Why The Wild Thornberrys Was One of Nickelodeon’s Best Cartoons

    Anyone who watched Nickelodeon in the late 1990s and early 2000s will probably have fond memories of watching Thornberry Wild. The series followed a family of wildlife documentaries, with the main character being Eliza Thornberry. Eliza can talk to animals, a power she uses to communicate with the family pet Darwin as well as other animals the family encounters.

    Thornberry Wild It ran for five seasons and was an incredibly popular series for Nickelodeon. It received positive reviews from critics. I got a feature film, Wild Thornberry moviewhich was released in 2002. A year later it received a crossover sequel with Rugrats titled Rugrats go wild. Even without rebooting like Rugratsrevive like Roku Modern Life And invader zimor even an ongoing series like Spongebob SquarepantsAnd Thornberry Wild It’s still a classic and one of Nickelodeon’s best series. Here’s what made it such a great series.

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    The series has all stars

    Thornberry Wild

    One item made Thornberry Wild It was bringing out the all-star nature of the actors. Eliza Thornberry is voiced by Lacey Chabert, who at the time was known for projects such as party of five And Lost in space. the next Wild thornberry She starred mean girls He continued as a voice actor in projects like The Amazing Spider-Man And Young justice.

    Voice actress Judy Carlyle voiced Marian Thornberry, Eliza’s mother. Eliza’s sister Debbie Thornberry is voiced by scream queen Danielle Harris, best known for her role as Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 4 And Halloween 5. Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea lent his vocal talents to the role of Donnie, the wild child adopted into the family. The presence of a horror icon and a famous musician from a famous rock band has given the series a certain level of credibility for older audiences.

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    Two of the greatest stars Thornberry Wild They are Tim Curry and Tom Kane. Tim Curry was already famous for his roles in Rocky Horror Pictures ShowAnd legendAnd an ideaand the miniseries He. She. He then landed the role of Nigel Thornberry, the father of the Thornberry family and directed the wildlife series that the family is filming. Carey’s distinctive voice made him a go-to for vocal performances. In 2012, the actor suffered a stroke that left him confined to a wheelchair, and the actor basically retired. Tom Kane voiced Darwin, the family chimp, and best friend Eliza. Tom Kane is one of the most popular voice actors, and he notably voiced Yoda in all of them star Wars The look that Frank Oz never did. In 2020, Kane suffered a stroke, and in September 2021, he officially retired from voice acting.

    The Wild Thornberrys wasn’t meant to be a children’s series

    Thornberry Wild

    part of what makes Wild Thornberry This great series that the whole family can enjoy is because it was not originally intended as a children’s series. The series was shown as an animated comedy series for adults titled Zoologist Nigel Thornberry for Fox. Fox passed it on, but Nickelodeon picked up the series, with the focus shifting from Nigel to his daughter Eliza and giving her the ability to talk to animals.

    While still a series aimed at kids, the series’ original idea of ​​being an adult series can still be felt in its creative DNA. A significant amount of the series is still introduced to the parents of Eliza and her sister Debbie, dealing with themes that are relevant to adults and older teens but are still fun for younger children. Thornberry Wild He had a little something for everyone.

    Educational and entertaining

    Tim Curry, Judy Carlisle and Lacey Chabert in The Wild Thornberrys

    Thornberry Wild The global setting and focus on animals presented itself to be both entertaining and educational. The series was designed with the potential for use in science curricula, and the creative team brought in experts to craft the series. The experts were responsible for giving the book details about the different locations, animals, and cultures the Thornberry family would explore.

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    While a lot of kids’ series designed to be educational can feel flat, Thornberry Wild She managed to craft interesting stories with fun characters that organically weave the educational elements. The didactic elements were subtle and the story imposing. This helped make Thornberry Wild More of an entertaining cartoon that lacks substance like some other animated series from Nickelodeon and its competitors. Even after all these years, Thornberry Wild Families can still enjoy it, especially now that kids who grew up with it may have families of their own.

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