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    penguin Series by Matt Reeves coming to HBO Max in the same universe as Batman. It stars Colin Farrell as the titular character and follows his performance in the aforementioned Batman movie. Although we’ve known him for a while, penguin She’s just getting the ball rolling now that she’s gathered her crew and started shooting. The series will tell the story of Oswald Cobblepot’s rise to power as he becomes a force to be reckoned with in Gotham City. But what comic book stories might Reeves use to inform his prequel series?

    Matt Reeves has made a Batman movie that feels more like a psychological crime thriller than a superhero movie. But this does not mean Batman She wasn’t aware of certain stories of the Caped Crusader. It felt as if it was drawn from Frank Miller Batman: Year One, Where we saw Bruce Wayne start to get his wings. There may be penguin stories that Reeves might lean towards when writing his story. Matt Reeves He likely pulled from crime fiction and comedy specials about Gotham underground to write his show penguin.

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    The Penguin in Batman
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    Oswald Cobblepot, also known as the Penguin, was a Batman villain originally conceived in the Golden Age of Comics. In Batman’s early years, before fans started clamoring for the Dark Knight to get darker, the Penguin was still a crime boss but a little smarter than what we see now. He was famous for his top hat, monocle, and armed umbrella, all of which sounded like history Matt Reeves might try to avoid. aesthetics to Batman It seems as if it needs to be grounded pretty much in reality. So if Colin Farrell brings out an umbrella that sprays funky gas, maybe we’ll get some science on exactly how it works beforehand. Otherwise, Reeves is likely drawing from films like Good guys or The Godfather To get the right look for this series.

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    However, there are still plenty of comic book stories Reeves could use to inform the gangster in his prequel. But the important thing to remember is that all of this stuff is still Batman-centric. Reeves said Robert Pattinson will not be on the show, so Batman will not influence the story. Although in Batman The Dark Knight stated that he had been working on his game for about a year before the Riddler started appearing. But on this show, the story seems to be going to be Cobblepot’s power struggle against the likes of Salvatore Maroney and Carmine Falcone.

    Comic books Matt Reeves might use

    DC Comics

    The Penguin isn’t in the spotlight of the Batman comics as often as the Joker, but he’s still a force to be reckoned with. in the story bullies in Batman #23.3Here, we take a peek into Cobblepot’s early life and his relationship with the man who would eventually become Gotham City’s mayor. In the book, the two had a relationship as rivals who eventually matured into adulthood as the Penguin attempts to control crime in Gotham and the mayor attempts to use the police force to combat it. It’s a thriller that takes a closer look at the character of Oswald Cobblepot, which seems to have been Reeves’ intention for the series. But with the mayor in Batman, Don Mitchell Jr. being so corrupt, the story might go a different way. Cobblepot may have used political connections to create the scheme we’ve seen fall apart Batman.

    in Joker asylum, a miniseries from the Batman comics narrated by the Joker himself, the Penguin gets a series issue expressly dedicated to him. Here we see the darker parts of the Penguin’s personality unfold. Case titled Who laughs last… Because in the story, Cobblepot memorizes the obituaries of everyone who laughed at him. It seems a bit excessive for Reeves, but it’s a good example of how evil can plant itself in a person and mature over time. The comic book run is also much scarier than the typical Batman comic, which seems to be right up Reeves’ alley.

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    Penguin: Pride and Prejudice It takes a closer look at the Penguin’s backstory, how he became the criminal force that he is, and why he works so hard to keep this force of evil alive in Gotham. The comic book run focuses on Cobblepot’s psychological relationship with his mother and his attachment to the people he loves, motivating him to work desperately to preserve his criminal empire in the face of Batman’s justice. This is probably the darkest and most terrifying examination of the Penguin, and Reeves will likely pull at least a little bit of it to put into his story. But where all of these Batman stories also feature is what we’ll likely see penguin He is one criminal battling against another in the bad underworld of Gotham. It is likely that Reeves’ series will show us the unrepentant underworld that already existed in this city before Batman decided to clean up the streets.

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