Who plays Ellie’s mother in The Last of Us

    warning! This article contains spoilers for The Last of Us season 1.The last of us It shows overwhelming devotion to the game in many ways, one of which is the inclusion of the game’s original cast extending to who plays Ellie’s mother Anna. From Geoffrey Pierce who originally played Tommy Miller in the game in which he appeared The last of us Episode 4 as Perry by Merle Dandridge reprising her role as Marilyn, HBO The last of us Show respect for the actors who starred in the game that started the franchise. This only continued in a significant way with the penultimate episode of The last of us Season 1.

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    in The last of us Episode 8, Troy Baker played James after portraying the main character Joel Miller in both The Last of Us Part One And The last of us part two. With this, we describe the lively duo of the main characters from the original The last of us The game has been featured in the HBO adaptation. However, the other half followed soon after, with the character of Ellie’s mother Anna making another important actor appearance in the game.

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    Ashley Johnson, Ellie’s The Last Of Us Games actress, plays Ellie’s mom

    A screenshot from a trailer for HBO's The Last of Us, showing Ellie's mother Anna, as portrayed by Ashley Johnson.

    The actor plays Ellie’s mother Anna on HBO’s The last of us None other than Ashley Johnson. Joel was originally played by Troy Baker The last of us in the match, with Johnson playing the other half of the Eli central pairing in both games. Ashley Johnson provided both the voice and motion capture performances for Ellie in The last of us in 2013 and its sequel.

    Anna’s personality is interesting The last of us Season 1, given that she did not appear physically in the original game. Anna is only mentioned briefly as a former friend of Marilyn’s, which explains how Marilyn knew Ellie. with conditioning The last of us For HBO, co-creators Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin decided to add to the original game’s story in perfect ways, one of which is the story of Anna poetically portrayed by Johnson who played Anna’s daughter Ellie in the beginning.

    Why Ashley Johnson is an ideal choice for Elle’s mom

    Ashley Johnson as Ellie - The Last of Us

    Ashley Johnson was cast as Anna in The last of us Amazing for various reasons. Outside of showing respect to one of the main actors of both The last of us The games, the relationship between Ellie and Anna from Bella Ramsey as characters make Johnson’s casting better on a thematic level. Anna is vitally important to Ellie’s overall personality throughout The last of us Season 1 for a variety of reasons, and given that Johnson understands Ellie’s character so deeply, she’s better suited than anyone else to portray the person who brings Ellie’s journey to life both physically and figuratively.

    Johnson playing Ellie before he played Anna is arguably the best cast out of all the other Game Actors that have appeared on HBO We delay Outside Merle Dandridge. While Troy Baker and Jeffrey Pierce were equally brilliant in their roles and provided an extra measure of depth for fans of the game, Johnson’s role in the TV video game adaptation on HBO is intrinsically linked to the original role she brought to life. This adds a level of depth not found in the roles of the other actors in the game, making Ashley Johnson’s role as Anna The last of us One of the most important series.

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