Yoda’s Padawan training makes his Dagobah exile all the more tragic

    all star Wars A fan knows what happened Yoda After the fall of the Jedi and corresponding rise of the Empire, although there is another insight into the events of Yoda’s past before the fall of the Jedi Order, fans are learning that his Dagobah exile was even more tragic.

    When fans first met Yoda, he was already on Dagobah during the galactic civil war, nearly twenty years after he was forced into a jungle and swamp world. At that point, the old Jedi Order was established to be dead, and only the next generation of Jedi could bring them back to life in an entirely new way. This is why Yoda agreed to train Luke, and why he didn’t help the young Jedi defeat the Empire – this was a battle that was either won or lost by those who had a stake in the future of the Jedi Order, and Yoda realized that he was her past. Essentially, after hundreds of years of being considered a powerful and wise lord, living in a prestigious palace on Coruscant, and living a life of safety and peace, Yoda knew he was going to die on Dagobah while the future was being shaped without him — and in a way, that’s exactly what he wished.

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    Yoda wanted to be surrounded by nature before being surrounded by it

    Yoda brings his nomads to the jungle planet.

    in Star Wars: Yoda #5 by Jody Houser and Luke Ross, Yoda takes a group of Padawans to a wild, untouched planet for the manufacture of other civilizations within the galaxy. Places like this are important for Jedi to visit, Yoda says, because it allows them to be surrounded by nature and really hear the universal current of the Force, rather than being distracted by the constant noise of big cities like Coruscant – which, by the way, is the location of the Jedi Temple. This phase of their Padawan training is instrumental in their efforts to graduate and become new Jedi Knights, meaning that spending a significant amount of time on a jungle-like planet is necessary for Jedi progression – which is actually something the original trilogy secretly indicated to.

    Yoda went to Dagobah because he needed to be surrounded by nature in a world teeming with life in order to hide his power signature and effectively hide himself from the Empire. This exile allowed Yoda to stay on a planet that would make him more connected to the Force (something he teaches his sons for that matter), making Yoda more able to teach Luke Skywalker during the events of Fifth episodeand helping him become an incredibly powerful Jedi Knight Sixth episode. However, while living on Dagobah was a blessing in disguise, Yoda was still in exile, and the planet was nothing less than his prison.

    It is evident in this star Wars The case that Yoda believes planets filled to the brim with unadulterated nature allows Jedi to be more in tune with the Force, fans are given proof of this by Yoda’s training of Luke Skywalker, but the fact that Yoda was forced to live on a planet that fulfills that description is down to a point. Tee off is a twisted case of “be careful what you wish for”, which makes YodaDagobah’s exile is even more tragic.

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