What makes Damon and Stefan the most popular on-screen sibling?

    The Vampire Diaries is a highly successful supernatural teen drama television series created by Kevin Williamson and Julie Blake. It was released in 2009 and has been extended through 2017, bringing it to eight seasons. The series depicts the complex yet utterly addictive relationship between two brothers, Damon and Stefan Salvatore. Brotherhood is one of the topics that attracts and relates to the public. It is a universal value that will never fade. The Holy Brotherhood draws beautifully throughout all eight seasons of the show. Each season has shown a different side of this complex family dynamic; And despite all the disagreements, fights, and hard feelings, the Salvatore brothers always bounce back and find their way to each other.

    That their siblings have been through trials and tribulations but still come out on top is definitely amazing. It’s the kind of thing that makes you believe in the sanctity of family ties again. Diving further into this topic, it is imperative to ask a question; What makes Stefan and Damon’s relationship so special? Even though the two brothers have wronged each other and caused trouble for each other, the audience can definitely sense that they always prioritize family.

    The Salvatore brothers protect each other

    Stefan stands up to his brother to protect him in The Vampire Diaries

    Damon, played by Ian Somerhalder, is the troublemaker between the two. It’s a known fact from the first season. He has gotten himself entangled in some twisted situations, and Stefan always comes to the rescue. Stefan, played by Paul Wesley, is truly a family man. He loves his brother and is willing to go above and beyond to save his brother’s life and make sure he is safe and happy. In fact, on many occasions he has replaced the role of Damon’s father by advising him and keeping him out of harm’s way. He who saves his brother’s rush.

    But when things get out of hand, and Damon ends up upset, Stefan doesn’t hesitate to throw himself into the fire to save him. He literally does exactly that in Season 1, Episode 22. Damon is stuck in a massive basement fire that the fire department can’t control. When Stefan learns what his brother is going through, he goes into the basement to get his brother out. It is one of the scenes that depict Stefan’s loyalty to his brother and his protection. We all know that only a few things kill vampires, a stab in the heart with a wooden stick, or fire. Stefan did not back down despite the mortal dangers he faced. The scene may be terrifying because of the danger the two brothers were in, but it’s also one of the most memorable and heart-warming because of the message it conveys.

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    It’s one thing to say “Of course, I was jumping into the fire to save my brother,” and quite another to actually do it. In Season 7, Episode 15, we see Damon in turn save Stefan’s life. Stefan’s life is surprising with someone else’s life. The episode depicts Damon trying his best to get someone out, so his brother can breathe better. It’s the little heroic acts of protection that get under the audience’s skin and reveal to them that the two brothers are so highly valued by their bond.

    They forgive each other

    Damon Salvatore in a white tank top and his brother Stefan in a casual shirt in The Vampire Diaries

    After Stefan turns him into a vampire, Damon announces that he intends to take revenge and give his brother an “eternity in misery”. However, when Stefan approaches him to make amends, we don’t particularly see Damon jumping down his brother’s throat. Conversely, during their 1942 reunion, they have a good time together, proactively getting involved in each other’s problems and dilemmas.

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    When Damon learns of his brother’s addiction problem, he accepts to disappear from his life for a while to support his rehabilitation. He knows Stefan is in good hands, as his friend Lexi (Ariel Kebbell) is looking after him. This selfless act is very rare in Damon’s life. He is known for being selfish, impulsive, and rebellious. The fact that we see that he does, indeed, have red lines when it comes to family makes us realize that Damon’s true redeeming quality is not his love for Elena alone, but mostly his relationship with his brother. Stefan also forgives Damon, on many occasions, for his bad manners, his impulsiveness, and mostly for falling in love with his girlfriend. This brings us to our next moment…

    Stefan tries to redeem his brother’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend

    Stefan and his brother Damon side with Elena in The Vampire Diaries

    If ever there was an ultimate test of sisterhood, it would be the love of a woman. After all, Cain killed Abel for similar reasons. However, Stefan and Damon pass this test when they respect their mutual love for the same woman. In fact, since the show began, a rivalry has developed between the brothers over Elena (Nina Dobrev). The two fell tragically in love with the same woman, who, for the longest time, could not decide which one to choose. This situation created tension between them, to say the least. The amazing part to watch was how smoothly they managed to maneuver out of this frictional situation.

    Of course, it didn’t happen without some rough lines and punches that they threw at each other in sheer jealousy. But whenever Elena chose one over the other, the brothers would painfully respect her choice and give them space to live out their moment of happiness. When Damon breaks up with Elena, Stefan tries to mend their relationship, despite how hard it is for him to do so. He realizes that Elena makes his brother a better person, and he wants to help him become that version. The ultimate sisterhood moment on the show is definitely when Stefan plays the marriage counselor to his brother and his ex-girlfriend.

    There is hardly anything more brotherly than self-sacrifice. Stefan and Damon have mastered this art very well. No matter what life throws at them, they always end up looking out for each other.

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