Why MBFFL fans love to share the Whitney Thore High School yearbook

    My Big Fat Fabulous Life Whitney used to live her life on screen. However, she has taken fans back to her humble beginnings in high school before fame.

    My Wonderful Big Fat Life Star Whitney Thore took her fans for a walk down memory lane by showing off her high school photo. Whitney enjoys opening up to her fans and loves hearing their opinions. She is not shy about anything and loves giving her fans a sneak peek into her life.

    whitney who My Wonderful Big Fat Life She is famous for sharing her life with the public. Before finding fame on television, she amassed an impressive fan base on YouTube. She uploaded videos of herself dancing with her good friend, Todd Paisley, titled “Fat Girl Dancing”. From there, she used her platform to share her thoughts on body shaming, body positivity, and the daily struggles she faces with her weight, including what it’s like to travel and fly as a larger person and the negativity and stereotypes associated with it. with her. There was no subject out of reach, embracing the spotlight and a chance to hear her voice.

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    Whitney shares a blast from the past

    Whitney got personal about her life and shared memories from her teenage years through yearbook photos. the My Wonderful Big Fat Life The star posted a clip on Instagram that dives deep into her life during high school and the personal, handwritten letters she received from her classmates. Whitney commented on the post, “Yearbook signing pages walked in, so Instagram DMs could be triggered… What were the guys doing in the late ’90s, right? And why do they still do that?My Wonderful Big Fat Life Fans resonated with her sharing as it brought back special memories from their high school years. In the photo, Whitney looked like her late mother Barbara Babes Thor as one fan commented, “In your annual photo, you are the epitome of your mother!

    Glancing at Whitney’s high school yearbook was a teleportation to a different time for many of her followers. She flipped through her yearbook noting the popular styles of the decade, her friends, and the clubs and activities she was involved in, including soccer, creative writing, and dancing. Even in high school, Whitney took dancing seriously, and is quoted in her yearbook as saying, “Teaching dance is a great opportunity. Not only do I do what I love, but I get to help others. “

    Whitney shares surprising messages from classmates

    Whitney Thore from My Big Fat Fabulous Life wears a black blouse

    Besides sharing photos, Whitney shared some amazing throwbacks and read some signed letters her co-workers wrote in her yearbook. Handwriting, funny notes, and quotes were a recall of a simpler time for most people. the My Wonderful Big Fat Life The star couldn’t help but laugh when reading some of the letters out loud while flooding over the memories of the people she went to high school with. While some of her colleagues wrote encouraging notes regarding her talent, kindness, and friendship, others wrote vulgar and immature letters, prompting Whitney to exclaim, “Evidence that men in the early 2000s were creepsAside from some inappropriate remarks she received, many of her classmates commented on her potential and hoped to see her on Broadway one day.

    Even in high school, it was clear that Whitney was destined for superstardom, and she had a lot of people who believed in her. Now that Whitney has her own reality show My Wonderful Big Fat Life, you proved everyone right. Even though she’s now in the spotlight, it was nice to have a look back at her humble beginnings.

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    Source: Whitney Thore / Instagram

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