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A fascinating exploration of triumph and arrogance

A fascinating exploration of triumph and arrogance

Black Berry Chronicles the meteoric rise and catastrophic fall of a company that changed the way we communicate. Research In Motion (RIM) was founded in Waterloo, Canada, by best friends Mike Lazaridis and Douglas Friggin. They struggled mightily in a sea of ​​fierce business competition until fate sided them with a vicious shark. Jim Balsillie bullied, yelled and fought his way to the top using unscrupulous tactics. The journey of these three men and their wildly different personalities is fascinating. Black Berry It is at once an inventive triumph and a cautionary tale against blind hubris.

Punk rockers blast out of an old Honda Civic as Mike (Jay Baruchel) and Doug (Matt Johnson) race to an important meeting at Sutherland Schultz. They get stuck in presentation materials while trying to set up. Bright white-haired Mike becomes obsessed with the static noise emitted by a cheap intercom. He tries to fix the problem while a panicked Doug tries to find a paperclip.

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Jim (Glenn Howerton) enters the room with a fierce look. Geometry nerds crumble under his twinkling gaze. Mike coyly tries to explain their design of Pocket Link. A revolutionary smartphone that can send and receive messages. Jim already has a pager. who cares? Mike corrects him. This device sends email messages on the network signal.

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Depressed, Mike and Doug return to the office. They ran out of money. A multi-million dollar deal with US Robotics for modems has not been paid. An employee notices that his salary has bounced back. Free-spirited Doug calms fears – hang up, and let’s watch Raiders of the Lost Ark. Meanwhile, back at Sutherland-Schultz, Jim’s aggressive behavior is no longer acceptable. Mike and Doug called in for lunch the next day. They are shocked that Jim offers a cash infusion for a 50% stake in RIM and serves as the company’s new CEO.

Black Berry The first sublime act sets the stage for a perfect storm. Mike was a genius without a premonition. His reserved and sensitive nature prevented people from taking him seriously. Doug, played by director/co-writer Johnson in a trilogy, wasn’t a stickler for the rules. He pampered employees in a fun environment that boosted creativity but failed to generate productivity. Jim, the proverbial bull of the china shop, immediately ceases all non-work activities. Rule of fear and intimidation. Jim didn’t care about hurt feelings or bruises. You cringe as Jim crushes the opposition and everyone scurries to avoid his wrath.

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Black Berry Rightly praises their initial success. Jim learns that courage never wins more than 500 boardrooms. He got the important meetings but didn’t have the technical expertise to demonstrate RIM’s capabilities. Mike’s engineering prowess solved problems that bedeviled the industry. Design his smartphone with his stylish keyboard struck gold. A time jump to 2003 shows RIM’s market penetration and dominance. Users coined the term “crackberry” because they couldn’t put their phones down.

lack of foresight

RIM conquered the world but fell prey to arrogance and duplicity as another giant entered the game. Apple’s iPhone did the unthinkable. It has completely removed the keyboard for a full screen interface. An impressive sight has Mike and Doug watching the legendary Steve Jobs presentation, freaking out with very different reactions. Defeated but still a fixture, Doug realized they had to change their mindset. Mike refused to believe that consumers would abandon the keyboard. This lack of insight deals a crushing blow as Jim’s machinations are scrutinized by government watchdogs.

johnson (Dirt, avalanche process) creates a personal comic story with a moral compass. RIM started as a dedicated team of smart friends. Jim brought the discipline and direction he needed but radically changed the company culture. They have achieved amazing success. Black Berry A comic reminder that greatness is never guaranteed. Once upon a time, Canada’s most valuable company was a small shell of its former self.

Black Berry It is produced by Rhombus Media and Zapruder Films. It will have a theatrical release on May 12 from IFC Films.


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