Why Gina Ortega regretted Wednesday’s viral dance scene

    Jenna Ortega’s career has received a huge boost from Wednesdaybut there is one part she regrets despite the attention she received — the viral Gina Ortega Wednesday dance steps. Ortega leads the cast of the Netflix series as the daughter of the Addams family, exploring her teenage years as she heads off to the private school Nevermore Academy, home to several supernatural beings that was also her parents’ alma mater. Upon her arrival, Wednesday begins to realize that she has inherited her mother’s psychic abilities and uses them to save the town and her teammates from a deadly creature.

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    Ortega W Wednesday It garnered largely positive reviews, with many noting in particular its uninterrupted dancing scene during Rave’N Dance, though the cast at its center doesn’t have a glowing review at the moment. However, while Jenna wasn’t really happy with the dance scene, that didn’t rank high on her list of complaints about Wednesday Series on Netflix.

    What Gina Ortega Said About Wed’s Dance Scene

    Wed Episode 4 Gina Ortega In Wed Dance Scene

    The actor mirrored on Jenna Ortaga Wednesday The dance scene and how it started a viral trend of parodies and recreations (trans Entertainment tonight). The star revealed that she actually had some regrets about her viral dance moves in the Tim Burton production series, noting that she stayed up at night thinking about how she could do them differently. However, Ortega continued to share her appreciation for the love shown for the series and shock at its popularity.

    No, even that, I still can’t believe. Some of the moves I planned, some of which were improved. This was one of the scenes I stay up at night thinking about. There was so much I could and should have done. So, the fact that anyone has shown any appreciation or even experienced it themselves is unfathomable to me.

    Gina Ortega as Wednesday in Dance

    Much like her only first smile seen with the arrival of Uncle Fester, the viral Wednesday dance in Season 1 became a viral phenomenon for showing a new side to the typically morose character. Although it wasn’t quite as joyous as with her uncle’s visit, the Rave’N dance saw Ortega’s daughter completely redeem the Addams by embracing the music and showing off some antics to Tyler, one of the few locals she felt deserved to be allowed her with caution. to. Eventually, while her dance movies garner some respect with her classmates, namely Bianca from Joy Sunday, Tyler eventually proves to be the heide behind the local murders.

    Interestingly, Jenna Ortega Wednesday The dance scene was almost completely different as the original plan saw the titular Ortega character participate in a flash group. Fortunately for those who fell in love with the scene, Burton and Ortega saw the flaw in said plan, and felt it would be out of character for Wednesday.”Dance and cheer a bunch of peopleOrtega will go on to choreograph a lot of viral choreographies Wednesday the dance scene herself, which became popular enough to be recreated by Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva during a recent competition.

    What we know about the future of Wed

    Wednesdays on Netflix renewed for Season 2

    Even out Jenna Ortega Wednesday The dance scene went viral, and the show proved to be a massive hit for Netflix upon its premiere, wiping out a number of viewing records set by the other streaming device flagship, Weird things, bringing in over 1 billion watch hours within three weeks of its release. Thanks to this success, Wednesday A second season is coming, with rumors circulating about other members of the Addams family.

    With Amazon now owning Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, the studio that owns Adams family IP, it seems likely that Netflix will stick with the main series for now to avoid further licensing fees. While no timetable is given on Wednesday With a second season release or production cycle, creators Alfred Goff and Miles Millar have confirmed development of the next chapter ahead of the series premiere in December, offering the possibility of a return in 2024.

    The dance scene wasn’t the only problem for Gina Ortega on Wednesday

    Wed seems skeptical

    Jenna Ortega almost never played Wednesday Addams on a Netflix original series. According to the actress, she has done a lot of TV shows in her life already, and she wanted to make movies. She was worried that accepting another TV show might interfere with her getting film work. However, she finally got together and ended up taking on the role, which was a huge step for her and Netflix. It was Tim Burton’s vision that led her to accept the role, though she had problems with the direction of the series as time went on. It wasn’t just Gina Ortega Wednesday dance scene.

    There was controversy when Ortega came out in an interview and said that she often stood up to writers about the things her character says. There was not a problem with her wanting to protect her character, but rather a problem with the public discourse about the book in general. However, as a producer, she has a strong hand in the show moving forward, she said Wednesday Writers listen to her, saying,I think we want to kind of elevate the horror aspect a little bit and then take Wed out of the romantic situation and just let her be herself. “

    This always seemed to be her biggest problem – the romantic triangle in season one. During the season, Adams Wednesday had two love interests on the series, Xavier Thorpe (Percy Haynes White) and Tyler Galpin (Hunter Doohan). This rubbed Ortega the wrong way, as she felt Wednesday wouldn’t be embroiled in a love triangle, nor should there be a romantic interest based on the character’s history. Fortunately for Ortega, that seems to be the case Wednesday Season 2 will eliminate that for more horror.

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