Why fans of the 1,000lb sisters think Amy Slaton deserves better than Michael

    Amy Slaton and Michael Halterman have been together for years, but they have a crush on 1000 lbs sisters I think she deserves better. The couple have two beautiful sons, but unfortunately, Michael hasn’t stepped up to the plate and done his part. His lack of interest or involvement in his children’s lives does not go unnoticed, and fans are calling him out.

    1000 lbs sistersMichael Haltermann has always come across as a kind and easygoing guy. Unfortunately, his go-with-the-flow attitude wasn’t an appropriate trait when it came to fatherhood. When the couple received the news that they were expecting their first son, Gage Deon Halterman, Michael was ecstatic and over the moon. After seeing Michael help take care of his sister-in-law, Tammy Slaton, with her mobility needs, it was assumed he would be an amazing partner in the world of parenting. However, since the birth of Glenn Allen Halterman, Amy feels like she’s doing everything on her own.

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    Fans of the 1,000-pound sisters think Amy needs to push Michael to the limit

    Ever since rumors started circulating about Amy and Michael possibly divorcing, fans on Instagram weren’t surprised. This season of 1000 lbs sisters It opened everyone’s eyes to what Amy will likely have to deal with on a daily basis in her marriage. Watching a mother of two struggle on an outing to cater for her children while Michael sat close to him and continued to eat without even a second thought was infuriating.

    It’s been an emotional rollercoaster for her as she tries to do the best she can but often feels like her efforts don’t quite go far. Amy recently captured a Kodak moment with her cute son, Glenn, and posted it to her Instagram. Her followers were quick to comment their thoughts on Michael’s shocking selfish behavior, with one fan commenting, “Your husband needs to get his ass off, or you need to tell him that you’ll leave him if he doesn’t start helping you with the kids. “

    Amy’s feelings about motherhood have resonated with fans of the 1,000-pound sisters

    1,000 lbs. Sisters Amy Slaton and Michael Halterman

    Being a mother is not an easy journey, and 1000 lbs sisters Superstar Amy shouldn’t be expected to do it alone. She wanted nothing more than to be a mother, but worried that she wasn’t always doing enough. When she conceived of starting a family, she thought it would be a team effort between her and Michael, but unfortunately, he doesn’t see it that way. Rather than realizing it takes two, Michael chose to relax and leave all the responsibility to my mom.

    Watching Amy’s emotional reaction to the overwhelming maternal guilt she feels 1000 lbs sisters fans. Her Instagram post was flooded with other moms who felt the same way and have been in her position before. One sad fan commented on her post, “I felt my whole heart when I cried at the picnic. I think most mothers have had moments of doubt, thinking how can we do all this? Your children’s reaction to you being alone proves that you are a good mother, and that they love you. “

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    It has not been confirmed if Amy and Michael are going their separate ways 1000 lbs sisters. However, judging by the Instagram comments, fans are hoping Michael gets the much-needed wake-up call. If he doesn’t change his ways soon, Amy may realize she can do better than Michael after all.

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    Source: Amy Slaton / Instagram

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