Why Hometown Boys is so much worse than just “Superman Evil”

    while boys Making the Homelander one of the scariest villains in TV history, not everything that makes the character chill is rooted in a dark Superman parody. boys is a superhero satirical series that uses comic book tropes to target real-life institutions such as politicians, celebrity culture, and corporate wrongdoing. However, some of the best satires in boys tangentially linked to the show’s origins as a parody of superhero tropes. boys Deep used to satirize Scientology and Stormfront to parody the reactionary right on the Internet, allowing the series to broaden its focus beyond the superhero genre.

    Similarly, the treatment of Starlight by Seven in boys The first season was a very dark satire of the harassment that routinely occurred in elite corporate and media circles. While this story was made darker by the fact that superheroes were involved in a cycle of abuse of power, the plot would have made more sense in a series about a corrupt corporation or political machine. This is also true for most of the characters in boys. Whether it’s the relatively heroic Starlight or the deadly unstable Homelander, the main characters in boys They are comparable to real-life figures even when stripped of their superhuman powers.

    Homelander is scary because it’s based on real life

    Boys Season 4 Darkest Reasons Yet

    What makes Homelander a uniquely threatening character in boys is the fact that not onlyevil superman. Homelander is scary because it is grounded in reality. He is the exact kind of public, prejudice-fueled character seen so often in real life, but with laser eyes and superhuman strength. His father, boys The villainous third season, Soldier Boy, is a very solid spin on the “anti-crime” and “anti-communist” right-wing crusaders of the 1980s. Likewise, Homelander is a completely believable demagogue who relies on public support and fear-mongering to maintain power as much as the superpowers themselves.

    Home Powers is almost an afterthought because it affects its plot boys Much less his political machinations, personal manipulation, and use of blackmail, violence, and threats to control others. While Blue Hawk’s pro-police message may be a more explicit parody of reactionary public figures, Homelander’s embrace of so-called traditional values ​​is taken directly from the rhetoric of real-life fascists. The fact that he is literally an Obermench and is nearly impossible to kill as a result is only part of what makes Homelander such a threat. After all, the Soldier Boy season 3 finale proved that brute force can’t get you a powerful mass killer as far as political popularity is concerned.

    Citizen proves why boys are more than just ‘superheroes gone bad’

    Homelander looks around the room with a neutral expression at The Boys

    while attractive boys can be boiled toSuperheroes gone badThe series does more than just reframe the dark elements of superhero stories. boys It highlights the darker elements of the real world, from Blue Hawk’s beating of defenseless civilians to Starlight’s plight at the hands of the Seven, to Homelander using influence, bribes, and blackmail to maintain public support despite his crimes. as a result of, boys is as much a darker satire on reality as it is a deconstructive take on comic book tropes.

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