Why it took 12 years for Puss In Boots 2 to happen

    puss in shoes 2 It was met with critical acclaim and an Academy Award nomination, which made its 12-year delay worth it. Fans fell in love with the Spanish-speaking cat at first Partner 2 when he was hired to capture the titular ogre, but instead befriended him and his sidekick, Donkey. Due to its popularity, Puss has been featured in the rest a partner franchise and got its own spin-off movie in 2011. Puss in Boots It tells the origin story of the orange cat, following him on an adventure with his friends Kitty and Humpty Dumpty to catch a goose that lays golden eggs. The film was a success, and a sequel was announced three years later.

    A sequel titled Puss in Boots: Last Wish, Puss returns to the big screen as he fights to stay alive after losing eight of his nine lives. Boss reunites with Kitty, with whom he was on bad terms after their relationship ended on their wedding day. Throughout the movie, he goes on a quest to find the Wishing Star so he can get his eight lives back. Instead, he overcomes his selfishness and faces death. Fortunately, he got off the hook to get over his arrogance. The movie would have hit the big screen earlier had it not been for several mishaps.

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    Puss In Boots 2 was stuck in development hell

    puss in boots 2

    DreamWorks has begun working on Puss in Boots The sequel came just a year after the film’s initial release, and executive producer Guillermo Del Toro revealed that there were only a few drafts of the script. By 2014, DreamWorks announced the film’s label puss in shoes: Nine Spirits and 40 Thieves. Unfortunately, the project stalled in development hell. The phrase refers to a project being stalled in the early stages of development due to legal, technical or technical challenges. DreamWorks then went through some restructuring that delayed the film.

    In 2015, the company was struggling financially and laid off hundreds of workers and sold its headquarters in Glendale, California. Fortunately, things picked up for film again in 2018, with Christopher Meledandri on board and Bob Persichetti was announced as one of the film’s directors a year later. Unfortunately, like the rest of Hollywood, the movie has been put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, by 2021, Joel Crawford was announced as the new manager.

    How Puss In Boots 2 reboots the Shrek franchiseShrek hugging a donkey and cats in boots

    There were rumors of another a partner The movie for a few years, but no information about the movie has been released. However, the end puss in shoes 2 She suggests a partner 5 almost. After defeating the Death Boss, he, Kitty, and Perito set sail for Far Far Away, the land on Earth a partner Where Fiona’s family lives and where Boss meets Shrek and Himeyar for the first time. Puss says he’s going to visit some old friends, and the music playing is pretty much the same a partner a result.

    with success Puss in Bootslast a partner The movie is more likely than ever. if it was Puss in Boots The sequel could succeed 12 years after the original, and then another a partner The movie could also do well, even though the last one was released over a decade ago. puss in shoes 2Its success proves that the franchise remains in demand all these later years, and work on The Cat is elsewhere a partner The movie would have audiences all over the world seeing him reunite with his friends Shrek and Donkey.

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