered a different take on their characters and introduced a friendship that deserves further exploration in Season 5. Meanwhile, Nancy’s romance with Jonathan, which took a spot in the back of Season 4, deserves a chance at a more colorful role in Season 5 if Weird things He wants to suggest that their bond is still going strong.

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    10 Will and Mike

    Stranger Things Mike and Will

    Will had a way of being at the center of the plot without having a huge presence on the show. But the fourth season showing Will’s romantic feelings for Mike suggests that the duo’s friendship should play a big role in the final season. Regardless of whether or not Mike reciprocates Will’s feelings, Will thinks highly of Mike. If their dynamic is going to hold a lot of will in Season 4, it deserves the chance to show its depths in Season 5, where it may not have had the chance in previous years.

    9 Dustin and Steve

    Stranger Things Steve Harrington's best moments in the series so far, ranked
    21 Laps Entertainment

    Fan-favorite friendship duo Dustin and Steve deserve to continue playing a leading role in the final season. Steve and Dustin’s friendship has been one of the backbones of the series since their orbits collided, and with Dustin losing a good friend in Eddie Munson, Dustin may need Steve for him even more. Although the joke was that Steve was often relegated to babysitting young children, he also showed the best parts of Steve. Dustin and Steve’s dynamic helped change Steve’s entire personality and outlook on life, so naturally, the final season should present their friendship as a high point of the show upon its conclusion.

    8 Nancy and Jonathan

    Nancy and Jonathan season 2 episode 4

    Nancy and Jonathan’s romance was pushed aside in the fourth season. Due to their limited time together, Season 4 resulted in the relationship not developing for them. Weird things Try to establish that Jonathan and Nancy have one of the strongest romantic bonds on display in Hawkins. However, Season 4 did nothing to positively enhance its dynamic. Season 5 needs to make a concrete decision about the duo, either making them more effective as a couple or breaking them up. This couple needs more screen time in the final season to sort out their issues.

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    7 Lucas and Max

    Stranger Things Max and Lucas

    Even though Max’s fate in Season 4 was tragic, putting her in the hospital rather than killing her resource, there must be a plan for Max’s future. Although Lucas and Max were a young duo on and off again, things were looking up for them before Max’s big sacrifice move. Max thought of Lucas and the rest of her friends to help bring her to terms with reality rather than fall victim to Vicna’s first attack. While it’s uncertain what happens next for Max, she definitely deserves a better ending than she received if the show is going to keep her around.

    6 eleven and woe

    Eleven And Stranger Things (1)

    They probably spend the least amount of time together of any couple Weird thingsAnd Eleven and Will don’t get a chance to bond until Season 4, and even then, Will’s place in Eleven’s life is second only to Mike’s. Will and Eleven have been living under the same roof for a year, and season 4 barely offers the duo a chance to see their friendship take shape.

    Although they seem closer than they once were, Season 5 should expand on their friendship, especially given their connections to the Upside Down, which almost guarantees they’ll be at the center of whatever dangers await them.

    5 Robin and Nancy

    Robin and Nancy Stranger Things (1)

    Robin and Nancy’s growing friendship and cast were a fun addition to the fourth season. Nancy solving mysteries with Robin instead of Jonathan brought another side to Nancy, while also giving Robin a close friend outside of Steve. Their friendship was a hit, and even though they don’t have years of dating, their relationship is one of the refreshing things about Season 4. He deserves the chance to show how he can continue to be an exciting addition to the show.

    4 Child and parent relationships

    Ted and Karen Wheeler in Stranger Things

    One of the funniest parts Weird things is the way all these terrifying things happen to the central characters, who are all children, teenagers or young adults, and whose parents know absolutely nothing about what is going on in the city. While they know their children are up to something, they remain blissfully ignorant of Eleven’s true powers, the upsides, and the constant dangers the central characters are constantly put into.

    Besides Joyce and Hopper, everyone is constantly kept in the dark about everything that’s been going on, and season five is the perfect opportunity for the rest of the parents to learn the truth.

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    3 eleven and max

    Eleven and Max Stranger Things

    The emotional climax in the Season 4 finale relied on the friendship between Eleven and Max to solidify. Eleven refuses to let Max die, and while their friendship was a highlight in Season 3, it gets almost no screen time in Season 4 until the finale. Max may be unconscious, but that doesn’t mean her relationship with Eleven still can’t influence the plot and serve as part of Eleven’s drive to make sure Vecna ​​is defeated.

    2 Hooper and Eleven

    Eleven and Hopper Reunite

    Hopper spent most of the fourth season separated from the rest of the main cast, with the exception of Joyce, once they were reunited. The time jump between seasons three and four had Eleven believing she lost her father figure, and season five can correct their time by highlighting the father-daughter dynamic they share. Eleven has a big war ahead of her and she’s going to need all the support she can get. While Hopper can’t save her from such a fight, he can be there for her and offer unconditional support.

    1 the entire main group

    Stranger Things Nancy Steve and Jonathan Love Triangle

    despite of Weird things Delivered a strong fourth season with all the main characters split up into different groups, and the show is still at its strongest when everyone works together. When All Together, it presents a family found forged in fire, and each individual dynamic gets a chance to shine. One of the most important parts of the group working together is seeing how they can save the day and each other using everyone’s strengths and weaknesses.

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