Why the Jason Bourne sequel was better than it got

    Bourne identity It is one of the most influential action films of the 21st century. While some may doubt that Matt Damon could be a compelling action hero after seeing his most sensitive performance in The Good Will Hunting, Talented Mr. Ripley, And rain maker, the 2002 thriller proved to be just as tough and effective as its contemporaries in the genre. He established an intensity and realism in the fighting style that stood apart from the more absurd filmmaking of the ’90s. it is clear that Bourne identity It had a huge impact on the future of action cinema, as inspirational films Casino Royale, Miami Vice, And The Dark Knight.

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    While director Doug Liman did something impressive bourne identity, It was Paul Greengrass who took the franchise to the next level with Mrs. Bourne And Bourne Ultimatum. The films took the initially small story and placed Bourne in the geopolitical landscape, where he is forced to search for his own identity. While the series had a satisfying ending, the spin-off legacy target He presented the prospect of a new champion in Jeremy Renner’s Aaron Cross. However, it seems fans simply wanted more from Damon. Returning in the series in 2016 Jason Bourne He has not been given the respect he deserves and deserves to be celebrated.

    Bourne is more ruthless and complex

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    Damon’s return to the franchise made sense within the established continuity, with Bourne shown to have survived the end Bourne Ultimatumwhere he was last seen swimming away after reports indicated his body had not been found. Jason Bourne He also makes sense on a character level, as it is his old ally Nikki Persons (Julia Stiles) who enlists his help. Nikki was one of the few characters who commanded Bourne’s respect and trust, and the brief scenes they share with each other are deeply emotional. It was a good decision to Jason Bourne to prioritize bringing back a single character rather than forcing the entire supporting cast from previous films to return in less developed roles.

    Nikki’s death is one of the most shocking moments in the entire series. Similar to the death of Marie (Franca Potente) in Mrs. Bourne, it turns Bourne into a no-nonsense executioner so dead, he has so exacted revenge on him that he is almost robotic. It’s clear that while Bourne returns to the training that haunted him, he’s also a little stressed and troubled by his experiences. The film acknowledges that time has passed since the end of the movie Bourne Ultimatumand Bourne was in hiding to avoid the spotlight from the CIA

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    Nicky also gives Bourne an interesting new direction to explore when she shows him information about his father. While he now understands more about his training and brainwashing thanks to his revelations at the end Bourne UltimatumAnd knowing more about his family’s history further complicated Bourne.

    Dealing with technological and political developments

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    One of the best aspects Bourne Movies and their relationship to current hot political issues. Although the Robert Ludlum novel that inspired them was written in the 1980s and 1990s during the Cold War, screenwriter Tony Gilroy dissects topics like surveillance and a CIA intelligence cover-up that are relevant in the 21st century. While Gilroy did not return to write a screenplay Jason Bournethe film lifted inspiration from the precedent it established. Jason Bourne He continued to explore the CIA’s public controversies and their impact on tech giants and social media startups.

    There is an interesting story that introduces new CIA villain Robert Dewey (Tommy Lee Jones) and social media tech influencer Aaron Kalloor (Riz Ahmed). Kalloor intends to launch a new program called Deep Dream, but it is revealed that Dewey was behind the seed funding behind Kalloor’s original research. Dewey intends to secretly transform Deep Dream into a more advanced version of the Blackbriar Program. In an age when people take longer to look at the finances behind the companies they support and are more aware of malpractices on the part of social media organizations, these topics felt relevant.

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    Plus, Jones and Ahmed are great actors who fit in perfectly Bourne world. Jones has a zany charisma that perfectly matches the nefarious nature of a veteran government intelligence agent, and Ahmed captures the angst of an aspiring innovator whose secrets are being exposed. Alicia Vikander also becomes a terrific new addition to the series as CIA Cyber ​​Ops Division Heather Lee, who is assigned by Dewey to track down Bourne. The ending suggests that Lee won’t be a Bourne ally like Nikki, as he ultimately outsmarts her in one of the film’s more clever sequences.

    An interesting new franchise direction

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    While plans were originally drawn up for another sequel, Damon questioned the idea in 2017, stating, “That last one wasn’t as good as we did it 10 years ago, so maybe people are done with the character.” Perhaps the reviews were also to blame; Hollywood Reporter He claimed that “the film ends on a flat and unimpressive note, as well as the realization that, no matter how much time we spend with them, the characters remain quite one-dimensional.”

    However, it was a nice time Jason Bourne, and is responsible for several notable moments in the saga. Few action films released since then have managed to deliver more satisfying action sequences than a motorcycle riot chase where Bourne escapes with Nikki, or a thrilling Las Vegas shootout. Possible Bourne return alongside Renner from legacy target He presented another interesting possibility, in which the killer does not have a very clear understanding of their brainwashing. Other storylines, such as the relationship between Lee and Calore, also needed a conclusion, and it would be a shame if Bourne The fans didn’t get to see them.

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