Why The Last of Us is still an excellent TV for fans who have never played the game

    Unless you’ve been completely cut off from the outside world for the past couple of months, you’ve heard all the buzz around The last of us. This post-apocalyptic zombie/pandemic thriller is considered one of the best video game adaptations of the year, and possibly one of the greatest TV shows of all time. Its engaging narrative, engaging characters, innovative cinematography, and focus on humanity among the worst in society make the show a standout in an increasingly crowded television landscape dominated by broadcasting.

    Of course, there is no story to discuss The last of usIts success would be complete without mentioning its video game roots. The last of us It is the best video game mod. The last of us Shows the right way to transition from video games to TV. Obviously, the source material cannot be ignored, nor the fact that it is The last of us It falls into that always narrow category of “good” video game adaptations. Almost everything about the show has been analyzed, even movies the characters would never get to see since their world ended in 2003.

    But what about TV buffs who have never played the game? All this talk about the show’s origins might leave some fans feeling left out if they didn’t personally escort Joel and Ellie across the barren landscapes of the United States. but The last of us It is much more than a “video game” show, and people without game experience shouldn’t feel left out. So here, let’s take a look at why The last of us It’s still a great offering for those who’ve never played games.

    They have new eyes

    The Last of Us Joel Pedro

    Fans of the video game will already be able to relate to more elements of the show. They’ll notice more easter eggs, pick up on more small details, and get a sense of where the plot of the show follows the game and where it’s being diverted. But you know what else gamers know? Exactly how the story goes. since TLOU So stuck in the source material, fans of the game will know everything even before the show airs. For example, who lives and dies, who is an ally against the enemy, where Joel and Ellie go in a certain episode, etc. While the show adds some characters that were not present in the game, such as Ellie’s mother, Anna, and the revolutionary leader Kathleen, there are no Almost surprises for game players.

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    Some people might enjoy knowing what’s going to happen before watching the show; Theres nothing wrong with that. However, he will not be able to play the game from watching TLOU On TV with fresh eyes. Sure, we don’t know how specific spots will be ported to TV, but fans still know they’re coming.

    Compare that to people who have never played the game and may not even have heard of Joel and Ellie. These fans have the added benefit of seeing their story unfold for the first time. Assuming they avoid spoilers online, new fans go blind, relishing not knowing what comes next or where the story will take the characters.

    It’s just a great show

    Bella Ramsey Ellie Another From The United States Episode 9

    TLOU It is just an amazing show. That’s it. visualize this; It’s been 20 years since a global pandemic destroyed most of society. Survivors constantly fear infection as they live under a totalitarian government. Other shows or movies might devote themselves to showing the collapse of the world or how the worst of humanity emerges during a population-ending disaster. Yes, TLOU It includes both elements, but they are not the central focus.

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    The basic plot is very simple. Joel has to escort Ellie across the rest of the United States as she may carry a cure for the plague. No character is presented without flaws. Joel has done evil deeds for what he thinks is right. Finding what one truly considers is very difficult when society is collapsing. Joel’s target was his daughter Sarah, who died immediately after the outbreak. has no real purpose without it; Even going through everyday life is a challenge. He will not allow himself to love anyone else as he loved his own daughter because she will be taken away too. It is a real struggle that those who have lost close friends or family members can relate to. That is, until he meets Ellie.

    At first, it was a cargo—just another smuggling job for Joel. While still a child, Ellie isn’t entirely innocent either. Even though she did what she had to do when her best friend Riley was injured, that guilt stayed with her. Throughout the show, Joel and Ellie’s relationship grows and develops. Joel lets his guard down and allows himself to love Ellie as he loved Sarah, so much so that he slaughters an entire hospital full of rebellious flies while recovering from being stabbed to save the girl he previously considered cargo. TLOU It pits the best of humanity squarely against the worst of what’s left of it.

    Every character, even the bad guys, look like real people, not just post-apocalyptic cliches. Even though they only got one episode together, Bill and Frank have had a complete romance over the years. Sure, the world is falling apart around them, but they have found each other. What do they need more? Henry would do anything for his brother Sam, but tragically that doesn’t include letting him attack others after he gets injured. We can feel the evil radiating from David from the first time he appeared on screen, and Kathleen will allow nothing to stand in the way of her mission to avenge her brother.

    Beautiful set design and masterful cinematography (not to mention all the effort put into the stricken design and poverty) top it off brilliantly in this character-driven humanity-apocalyptic epic. TLOU It is much more than a video game, and it will become one of the best shows of all time. Now all that’s left to do is figure out what they’re doing with it The second partNo matter how long you wait.

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