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    warning! This article contains spoilers for The Last of Us Episode IX.The last of us Season 1, Episode 9 opens with a huge cameo from Ashley Johnson, another lead We delay Game’s cameo is present in the episode, subtly hidden in a climactic scene. Several original actors and actresses from both The last of us Games has appeared throughout the HBO adaptation in various roles. From Merle Dandridge being the only game actress to reprise her role from the source material as Marlene to Jeffrey Pierce’s Captain Perry after his role as Tommy in The Last of Us Part One And The second partHBO honored the actors responsible for the success of the games.

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    This just continued with The last of us Episode 8 and Troy Baker – Joel’s original actor – appears as James. With Ellie’s mother The last of us Episode 9 played by original actress Ellie Ashley Johnson, many thought Johnson would complete an important cameo from the source material for The last of us Season 1. However, hidden somewhere The last of us The end of episode 9 rush is another major game specifically featured from The last of us part two.

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    Laura Bailey – Abby’s Game Actor – Appears In The Last Of Us, Episode 9

    Laura Bailey alongside Abby in The Last of Us Part 2

    The cameo in question comes from Laura Bailey, the original Abby from The last of us part two. Much like Troy Baker, Ashley Johnson, Jeffrey Pierce, and Merle Dandridge from the original We delay game, Bailey provided both the voice performance and motion capture for the character Abby Anderson. Unlike the other characters, Abby was not part of the group The Last of Us Part Oneinstead of being introduced as an original character in the The last of us part two.

    in The last of us Episode 9, a hidden cameo found a way for Billy to be present in one of the episode’s most pivotal scenes. When Joel enters the surgery ward to save Ellie’s life, he shoots the lead surgeon before ordering his assistants to unhook Ellie. This surgeon was revealed in The last of us part two being Abe’s father, as the former finds his body and begins the events of the sequel.

    Is Laura Bailey playing Abby in HBO’s The Last of Us?

    Laura Bailey as the surgeon's assistant in The Last of Us, episode 9

    This then begs the question, if Laura Bailey is playing Abby The last of us Episode 9 Due to the importance of the scene to Abby’s character. However, Billy does not play Abby in the live-action. Instead, Bailey plays one of the surgical assistants who unpacks Ellie and fears for her life when Joel enters the room. Although her character is covered in a surgical mask, goggles, and hair net, Bailey makes cameos in a stylish tie-in. The last of us part two.

    at the time of The last of us In the first season, Abby is about 14 or 15 years older than Ellie. While it’s not clear where Abby is exactly as Joel kills her father, it’s likely that she will be somewhere in the hospital or the surrounding area. All disclosed in The last of us part two is that Abby would eventually return and find her father dead, sometime after Joel and Ellie left Salt Lake City. Abby’s unknown whereabouts during the scene, and her young age, mean that Laura Bailey does not play Abby in the movie The last of us Season 1, Episode 9.

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    The inclusion of Laura Bailey as a surgeon is even more tragic in Last Of Us season 2

    Abby from The Last of Us Part 2 on a black background

    Similar to how including Ashley Johnson as Anna was a great approach to tie both the game and live-action versions of Ellie together, having Laura Bailey play a surgeon while also setting up the tragic events of Season 2. The last of us In Season 2, the heartbreaking scene of Abby finding her father will no doubt be included. This means that – in a meta-poetic way – both versions of Abby will be present in this scene.

    Whoever is eventually cast as Abby for The last of us Season 2 will feature her father’s body being found, and she will likely be joined by the surgical assistants left alive by Joel. This means Billy, who originally brought this performance to life The last of us part two It will be there, while the new version of Abby for HBO will be there, too. While the inclusion of Bailey is a fun nod to the games and any fans thereof, it also adds this extra layer of depth to HBO. The last of us that will be fully explored in the second season.

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