When anime fans think Yu-Gi-Oh! In addition to other animations similar to Yu-Gi-Oh!is not likely dragon ball comes to mind Goku And Yuji immediately seems to have absolutely nothing in common with them. Goku is a muscle-bound Saiyan who shoots with cosmic power and can’t wait until his next battle, while Yugi is a rather young human teenager who lets his cards fight for him. However, upon taking a closer look at their respective origins, it actually becomes apparent that Goku and Yugi are more alike than fans might realize.

    In the first chapter of dragon ballGoku wanders alone through the jungle, looking for food. Then, Goku was discovered by Bulma (who was, at this point, a stranger to him), as Bulma was searching for the Dragon Balls, and Goku had one. As fans will soon learn, Goku’s grandfather left him a Four Star Dragon Ball before his death, because the mysterious orb was his prized possession. Grandpa Gohan didn’t know when he left the Dragon Ball for Goku, however, the orb would be Goku’s official invitation to adventure. Bulma only finds Goku because he has the Dragon Ball, at which point Goku travels the world and ends up training with Master Roshi, who then sets him on the path to becoming the most powerful warrior in the universe.

    Yu-Gi-Oh! He has the same call for adventure as Dragon Ball’s Goku

    The Blue-Eyes White Dragon and the Four-Star Dragon Ball.

    in Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 1 (written by Junki Takegami, Masashi Sogo, and Shin Yoshida, directed by Kunihisa Sugishima), Yugi Duel Monsters plays with his friend Joey, soundly defeating him. When Joey comments on how good Yugi is, Yugi says that he is more experienced and has better cards than Joey, and so he keeps winning. Yugi then adds that his deck is incomparable to anything his grandfather has, especially one card in particular: Blue-Eyes White Dragon. When Yugi started talking about his extremely rare Grandfather Card, he was overheard by Kaiba, who was looking for the fourth Blue Eyes White Dragon Card. When Yugi takes his friends to his grandfather’s toy store, they are followed by Kaiba who is able to see for himself that Grandpa Solomon Muto actually has a white dragon with blue eyes.

    The moment Kaiba sees the blue-eyed white dragon, the entire events of the anime begin. Yugi’s grandfather is hospitalized trying to defend his most prized possession from Kaiba, and Yugi is forced to duel Kaiba in his grandfather’s name. When Yugi bested him, that victory caught Pegasus’ attention, and from that moment on, everything else became history. everything that happens in Yu-Gi-Oh! It can be traced back to the moment when Yugi and his grandfather revealed that they both possessed a Blue-Eyes White Dragon – which, for the context of this episode, is much rarer than a Dragon Ball, as there are only four Blue-Eyes White Dragons in the world as opposed to the seven Dragon Balls.

    A rare artifact tracked down by an outside force serves as the hero’s call to adventure. This description is suitable for the origin of both Goku and Yugi, which makes the two characters – who don’t have anything in common – more alike than Yu-Gi-Oh! And dragon ball Fans might think.

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