Worst Oscar Snape for Great Horror Movies

    Ah, awards season. The time mailboxes are flooded with PR material, FYC screeners, and every single piece of material that might get you to vote for certain movies in whatever organization you’re a part of. Also, everyone in the audience remembers being a movie fanatic and cheering on the same five movies taking the same awards at every Sunday ceremony. It’s not boring, it’s boring that the awards are always given out to the same movies, and sometimes they don’t deserve the statuette. a surprise? is this something??

    The Academy Awards have been active for nearly a century, but neither the organization nor its members have known value horror In the cinema. it is easy. The kind everyone loves to hate doesn’t get awards, and if it does, it’s a celebration like no other. As if making a horror movie disqualifies you from winning the usual drama. The weird thing is that in our age of diversity and inclusion, horror is still seen as the black sheep of a supposedly moving family.

    We hope that will change in the near future. Meanwhile, this is the worst of all the great horror movies.

    25 Hereditary

    Toni Collette in Hereditary.
    A 24

    We will never stop campaigning for this. The role of Toni Collette in Hereditary She was so witty and oppressive, it’s hard to find a better picture of twisted motherhood than this in reality.

    The Ari Aster movie probably wouldn’t have been included in A24’s FYC campaigns in other categories, but when the nominations were announced that year and Collette’s name didn’t appear on screen, most of us lost some respect for the Oscars.

    24 The Exorcist

    The Exorcist
    Warner Bros.

    The favorite in the 1973 running for Best Actress was Ellen Burstyn for her role in Chris McNeil The Exorcist. Even her fellow candidates thought so. But Academy members decided that Glenda Jackson was actually better in the now-forgotten movie women in love.

    Burstyn’s reaction to her loss was a classic moment in television, with horror thrown under a train and the William Friedkin epic given from an artistic point of view and nothing else.

    23 the shining

    Jack Nicholson The Shining 1980 Hawk Films
    Pictures Warner Bros

    Whatever Stephen King might think, Stanley Kubrick is the shining It’s a very good movie, but it’s just not a faithful adaptation. Anyway, how could one of Jack Nicholson’s most impressive performances have been so completely omitted by the awards circuit? We can’t imagine him beating De Niro Raging Bull the same year, but the nomination wouldn’t hurt. Furthermore, Kubrick’s directing was supposed to receive a nomination.

    22 mental patient

    Janet Lee in Psych
    Paramount Pictures

    mental patient, the most famous horror classic in cinema history, wasn’t exactly under the auspices of the Academy. Alfred Hitchcock’s film has already earned four nominations, including Best Director. However, the 1961 ceremony recognized Billy Wilder and his great movie Flat.

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    It’s strange how Bernard Herrmann wasn’t nominated for Best Score, but the Academy doesn’t exactly like horror scores even when they’re among the greatest film composers; Only a few were nominated.

    21 the witch

    Witch A24
    A 24

    the witch It is a powerful piece of cinema. It’s also part of the so-called “high scare” movement in modern Hollywood. However, the Academy did not even pass it by and Robert Eggers’ horror masterpiece went unnoticed. Certainly, in the Best Cinematography race, it would have lost out to him yield, and in the best points category, Ennio Morricone was a lock. But Anya Taylor-Joy in the Best Actress race? We like to say it would have made everyone nervous.

    20 Jaws

    Universal Pictures

    There is footage of Steven Spielberg waiting to be nominated Jaws. The disappointment on his face is palpable, which makes for a bittersweet moment as he was still enjoying the studio’s reaction to creating such a blockbuster phenomenon with Jaws. Yes, she has other nominations and wins, but no matter what, you can’t deny her Jaws It was brilliantly directed and is a fine example of a young film therapist’s realized vision.

    19 alien

    A scene from the movie Alien
    Twentieth Century Fox

    Ridley Scott alien The Academy didn’t completely forget it in 1980. It won an Academy Award for Special Effects and was nominated for an Art Direction Award. The question is, how did she not win with her depiction of a destroyed planet? Never before or since has HR Giger’s work been so well adapted to the big screen. Instead, the great Bob Fosse musician All this jazz He took home the prize that night. Also, there are no nominations for Best Sound or Best Costume Design, which were notable elements of the film.

    18 Hellraiser

    Hellraiser 1987

    Entertainment film distributors

    Hellraiser It’s clearly not a true Oscar kind of movie, though the costume design and special effects are memorable and disturbing to this day and could easily be nominated. However, its score, written by Christopher Young, is truly Oscar-worthy and incredibly effective. It is also a beautiful and melodic piece of music that makes the violent movie more poetic and strange in its own way.

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    So why not consider an Oscar nomination? The campaign at the time may have been difficult, especially for a horror film, and that year it would have competed with the filmThe last emperor And The Witches of Eastwick. An impossible win, but it would have been a fine tribute to a composer as impressive as Young.

