Every episode of season 2, ranked

    Star Wars Visions Unusual. Animation Anthology star Wars The series features a large number of different animation styles from different cultures. The first season is among the best star Wars TV, and its focus on different anime styles from several Japanese animation studios such as Studio Colorido, Geno Studio, and Kamikaze Douga gave star Wars Privilege is a breath of fresh air.

    Season two only reinforces our love for the anthology series. The second season of the show brings up some of the best stories in the series star Warsand many different styles of animation are within the reach of the masses, especially for those who don’t necessarily relate to animation.

    With studios like Aardman, Cartoon Saloon, Punkrobot, El Guiri, and Studio Mir all contributing their brands of animation, 3D animation, and stop-motion animation, season two may bring some new fans to the series. Like the first season, the second season came with nine episodes that were all great. However, as with anything, some are better than others. So, to that end, here’s our ranking for each episode Star Wars: S VisionsEason II.

    9 The hole – D’art Shtajio

    Star Wars Visions Season Two The Pit
    Disney +

    This season of Visions It features many tragic stories and tales, and “The Hole” is among the most tragic. “The Pit” is about a group of imperial slave laborers who attempt to mine Kyber crystals in a very deep pit. However, after finding enough Kyber crystals to satisfy the Empire, the workers were freed from the duties of slavery, but what they did not expect was that the Empire would not release them from the Pit. As a whole, the story is like a story The Dark Knight RisesFor slaves to be free, one must climb up, but what happened as a result was completely unexpected and affecting the story and the audience.

    The episode is devoid of any action, and allows us to sit down with the characters and the story, to make a deeply personal story. D’art Shtajio showcases their great animation style, bringing out the story and characters we love.

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    8 Gulak bandits – 88 photos

    Visions of Star Wars Season Two Gulak Bandits
    Disney +

    88 Pictures, along with Lucasfilm, created a short 3D animation, very reminiscent of the animation style found in Clone Wars series. So, this does a great job of bringing audiences to the series who previously weren’t too keen on the show’s animation styles, but we’re huge fans. Clone Wars.

    “The Bandits of Golak” tells the compelling story of a brother who protects his Force-sensitive sister from the Empire and the Inquisitors. The relationship we build with the two characters is incredibly endearing, one that will make you tear up at the end. A mixture of Indian culture in star Wars The universe is a wonder to behold. Indian architecture and fashion design are saturated star Wars It is a perfect combination that made us love the episode that much more.

    7 Aau Song – Triggerfish

    Star Wars Visions Season 2 Aau Song
    Disney +

    The final episode of the season, if you watch it in order, is a sweet story about a kid who just wants to sing. However, her strict and loving father forces her to remain silent, as her voice could have disastrous effects on the crystals in nearby mines. To go along with the sweet, yet haunting tale are the stunning visuals delivered by Trigger Fish. A choice of stop motion, Trigger Fish uses bright, vibrant colors to bring the world and characters to life, and bring out the beauty of this tale.

    6 In the stars – Punkrobot

    Star Wars Visions Season Two in the Stars
    Disney +

    “In the Stars” is amazing. Like many of the short films on the list, it combines beautiful storytelling with crisp animation that we experienced from the first frame. The Punkrobot short tells the story of two sisters and their survival against the Empire on a barren planet, poisoned by the contamination of an Imperial facility. All while they both mourn their mother’s death in different ways.

    This tragic, poignant, and at once beautiful story is paired with gorgeous, but at times, bleak stop-motion animation. The leads are endearing, even if the younger sister is annoying at times, but this only serves to strengthen the sister’s relationship, leading to a bittersweet ending.

    5 Journey to Dark Head – Studio Mir

    Star Wars Visions Season Two: Journey to the Dark Head
    Disney +

    Another anime-inspired short comes from Studio Mir, which tells the story of a disillusioned and mechanized young Jedi, who team up in an effort to change the tide of galactic warfare. However, an old enemy of the Jedi gets in the way. The storyline of this one is enticing enough, but seeing two mismatched characters embark on a dangerous mission is always a recipe for success. Moreover, the action is epic. Studio Mir enhances the exciting action with stunning visuals, creating another phenomenon star Wars short.

    4 Seth – altruistic

    Star Wars Visions Season 2 Sith
    Disney +

    Season 2 begins with a bang, telling the story of a former Sith as she is hunted down by her former Sith Lord in order to fulfill her destiny. The stunning visual style had us hooked from the start, which is a bit like the animation styles of In Spider-Verse, Mitchell is against the machinesAnd Puss in Boots: Last Wish. The characters are great and the visual design of said characters, especially the Sith lord, was great and added to the visual flair of the episode. The elements of a great storyline, stunning visuals, and cool characters all come together to make a mastery star Wars episode.

    3 I am your mother – Aardmann

    Still from Aardman's Star Wars Visions episode
    Disney +

    Colorful, cheerful, charming, and hilarious, these animated shorts from Aardman are as colorful as you might expect. The animation is immaculate and there are a lot of laughs to be had in a short amount of time. However, it’s the heartwarming story about a mother-daughter relationship that really got us hooked. While “I Am Your Mother” didn’t make us cry like the other episodes on this list, the episode was just an incredibly fun time from start to finish.

    2 Screecher arrives – Cartoon Parlor

    Star Wars-Visions-Season 2-Cartoon Saloon-1
    Disney +

    The Arrival of the Screecher is probably the story fans are most excited about. Cartoon Salon, responsible for several Academy Award-nominated short and feature films, did the episode. To hear they were doing short work at star Wars The universe made us giddy with excitement instantly. Fortunately, Cartoon Saloon delivers on its usual brand of honest and poignant storytelling, along with its great visual flair.

    However, what we didn’t expect was how terrifying most of this short story would be. The animation and sound design of “Screecher’s Reach” made it absolutely terrifying star Wars experience, which makes us want so much more.

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    1 Spy Dancer – Studio La Cachet

    Star wars visions season two spy dancer
    Disney +

    As an episode we didn’t expect to blow us away as much as it did, “The Spy Dancer” is a great episode of star Wars TV, hopefully we’ll get more of it. The story, character arcs, and overall aesthetic catapult “The Spy Dancer” over the top. The Spy Dancer tells the story of a talented dancer in a famous cabaret frequented by the Empire, who uses her skills to spy on the Empire for the rebellion. However, during a daring mission, she senses the presence of a mysterious officer who threatens to derail her mission.

    The episode synopsis may not be anything too special, but the episode unfolds in so many unexpected emotional and poignant ways that will leave audiences jaw-dropping. Furthermore, the visuals are, as expected, impeccable.

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