Mario has 15 new power-ups to use in Super Mario Bros.2

    Super Mario Bros movie It features many of the iconic power-ups from the video games, however Super Mario Bros 2 movie He has 15 more boosts that he can use. Huge success at the box office Super Mario Bros movie Making a sequel to Nintendo and Illumination’s first collaboration is almost inevitable, which means more elements from the series Mario The universe will hit the big screen again. While not much is known about the highly anticipated sequel yet, here are 15 new power-ups that could appear in it. Super Mario Bros 2 movie.

    Based on Nintendo’s popular video game franchise, Super Mario Bros movie Finally bringing the beloved platform plumber to the big screen, the movie garnered tons of fan acclaim. Super Mario Bros movie It really is a love letter to gaming, as it includes all kinds of games Mario Easter eggs and references that you dig very deep. Many of these callbacks are coming in the form of reboots, with the movie featuring Super Mushrooms, Fire Flowers, Super Bell, Super Leaf, and more. While there are already plenty of build-ups, the first movie barely scratches the surface of what could come in the sequel.

    15 Mega mushroom

    Mega mushroom

    Super Mario Bros movie It already contains Super Mushroom and Mini Mushroom, for that Super Mario Bros 2 movie Should go one step further and introduce Mega Mushroom. This massive orange-red mushroom grows its user into a giant, allowing them to easily tear apart enemies without breaking a sweat. Mario and Bowser’s giant-sized battle will be a sight to see, and it can become a reality with the Mega Mushroom.

    14 Bee mushroom

    Bee mushroom

    Super Mario GalaxyThe power of the more famous Bee Mushroom should also appear in Super Mario Bros 2 movie. Bee Mushroom gives its user a bee suit, and provides Mario or Luigi with the ability to fly and climb walls. There was speculation that an Illumination sequel could borrow heavily from it Super Mario Galaxywhich makes Bee Mushroom more compatible.

    13 Mushroom rock

    Mushroom rock

    The Rock Mushroom is an ingredient that was first introduced in Super Mario Galaxy 2which is the ideal candidate for Super Mario Bros 2 movie. This item allows its user to transform into a huge boulder that rolls across rough terrain quickly and easily. Features rock-in mushrooms Super Mario Bros 2 movie It would be perfect for the item, as it was originally introduced in a sequel.

    12 mushroom boo

    mushroom boo

    Continue with the power ups Super Mario GalaxyAnd Super Mario Bros 2 movie Should also contain Boo Mushroom. The Boo Mushroom allows its user to transform into Boo, cute ghost enemies from Mario games. Having the powers of flight and invisibility is always useful, and Boo Mushroom can make something like a coil Luigi’s Palace-Inspired by a more fun section.

    11 Cloud flower

    Cloud flower

    One of the many flower power-ups in video games, the Cloud Flower was first introduced in Super Mario Galaxy 2. This item gives Mario a fashionable white and red suit as well as the ability to create clouds. These clouds can act as platforms on which Mario can jump, allowing for a more dynamic world design Super Mario Bros 2 movie.

    10 Double cherry

    Double cherry

    Super Mario 3D WorldDouble Cherry is one of the newer power-ups of the franchise, but it’s fun. The Double Cherry creates an identical clone of its user, something that could allow for some fun fight scenes in the movie’s sequel. Double Cherry’s effects actually stack, meaning Mario, Luigi, Peach, or Toad can have an infinite number of duplicates in the game. Super Mario Bros 2 movie.

    9 Penguin suit

    Penguin suit

    Super Mario Bros. game New WiiThe penguin suit is a strange, yet very fun power-up. The suit gives the wearer penguin powers, which means they can glide on ice while lying on their stomach. While it probably won’t be the powerhouse with the most practical uses, it would allow for some visually stunning sequences in action Super Mario Bros 2 movie.

    8 Frog suit

    Frog suit

    Super Mario Bros 3The frog suit is a little old but good. The frog suit gives the wearer some extra jumping power as well as enhanced mobility in the water. Despite the power that has been around for decades, it is not used much, and Super Mario Bros 2 movie You should give him some love.

    7 Shell blue

    Shell blue

    Although Spiny Shell (nicknamed Blue Shell by fans) appears in Super Mario Bros movieThere is an official force known as Blue Shell. When Mario or Luigi wears the Blue Shell on New Super Mario Bros., allowing them to climb into the shell and dash around. An item like this could allow Mario and Luigi to give Bowser’s forces a taste of their own medicine.

    6 Cape Feather

    Cape Feather in Super Mario World

    Super Mario WorldThe Cape Feather is an incredibly prominent element that should have appeared in the first movie. This item gives its user a yellow cape that allows them to slide as well as perform spin attacks. Due to the item’s premium status, Cape Feather needs to make its debut Super Mario Bros 2 movie.

    5 Wing cap

    wing cap mario

    While Cape Feather allows Mario to glide, Wing Cap actually allows him to fly. It first appeared in Super Mario 64Wing Cap is a great 3D representative Mario Games that often don’t get as much love as 2D Mario. Features wing cap Super Mario Bros 2 movie It would be a great homage to the franchise’s first 3D outing, making it a perfect fit.

    4 P balloon

    P balloon

    The P-Balloon is another incredibly strange power that was first introduced in Super Mario World. The item inflates Mario and allows him to fly, while being a much weirder way to travel through the air than some of Mario’s other powers. However, her comedy factor might allow for some great jokes Super Mario Bros 2 movie.

    3 red star

    red star

    Super Mario GalaxyThe Flying Force is known as the Red Star, and it really needs to show up again. Although the item doesn’t appear until the end of the game, the abilities it gives and Mario’s cute red-and-black suit make it one of the most memorable items in the game. Super Mario Galaxy. If the sequel to the movie decides to expand on the world of Lumas, this would be a great option.

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    Mario Cap Metal

    Metal Mario has more or less become a character of his own, but in reality, he’s just Mario with the power of Metal Cap. It first appeared in Super Mario 64The Metal Cover turns its user into solid metal, greatly increasing their strength. The item is an incredibly popular one in the franchise, which means it deserves a spot in it Super Mario Bros 2 movie.

    1 Cappy

    Cappy in Mario Odyssey

    Super Mario OdysseyCappy is interesting, as it is both a companion and a strength. Cappy allows Mario to possess anything or anyone that is thrown at him, essentially turning anything into power. Cappy would be a great way to act out the talk Mario In the sequel to the movie, an expansion of the retro world Mario It is mostly shown in Super Mario Bros movie.

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