The best action movies where the hero is a lone wolf

    The idea of ​​a one-man army facing a barrage of enemies has a nice ring to it. This phenomenon depicts the hero as a lone wolf. A man who doesn’t have much help or support. Taking vengeance from a hero to an audience is not only infectious, it’s also inspiring. Whether the hero is a soldier following orders or a professional assassin completing a mission, lone warriors are hard to find and hard to replicate. Here are some of the best ones out there Action movies.

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    10 Logan (2017)

    Twentieth Century Fox

    Driven by a strong sense of paternal instinct, the Marvel superhero finds himself responsible for protecting a younger group of mutants from an evil corporation that has been experimenting on them. In what comes as a breath of fresh air, Logan’s softer side comes to the fore as his inner lone wolf finds his younger pack and is willing to protect them with his life.

    9 Dirty Harry (1971)

    Eastwood in Dirty Harry
    Warner Bros.

    Clint Eastwood’s performance as Detective Harry Callahan is often credited as one of the most influential anti-hero performances, with many modern actors trying to emulate his attitude. Tasked with capturing a serial killer nicknamed “Scorpio,” Callahan’s no-holds-barred approach pits one kind of insanity against another. Like most hard-boiled cops of the time, Eastwood’s portrayal of Callahan has him internalizing his anger, making him as intimidating and terrifying as Scorpion himself.

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    8 Man on Fire (2004)

    burning man
    Twentieth Century Fox

    Denzel Washington’s portrayal as a bodyguard tasked with retrieving his 12-year-old subject brilliantly illustrates the lone wolf trope. Washington plays an ex-Marine turned bodyguard who single-handedly eradicates anything and everything that stands between him and the 12-year-old in charge.

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    7 Taken (2008)

    Liam Neeson in the 2008 film Taken
    Europa Corp

    When a group of people smugglers kidnaps an American girl in Paris, they don’t know who the girl is or what her father is doing. Just before the girl is kidnapped, she contacts her father, a former Secret Service agent, and follows his instructions at the last minute to ensure a slightly slim chance of survival.

    Back in the United States, a father played by Liam Neeson goes to extreme heights to track down his daughter and take revenge on criminals. Unlike raucous action movies that consist of physics defying action sequences, takenIts charm lies in Neeson’s thoughtful approach. The actor brilliantly displays a combination of a father’s vulnerability along with an agent’s confidence.

    6 Old Boy (2003)

    The fight scene-the entrance-the old man
    east view

    If a lone wolf had to be determined by my visuals, it would be the arcade fight scene in it big boy. The movie begins when a man who has been held captive in a hotel room for 15 years is released and released into the world with a lot of questions and a lot of anger. Like most Asian films, big boy Embossed with cultural themes of honor and respect, while heavily peppered with violence.

    5 The Matrix (1999)

    Warner Bros.

    Set in a world where “machines” have taken control, a single computer programmer has to be the messiah of humanity’s last stand. Despite not being a lone wolf from the start, Neo (Keanu Reeves) becomes aware of his special ability and begins to eradicate the machine programs that have been outsmarting him and his peers. matrix It touches on themes of belonging and friendship, but is very much a one-man show, centering entirely around Neo.

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    4 The Man from Nowhere (2010)

    Kim Sae Ron in The Man from Nowhere
    CJ Entertainment

    Playing on the strong instinct of the emotional bond between human beings, The man from nowhere It follows a former special agent named Taesik, who lives a bitter life after losing his wife in a car accident. Taesik forms a bond with a young girl named Somi, before she is kidnapped by a gang. Without official help or support, Taesik jumps into the deep end of the underworld in an effort to save little Sumi.

    like some korean movies, The man from nowhere It can get more melodramatic for some, but there is no shortage of violence or entertainment.

    3 The Protector (2005)

    Tony Jaa in The Protector
    The Weinstein Company

    Despite being one of the best martial artists of his generation, Tony Jaa often doesn’t get the credit he deserves. in protectorAnd Jaa returns to his traditional ways as he plays Kham, a local version of Tarzan; Nature lover and animal protector. When Kham’s best friend’s elephant is kidnapped by a group of criminals, Kham’s inner martial artist is unleashed, and he tracks them all the way down to Sydney to rescue and exact revenge on his elephant. Aside from some shoddy CGI work, protector It is a comprehensive treat for martial arts enthusiasts as it beautifully highlights the values ​​and spirit of the discipline.

    2 Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

    Tom Hardy in Mad Max Fury Road
    Warner Bros.

    George Miller’s modern masterpiece Mad Max: Fury Road It was one of the most difficult films to shoot. Spanning across the desert with a fleet of chariots piloted by eccentric characters, the film tells a story of wretched destruction through the lens of human emotion. Mad Max is a rare movie that makes its hero mostly nonsensical, seeing Max tied to a bean pole for much of the movie. Despite making friends and gaining the trust of the other rebels, Max is the ideal candidate both physically and emotionally for a lone wolf.

    1 John Wick (2014)

    John Wick (2014) -1
    The pinnacle of entertainment

    When the son of a gangster kills a puppy John Wick that his late wife gave him, he can only dream of the consequences that will follow. Cut to four movies and 439 deaths later, John Wick eliminated a lot of the bad guys from the world without relying too much on any outside help. The retired assassin left behind a trail of bloodshed and extermination in his wake, all in exchange for a cute little puppy.

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