Why Evil Dead Rise Will Stand Apart From Its Predecessors (And Why That’s Good)

    the evil dead The franchise has been around for a long time. It even precedes a surprising number of nouns in awe. a nightmare on elm street, cry, the thing, And baby play It all comes after the legendary grindhouse movie was released to the world. It managed to stay more relevant than that, though, with sequels that people loved and even a TV series that ran very well until its eventual cancellation.

    Now you may see trailers for evil dead rise And be angry because it looks completely different than it did before. Trailers do not bear much resemblance to the classics Evil Dead II Or the somewhat divisive 2013 evil dead. Rather, in the city. It looks a bit like Sorcery, and not particularly camp. But maybe, that’s not a bad thing in a review.

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    Where it all began

    Undead in the basement
    New Line Cinema

    Evil died (1981) is a great movie and one of the best horror shows of the period. Some people will call it camp. Some call it cheap looking. But honestly, the sound of crickets in the background of scenes because Sam Raimi can’t stand volume reduction or advanced audio mixing equipment is part of the charm. However, the most important thing for him to do right is to strike that note between scary and fun. Yes, a guy pops his girlfriend’s head off, but it’s kind of funny how he gets yelled at while he’s doing it. This right can be considered the core of these films.

    next generation

    Jane Levy screams in the Evil Dead remake
    Sony Pictures

    Where the next two films leaned more into that comedy, in 2013, evil dead He decided he wanted it to be a particularly brutal horror movie without any real jokes. in evil dead (2013), too many things have gone wrong, along with things that have gone right. Some people love this movie and feel it’s a great addition to the franchise, while others weren’t overly impressed. Driving with the positive, it’s not all bad. It has a good setup as to why the group is reluctant to leave the spooky cabin in the woods when they’re trying to help Mia kick her drug habit. Mia herself isn’t the problem either, giving an exceptional performance as a scared dead girl and, finally, a reliable badass. The movie is suitably gore-filled, with limbs flying and plenty of punishment being handed out, perhaps too much. The film is about the gentleness of a freight train on a track strewn with rusty nails. Just a hint of suspense or intrigue will help this movie tremendously because it’s so loud and in your face, in stark contrast to the original, that gives you the time and space to process everything.

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    But when you think about it, the differences here aren’t any worse than getting out of it the evil dead to Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn or even dark army. For some, the loud and boisterous 2013 film works better as a movie version. What makes this franchise unique is that each entry has a very distinct tone that bears little resemblance to what came before. Maybe you don’t like evil dead (2013) because he wanted it to be just a horror movie and ignored what it was made of Evil Dead II very famous. The beauty is that you can appreciate each movie for what it brings to the table. Movies should be accepted as you want them to be, not as you wish them to be.

    other forms

    Evil Dead Rise movie (1)
    Pictures Warner Bros

    Even yet brilliant but different ash vs evil dead, you have it now evil dead rise This primarily seems to be meddling horror elements with a hint of the same murderous hooliganism that Sam Raimi made popular. The Red Band trailer features Doris Day’s “Whatever Will Be, Will Be,” of all people, which is a great sign of remembering this dark comedy element. And as a reminder, the original movie, while horrific, played Charleston over time.

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    The new film looks to mix the brutality of the 2013 entry with the cheese grater on someone’s leg. There’s reason to believe he might have more restraint with some quietly disturbing scenes like peering through a fisheye lens at the door to see your bloody demon mother. Having a child present is also a first for the series, and it could end up being one of the most shocking installments out there. Imagine a tiny, bloated dead bouncing off the walls like a kid after Halloween candy. There is fear in this which seems to put this one in a different category than the others. But this is a movie in the series that’s just trying to be different again.

    Most horror sequels and remakes fail because they want to please longtime fans of the originals while they reel in a new generation, and then they end up being something no one likes. So really, why isn’t this new movie something completely new? something like Halloween (2016) worked much better than Halloween (2007) because he wasn’t trying to copy the original. It’s really in the best interest of this movie that they’re bringing it to town, even if it’s just a gimmick. with 2013 evil dead, It’s hard not to freak out that it’s so different from what came before because you always have the cabin in the woods to remind you of the franchise’s legacy. But do not be alarmed that it is not foolish like dark army or look scary evil dead (2013). Instead, be glad it’s a new breed. So even if you have a favorite in the series that gets the tune just right for you, evil dead rise It should be as different as it can be from other films.

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