    17 Watch Suspiria 2018 movie with subtitles

    Suspiria 2018
    Amazon Studios

    The 2019 ceremony was full of groans. This is the one with bohemian rhapsody And green book So you can see what we mean. So how was director Luca Guadagnino remaking the classic giallo lust Tragically overlooked by the Academy? She has won a lot of accolades in the ring but no Oscars. Thom Yorke’s score and original song for the movie will forever remain in our minds as great examples of music in the horror genre, and the costume design and cinematography are outstanding.

    16 The lighthouse

    The lighthouse movie 2019
    A 24

    With only two characters descending into sheer insanity, this was the perfect opportunity to get to know the male cast in horror. but The lighthouse It only received a Best Cinematography nomination, losing out to Sir Roger Dickens with it 1917. Robert Eggers’ movie was a solid run for both performers who carry the story of madness throughout the confusing third act and finale. We can’t imagine any role in a tortured movie like this would be easy to take on.

    15 the birds

    Tippi Hedren in The Birds.
    Universal Pictures

    New success mental patientHitchcock made another horror movie. This time, it was a more grotesque and less serious allegory of sexual temptation, but insanely creepy and effective from a theatrical perspective. the birds It probably won’t get any awards to begin with, but it at least earned a nomination for Best Visual Effects. The question is, how could Hitchcock not be nominated for such a nuanced film?

    14 curry

    Carrie 1976 movie

    in 1977, rocky And network It rocked the house, with the latter understandably taking home just about every award in the acting categories. This left curry‘s Sissy Spacek and Pepper Laurie out of the race. Horror warriors’ hearts cried out in despair as two of the year’s best cinematic offerings were rejected by the politically correct Academy. Not to say network She didn’t deserve everything she won, but how the hell did this happen? Spacek and Laurie’s work here remains some of the best ever, horror or otherwise.

    13 we

    Lupita Nyong'o in the United States.
    Universal Pictures

    One of the latest films to be added to the ‘Oscar-worthy horror offerings’ discourse, Lupita Nyong’o has performed in we That was impressive and mind-blowing. There is absolutely no reason why she should be excluded from the race in a year when the favorites and winners were a bit questionable. Does someone really believe Did Renee Zellweger do better than Lupita? seriously.

    12 thing

    Universal Pictures

    One of the best special effects films in the history of cinema hasn’t even been nominated for an Oscar. It is almost anger. But at the same time, we understand. It was horror, and it was 1982 ETAnd Blade Runner And evil soul Swept every award in the technical section. Regardless of that stiff competition, don’t do it thing Deserving credit today at least for changing the rules and paving the way for later Oscar winners?

    11 wailing

    Wailing movie
    side mirror

    This beautiful horror movie from South Korea was released in 2016 and once again confirmed why these guys should be looked at before. parasite. wailing is a well-made horror movie that blends popular horror with crime thriller, and ends with an exceptional third act.

    wailing It didn’t even count as a submissive to the country, but we’re sure it would be very interesting to see the Academy feel uncomfortable about that in the Oscar race. Unfortunately, international horror films are rarely nominated for the Best Feature Film category, which is unfortunate considering how many films there are.

    10 night house

    The Night House with Rebecca Hall
    Scout photos

    It’s shocking how the Academy excluded the great Rebecca Hall from its nominations for so long. Her dramatic roles are good enough to be considered Oscar worthy. But in horror, she somehow improves her performance. in night houseHer body of work became serious and convinced us of her abilities in the cinematic genre.

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    If she had been nominated, she would have been up against a somewhat weak group of actresses that year. Would she have won? Very unlikely, but the nomination could have been a good start.

    9 Pearl

    Mia Goth as the Pearl
    A 24

    Mia Goth’s double performance in 2022 was the talk of the town, and her critique of the Academy for looking horror was on point. Pearl It wasn’t her best movie yet, but it felt like a powerful play that brings to the table the idea that female performances are actually better in horror. She had it too X to support that. Whether you think Guth was right or not, she deserves to be here for being so forthright on the subject.

    8 Let the right one

    Let the right one

    Again, alien horror. Let the right one Not only is it one of the best vampire movies in history, it’s also one of the best horror movies in cinema. So how come Sweden didn’t even pick it up as the official submission in 2008? Best Foreign Language Film would have been amazing, but what about Best Adapted Screenplay or Best Cinematography?

    7 no

    Gordy calmed down after his agitation
    Universal Pictures

    Whatever you think of Jordan Peeles no, which will likely gain more recognition over the years, there is no denying that the cinematography was legendary. Fittingly, when the movie was released its layers of art got more attention making it one of the best horror movies of the year. So, it was a surprise when the Oscars didn’t even look up no for her artistic awards. Remember how many articles we read about how to shoot it? The movie definitely could have received a nomination for Best Cinematography.

    6 The Babadook

    Jennifer Kent The Babadook movie
    leisure umbrella

    We won’t tell you how good it is The Babadook He is. You probably know that now. And if you do, tell us why Essie Davis wasn’t good enough to be nominated for Best Actress for this movie, and even win. Another great horror movie about motherhood, The Babadook reminds us repulsionAnd Rosemary’s baby And more than that, which is another addition to that all-too-valuable conversation about “women’s horror shows worth appreciating.”

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