Yara from 90 Day Fiancé reveals what she’s not to love about New Orleans

    Yara Zaya from 90 Day Fiance reveals why she doesn’t like New Orleans, the first city she lived in in America.

    90 days fiancé Superstar Yara Zaya finally revealed the real reasons she doesn’t like the vibrant city of New Orleans. Yara is first introduced to the franchise in 90 days fiancé Season 8, when she moved from her native Kiev, Ukraine to marry Jovi Dufresne in the United States. Yara and Goofy connected through the travel app, which they describe as a platform for frequent travelers to meet new people. Their love story faded from there. Yara and Jovi met in Budapest, Jovi proposed to her in Cuba, Yara became pregnant soon after, and they married in Las Vegas.

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    when 90 day fiancé Yara Zaya arrived in the US, and Jovi introduced her to her new home in New Orleans, Louisiana. Yara recently took to her Instagram story to respond to a fan’s question about what she doesn’t like about the sexy city. Yara began by saying:I don’t have much respect for New Orleans because of my weird little English. Describing her talk about New Orleans as a magnet for tourists, noting that “beautiful city’, but more of a place to drink and celebrate Mardi Gras, rather than raise a family. Yara also noted that she doesn’t mind hot weather when she has access to the beach, which downtown New Orleans doesn’t.

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    Yara expressed her dislike of New Orleans during her 90 Day Fiancé

    Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufresne are engaged to 90 Day Fiancé

    Never been a fan of living in New Orleans permanently, Yara made it known to Goofy throughout her stay. 90 days fiancé. She disliked the couple’s active city living situation from the start, explaining the safety concerns, the extra nightlife, and even the occasional weather. Yara has actually been photographed on several occasions throughout 90 days fiancé Season 8 outright city bashing. Her opposition to New Orleans only naturally increased when she gave birth to her daughter Milah in 2020. All of these reasons eventually led to Goofy and Yara moving to a suburban Louisiana neighborhood.

    Although Yara was openly against New Orleans on the show, her latest Instagram response shows that she appreciates some aspects of the city. If Yara was thinking about a future with Goofy, it was necessary for her to talk about her fears of staying there. It is understandable that Yara does not like the idea of ​​raising Milah in such an unsafe environment. It is also important to note that the timing and circumstances surrounding her arrival in the city influenced her initial opinions. Moving to a more family-friendly area of ​​Louisiana seems to have mitigated Yara’s hostility towards New Orleans, which is expressed in the show.

    Yara’s reasons for not wanting to live in New Orleans have been portrayed in a very negative light throughout her tenure 90 days fiancé, but her opinion has definitely changed since then. Her response revealed why she simply didn’t want to live there, which was understandable. Apart from this move, there are other issues that need to be addressed for Yara and Goofy to save their marriage. Although it seems that the couple struggles at times, they are still together, so another appearance in 90 days fiancé Franchise can be expected.

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    Source: Yara Zaya / Instagram

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