Zootopia’s Judy Hopps gets robotic at SXSW 2023

    Furry fans, put your paws up. The Walt Disney Company attended the South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas, for the first time this year to showcase the company’s coolest new technology. One of the most interesting things shared during the show was “all-new robotic technology” that looks a lot like Judy Hopps from Zootopiabringing this furry fan figure to life for the first time.

    With a rabbit’s head and a child-sized frame, the little robot he looks a lot like ZootopiaJudy Hopps, who falls off the box, somersaults, and rolls around on skates during a March 10 presentation titled “Creating Happiness: The Art and Science of Storytelling at Disney Parks,” led by Josh Disney Parks, Experiences, and Head of Products D’Amaro. Check out the Disney Food Blog video (posted to Twitter via Disney Animation Promos) below:

    “Our characters are about personality, right?” Disney Imagineer Morgan Pope asked during the presentation, according to USA Today. “Can you imagine what it’s like to put on roller skates for the first time? It’s awkward. It’s goofy, sure terrifying, but ultimately exhilarating.”

    “This is our latest effort at creating robots that we think can have an emotional connection with our guests,” said fellow visualizer Tony Doi. “We’re using high-performance textures and leveraging mechanical scaling effects, so it’s dynamic and challenging. But we’re also using motion capture data because we want to make performances that have emotion.”

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    Is Judy Hopps coming to Disney theme parks?

    Zootopia + Judy Hopps Donut 2022
    Disney +

    After the child-sized robot first appeared on stage, Disney shared a close-up of the “dynamic” robot. The rabbit-like creature could play an interesting role in the future of the Disney theme park experience, especially since the entertainment company has big plans. Zootopia as a privilege.

    Officer Judy Hopps, voiced by Jennifer Goodwin, is a female rabbit and the main heroine of Disney’s 2016 animated feature film, Zootopia. As the Zootopia Police Department’s first bunny officer, Judy is determined to improve the world while breaking down misconceptions about other species. Seeing an opportunity to make a name for herself by solving the mystery of the disappearance of several Zootopia citizens, she teams up with a fox named Nick Wilde and embarks on her first case.

    The characters and the animated movie are popular with the furry fandom. WikiFur’s WikiFur page says, “Interest in fur in the movie Zootopia has been high since the release of the first trailer, which defined the term anthropomorphic, featured a fox (one of the most popular types of fur), and ended with a furry movie.” Zootopia encounters. As a result, I hired several furry groups to enjoy their opening weekend together.

    Furry fans are sure to be excited about the potential expansion of the franchise and the chance to meet an interactive, robotic version of the character at Disney theme parks.

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