‘With 100% certainty’ PS5 Pro gets release date in a new report

    A new report with “100% certainty” indicates that the PS5 Pro in development has a target release date, and that development kits will be sent out soon.

    This article covers a developing story. Keep checking back with us as we will add more information as it becomes available.

    rumors about a Playstation 5 Pro The model has been circulating since the PS5’s original launch in 2020, but a new report claims to know when the upgraded console will be released. Mid-generation console upgrades became the norm with the PS4 Pro and Xbox One S/X midway through the last generation, so an improved version of Sony’s latest hardware always seemed inevitable.

    New report from indoor games He claims the PS5 Pro will target a holiday 2024 release date. An earlier Insider report on the matter was debunked, but the publisher is now doubling down on the new release date, stating that it has “100% degree of certaintyThe PlayStation 5 Pro is currently in development and prototypes of the first development kit will be sent out to first-party developers over the coming months, and third-party developers will receive them shortly after.

    Source: Insider Gaming

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