Zach Shallcross regrets Zooming the interaction with Greer

    Bachelor Zack Shallcross had a strong reaction to Greer Blitzer’s attempt to link to his COVID-19 diagnosis, and he now regrets what he said.

    Zack Shallcross faced his first real reaction BSC Season 27 after reacting to Greer Blitzer’s comments about COVID-19 over Zoom, and now expressing regret for his strong words. When Zack and his last 11 women travel to London, Zack is diagnosed with COVID-19. He organized a virtual cocktail party, during which he spoke to each woman individually via video chat. Greer tells him she felt it because she works in sales and contracted COVID-19 at the end of the sales quarter. Zach replied that he wasn’t himself, and his attempt to find his person meant more to him than the end of the sales quarter. Greer was devastated that she upset him and thought she was going home. However, Zak gave her a rose at the virtual rose ceremony.

    In an interview with diverseshared via Twitter, BSCZach Shallcross regretted the way he handled the situation with Greer.

    Zack said that while watching it again, “I totally sympathize with her. I think she was really trying to connect and connect with me when I got COVID, and really, I was really frustrated with everything going on.” Zack admitted that he could “Communicate my feelings in a respectful and calmer way.” He said it was “Just one of those conversations that were just out.” However, Zach confirmed that he was there “No excuse” He admitted it “You should have responded better.” He concluded by saying that it picks up exactly where I came from.

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    Zach Shallcross and Greer Blitzer hit back at The Bachelor feud

    Zack Shallcross on The Bachelor holds a rose

    Jarir replied BSC The episode is also with a post on Instagram. the Bachelor’s The contestant shared a series of outstanding photos, “Women who care about their jobs are sexy.” One of the pictures was of a tea party. This is most likely a reference to the fact that Greer was upset earlier in the episode because Zack knew she liked tea but chose Gabi Nicky to go on a date that involved high tea.

    Greer’s frustration with Zack is understandable considering he gave her a first impression rose on the first night but then never offered her a one-on-one date. Her sadness at not spending any alone time with him in London was only compounded by his reaction to her comments about COVID-19. This was an unfortunate turn of events, likely intensified by the amount of stress Zach and the women were feeling over his unexpected illness. However, Greer’s response on Instagram is probably a good indication that she’s not over with Zack in the end.

    Although Zach’s words towards Greer were harsh, this was the first time he had ever received any words Bachelor’s The nation’s reaction during his special season. He’s usually more thoughtful and respectful, so he should get a pass for this slip-up. His illness threw ache in his body Bachelor’s Which caused him to deal with extreme pressure. As long as Zach realizes that he should have handled the situation differently and changed his behavior in the future, he should be forgiven. After all, this was unprecedented Bachelor’s A moment when everyone deserves some blessing.

    BSC It airs Mondays at 8 PM EST on ABC.

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    source: diverse/ Twitter, Greer Blitzer / Instagram

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