Zachary Levi is optimistic about the Chuck movie

    Zachary Levi Still fighting for Chuck sequel movie. Many series return after several years. Some, with new episodes or spin-offs, such as dexter with Dexter: New Blood or That ’70s Show with This is a ’90s show. in others, like Monk’s soon, or as Too bad They did, and they continued their stories with the movies. And that could be it Chuckfate.

    The NBC series ran for 5 seasons from 2007 to 2012 Shazam! Star as the main protagonist. And it is the actor himself who wants to continue the story in the form of a movie and is fighting hard to make it happen, although nothing has been confirmed yet.

    During his presentation at SMX, Levy talked about the idea of ​​reviving the franchise:

    Today’s movie

    Chuck fans are some of my favorite people in the world. They have driven my career for a long time and continue to grow. I mean, we’ve been on all the streaming platforms right now, and more and more people are finding it with each iteration, which is even more reason to keep trying to make this damn Chuck movie. And I think I convinced the people at Warner Bros. By letting me do that at some point. I don’t know when this will be. I mean, this whole thing is still kind of a nascent stage.

    rumors about a Chuck The movie has been around for a long time now, and given the growing number of revivals that have been made by streaming services, the possibilities for the series’ return seem more likely than ever. And Levy seems to know this:

    I’m in early conversations with the bosses there to be like, ‘Hey guys, you know, I’m now your superhero in your Warner Brothers movies. Let me, let me use that goodwill and let me do it. Because I think, uh, look, I know all the cast would be, they’ve already said it’s totally possible to do that. I think Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak, our creators are down, they have to write it, you know, get the band back together. It’s just a matter of Warner Brothers saying, “Yeah, we’re down on this budget and go make this movie.” Because listen, Chuck was basically a little ’80s action movie every week anyway. So it’s not like we don’t know how to do it. We just have an extra budget in time and go do a proper movie. I think it will be very interesting.

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    What was Chuck about?

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    Warner Bros. Television

    Chuck It was a spy comedy that follows the life of Chuck Bartowski, a nearly 30-year-old computer genius who works as a computer scientist in an electronics store with his best friend Morgan Grimes (Joshua Gomez). In this place, the chances of climbing the ranks are non-existent, and besides, Chuck can be very smart but not ambitious. In fact, his sister Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) and boyfriend Devon Woodcombe (Ryan McPartlin) are always trying to get him to move on both professionally and romantically.

    However, the hero’s life ceases to be a boring routine when he receives an email from Bryce Larkin (Matt Bomer), an old college classmate who works as a CIA agent. Larkin stole and sent Chuck “Intersect”, a program containing the entire CIA and NSA database, and after sending it, he destroyed the computer it was stored on. The Intersect downloaded all of this information into Chuck’s brain after opening the email in question.

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