Why the best player survivor doesn’t always win the game

    The last episode of survivor A debate emerged as to whether it was the best survivor The player always wins his season, but in the new era, it has become clear that luck plays a major role in the game. over the years, survivor It had several controversial endings that had fans arguing over who deserved to win the most. The two most notable instances were when Natalie White defeated Russell Hantz Survivor: Samoa And when Michelle Fitzgerald defeated Aubrey Bracco at the Survivor: Kao Rong.

    in survivor In Season 44, the debate flared up again when contestants Matt Blankenship and Brandon Cuttum discussed the topic. Because of a detour, the merged tribe split into two teams, with Matt being placed in a minority on the same team as Brandon, who he had his alliance with. Obviously the main goal of elimination, Matt argued that luck played a factor in the outcome of the game, while Brandon disagreed and claimed that a good player can get out of any situation. Unfortunately for Matt, he was unable to find a way out and was voted out of the game.

    Players can’t account for recent survivor twists

    In terms of the new age survivor During the match, Matt was right that luck plays an important role in the outcome of the season. Brandon might be right, in theory, that there is always a way for the player to save themselves. However, due to the number of twists in the game, many situations require the player to have uncanny knowledge about the unprecedented twists and benefits that producers may throw into the game.

    Modern players have no way of calculating the details of swings that did not appear in them survivor before. Some great players get burned by ups and downs when they were going to dominate the season, which means a weaker player overall could end up winning the game. Luck is not the only factor in success survivor, even with all the ups and downs of the current era, but it can be the biggest factor in the death of some players. It is hard to win the game just based on luck but easy to lose because of it.

    The best survivor wins the game, not the best player

    Survivor 43's Mike Gabler is wearing a camo shirt and smiling orange

    Although it may seem that it is for the best survivor Players should always win seasons, that’s not the case. However, this does not mean that the winners are in survivor You don’t deserve their victories. Each player who won the match played the best game of their season. They may not be the most skilled player on their team, but they played the best game under the specific circumstances of that particular season.

    There are some survivor Players who have won the game once but can play a hundred more times and never win again. On the flip side, there are some players who lose the match but may win multiple times under different circumstances or with a different crew. Luck has always played a game survivorand the players are the ones who get lucky breaks and know how to take advantage of them and end up winning.

    survivor It airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

    source: Mike Blum/Twitter

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