Who are the Knights of Gotham?

    Gotham Knights It recently premiered on The CW and it’s a very different take on Batman’s story than previous adaptations. The series follows a group of young teens who are framed for the murder of Bruce Wayne and the world discovers Batman. The kids are a group of different characters from the Batman comics who also uncover a huge conspiracy affecting all of Gotham that is run by the evil organization The Court of Owls.

    A Batman series without Batman is an interesting move, yet the series features a colorful cast of supporting characters. Instead of featuring characters that have been made in many other adaptations like Robin or Batgirl, the series instead highlights lesser-known members of the Bat Family who haven’t been spotlighted in live-action. Here’s a rundown of the Gotham Knights in their eponymous series, their comic book counterparts, and where the series could be headed.

    Today’s movie

    Not a Gotham Knights video game

    DC Gotham Knights
    DC Entertainment
    Warner Bros.

    Despite having the same name, similar plots, they were released after only five months Gotham Knights It is not a modification of the video game of the same name. Oddly enough, Warner Bros. and DC are two separate regions Gotham Knights projects involving the murder of Bruce Wayne and Batman to a mystery connected to the Court of Owls.

    The biggest difference is the characters. Both focus on side characters and stalwarts from the Batman comics but the video game uses more popular characters such as Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl, and Robin while the series focuses on Spoiler, Bluebird, Joker’s Daughter, and a different version of Robin.

    The video game highlights the classic Batman side stories most comic book fans are familiar with. Because Batman’s most famous side characters have been connected to other live-action projects, such as titans and the HBO Max movie that Warner Bros. canceled. discovery, bat girl, the series decided to delve into the rich history of Batman’s supporting characters. He also makes the decision that, with the exception of one of them, none of these characters wear side clothes in the series when the pilot airs. Let’s take a look at some of those Gotham Knights Characters.

    Turner Hayes

    Oscar Morgan as Turner Hayes in Gotham Knights
    DC Entertainment
    Warner Bros.

    Turner Hayes He is the adopted son of Bruce Wayne who was adopted after his parents were killed. Turner has been framed for hiring criminals to kill Bruce Wayne and must clear his name. Oscar Morgan as Turner Hayes. Unlike the other cast of characters, Turner is an original character created for the series, but there are many hints that he might be someone from the comics.

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    The show displays similarities to several versions of Robin that Bruce Wayne has adopted over the years including Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and his biological son Damian Wayne. The second episode reveals that Turner Hayes’ parents may have some connection to the Court of Owls and that Turner might have been a potential Talon if he hadn’t been rescued by Bruce Wayne.

    The comics revealed that Dick Grayson, the first Robin, had family connections to the Court of Owls. thus, Gotham Knights Turner Hayes might make a fusion of Robin, similar to what Christopher Nolan did with John Blake’s character in The Dark Knight Rises.

    Duela / Joker’s daughter

    Olivia Rose Keegan as Duela, the Joker's daughter in Gotham Knights
    DC Entertainment
    Warner Bros.

    Duela She is the wildcard of the Gotham Knights and was framed for the murder of Bruce Wayne. She is also known to the citizens of Gotham as the Joker’s Daughter. She’s revealed that her mother was a prisoner at Arkham Asylum but not the Joker’s most popular love, Harley Quinn. Duela seems to have a great deal of hate towards her father. Duela is played by Olivia Rose Keegan, who is best known for her roles in it days of our lives And High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.

    The Joker’s Daughter is a comics character created by Bob Rozakis in Batman family #6 in 1976. Duela was an enemy of the Bat-family and ultimate ally when she joined the Teen Titans. In the comics, Duela has claimed to be the child of several Batman villains, but her last name in the comics may be a clue to the dramatic reveal in the series.

    Her full name is Duela Dent and in the comics she is the daughter of Harvey Dent. This has been retconned several times now with Harvey Dent being a major part of Gotham Knights There is a possibility that this is Duela’s true origin in the series, and she has to come to terms with this new revelation.

    Carrie Kelly / Robin

    Navya Robinson as Carrie Kelly aka Robin in Gotham Knights
    DC Entertainment
    Warner Bros.

