Young Sheldon’s season 6 photo teases a big change for Missy (and story details confirm it)

    Young Sheldon Season 6, Episode 20 official recap and trailer still confirm a big change coming for Missy. After years of emotional support for the family, Cooper’s only daughter is currently in rebellion. Missy is going through some tumultuous times, and a whole new makeover is coming her way in the next episode.

    According to SpoilerTV, Missy is getting a brand new boyfriend Young Sheldon Season 6, Episode 20, “German for Beginners and a Crazy Old Man with a Bat”. Check out the promo still below:

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    Missy and her new friend in Young Sheldon season 6, episode 20

    Along with the image is the official synopsis Young Sheldon Season 6 penultimate episode. Aside from the Macy’s arc, he reveals that the outing will also feature Sheldon convincing his parents of his plans to go to Germany and break up Meemaw’s gambling on Bennett. Read the full summary below:

    The gambling room has been broken into, and Sheldon wants to study abroad. Also, Missy makes a new friend, on YOUNG SHIELDON, Thursday, May 11 (8:00-8:31 p.m., ET/PT) on the CBS television network, available for streaming and on-demand on Paramount+*.

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    What’s next for missy in young sheldon season 6

    Ian Armitage as Sheldon Cooper and Reagan Rayford as Missy Cooper in Young Sheldon S06

    Previously, CBS had released the trailer for Young Sheldon Season 6, Episode 20, but it doesn’t show anything about Missy. Instead, he focuses on offering Sheldon about doing a summer study abroad. While the video doesn’t spoil the accuracy of the boy genius’ story, the details of the season finale confirm that he will eventually continue his journey.

    As for Macy, not much has been revealed about her new boyfriend. Neither the promo nor the synopsis contain details about it. Looking at the new character, she appears to be similar in age to Cooper’s only daughter. Maybe they’re schoolmates, which suggests CBS is finally listening to criticism about not exploring Macy’s high school experiences.

    File details Young Sheldon The Season 6 finale hardly has anything to say about Messi. So it’s strange that her new friend would have a recurring role in it The Big Bang Theory prequel to the future. With Sheldon’s departure from Medford, Texas hampered, the show could focus more on Macy moving forward.

    Source: SpoilerTV

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