    Robin is probably the second most important character in the Batman comics after the caped crusader himself. Batman usually always has Robin and Gotham Knights Carry on this tradition by honoring it with a unique twist. Robin is in the series, but the version used in the show is Carrie Kelly, who was the first female Robin in the comics. Navya Robinson plays Carrie Kelly Gotham Knights.

    Carrie Kelly was introduced in Frank Miller’s groundbreaking comic The Dark Knight Returns. Set in an alternate reality future, Bruce Wayne comes out of retirement and becomes Batman once again to fight threats new and old with young Carrie Kelly becoming the new Robin. Fans have been speculating about Carrie Kelly making the jump to live action ever since Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, And now on Gotham Knights Highlighted as the series ‘Robin.

    Harper Row

    Fallon Smith as Harper Rowe in Gotham Knights
    DC Entertainment
    Warner Bros.

    Harper Row She is a street engineer looking for her brother, Colin Rowe. Harper, her brother Colin, and Duela are framed for the murder of Bruce Wayne. Harper is also bisexual and is also from the comics. Fallon Smith played Harper Row.

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    Harper Row is a relatively new character, first appearing as an unnamed woman in Batman Vol. 2 #1 in 2011 before being named to the next issue. She eventually adopted the superhero persona Bluebird in Batman #28 in 2014. Created by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, the same duo who presented The Court of Owls in DC Comics. In the comics, Bluebird is one of Batman’s many companions, so the series will go down the path of her becoming a hero in Batman’s absence.

    Colin Rowe

    Tyler DiChiara as Colin Rowe in Gotham Knights
    DC Entertainment
    Warner Bros.

    Colin Rowe He is the brother of Harper Rowe. He is accused of killing Bruce Wayne along with his sister and Duela. Colin was abused by his father which is why his sister is very protective of him. Tyler DiChiara plays Colin Rowe Gotham Knights.

    Colin Rowe is Harper Rowe’s brother in the comics, but the interesting part about the show is that, unlike the other characters, Colin never adopts the superhero role. This leaves the door open for Cullen to adopt a superhero identity from the comics. Harper Row adopts the Bluebird moniker so for the series, Cullen could become a character with a similarly colorful character: The Red Hood.

    The Red Hood was originally an identity used by the Joker before he became the Clown Prince of Crime and is now commonly associated with the Jason Todd character. Having twin siblings having colorful identities with codenames is a cute symbolic connection but also puts a unique spin on the Batman mythos.

    Stephanie Brown

    Anna Lorre as Stephanie Brown in Gotham Knights
    DC Entertainment
    Warner Bros.

    Stephanie Brown He is friends with Turner Hayes and attends the same private school. She’s a hacker and so far a Gotham Knights insider as she looks to help get rid of the other Gotham Knights of Bruce Wayne’s murder. Anna Lorre plays Stephanie Brown Gotham Knights. She is the daughter of Arthur Brown, in the series she is a game show host, but in the comics she is a supervillain.

    Stephanie Brown is introduced Detective comics #647 in June 1992 and created by Chuck Dixon and Tom Lyle. She was the daughter of the supervillain Clue Master and adopted the Spoiler moniker. Stephanie Brown has also used the codenames Robin and Batgirl in the past and is a fan favorite character. The series seems to tease the eventual revelation of her father as a supervillain and her becoming the spoiled hero.

    Harvey Dent

    Misha Collins as Harvey Dent in Gotham Knights
    DC Entertainment
    Warner Bros.

    Harvey Dent He is the District Attorney of Gotham City and a friend of Bruce Wayne. Misha Collins plays Harvey Dent, which is fitting, like his previous role supernatural Actor Jensen Ackles co-voices Batman in the animated films Batman: The Long Halloween, Part 1 And Part 2. Harvey Dent is the biggest name in the Gotham Knights Casual fans will likely be familiar with him as he eventually becomes the villain Two-Face.

    Two-Face is one of Batman’s most iconic villains and has been adapted into live-action media several times. This version of Harvey Dent never became a supervillain while Bruce Wayne was Batman. The series goes from his eventual descent into becoming a villain with Collins already showing his transformation into Two-Face. Because the conflict between the Gotham Knights and the Court of Owls would likely leave him scared.

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