What happened to the Pixar shorts?

    Some movies have lore that audiences expect. Viewers know to wait until the end of the Marvel movie credits for an extra scene, this one Scream The movie will start with a murder, and before A.J Pixar Film, in front of them is a short film. While it was the first Pixar movie Toy Story He has not shown a short film since Bug’s life, The studio put out one of the company’s short films before their films were released. The shorts were so popular that non-Pixar films at Disney like them dummies And most wanted dolls, She even got Pixar shorts by them.

    In recent years, Pixar has dropped short films before their theatrical releases. While some may say it was the COVID-19 pandemic and their movie streaming may be the culprit in particular Toy Story 4 In 2019 he did not show a short film. then Light year The studio’s big release in the wake of the pandemic, it had never released a short film before. Why did Pixar stop releasing short films before their own? Pixar is still making short films, and it looks like Disney has other plans for them. Here’s why Pixar stopped releasing shorts before their own, and if they’ll ever return.

    The beginning of the Pixar shorts

    Tinny the Tin is smiling at something in the Tin Toy
    Pixar Animation Studios

    Before it released theatrical films, Pixar started with short films that showed what computer animators could do. The short film Tin game Laying the foundation for Toy Story. with the release of Bug’s lifeThe studio decided to screen the short film Jerry game before the movie. Each new Pixar movie will be accompanied by a new short. Toy Story 2 And Finding Nemo classic shorts, Luxo Jr. And Nick Knack respectively. The shorts allowed Pixar to give a platform to Pixar animators to pitch projects that could eventually lead to feature films. Filmmakers like Enrico Casarosa (Luca), Domi Shi (turns red), Angus MacLean (Light year) and Peter Sohn (racist) It all started with short films no lunaAnd pawAnd Burn- EAnd partial cloud respectively.

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    For home video releases, Pixar has begun releasing additional shorts related to its films such as Mike’s new carAnd Jack-Jack attacksAnd Riley’s first date. At the time, this was the best way to continue Pixar stories in short-form media without a sequel. The studio has released three Toy Story shorts between 2011 and 2012 following Toy Story 3. Presumably, this is how the studio will keep the brand alive until you decide to produce it Toy Story 4.

    The Pixar shorts start to slow down

    An Oscar-winning animated short by Pixar
    Walt Disney Studios

    Incredibles 2 The last Pixar theatrical film before him was a short, paw. Toy Story 4 It was the first Pixar film not preceded by a short. next movie, onwards, A short film was shown, but it wasn’t a Pixar movie. Instead, Disney put it The Simpsonsshort Playdate with destiny before onwards. This wasn’t the first time a non-Pixar short film had been shown before a Pixar movie Olaf’s Frozen Adventure before 2017 Coco.

    spirit It was the next Pixar movie onwards It was scheduled to be shown in theaters along with the short film terrier Kiss. After the COVID-19 pandemic, Disney decided to release both spirit And terrier on Disney+ the same day. My next two Pixar films, Luca And turns red, It was released directly on Disney+ with no shorts attached. Light year It was Pixar’s first theatrically released film since the COVID-19 pandemic and no short film before it.

    Pixar Spark shorts have been worn on Disney+

    Out Pixar movie
    Walt Disney Studios

    Toy Story 4 It was the first Pixar movie that wasn’t released shortly before. Notably, the movie was released in 2019, the same year that Disney+ was launched. Pixar has become a major part of Disney+, with one staple being SparkShorts. Originally premiering on Pixar’s YouTube channel before moving to Disney+, SparkShorts are longer shorts made by Pixar employees with a limited budget and six months to complete. Unlike Pixar films, SparkShorts animation varies from computer animation to traditional hand-drawn animation. Five SparkShorts movies were released in 2019, three in 2020, and two in 2021. terrierPixar shorts to debut with spiritfrom SparkShorts.

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    Disney+ has become the home of many Disney+ shorts. In addition to SparkShorts, the studio has also released short films based on their recent films Toy Story 4And spiritAnd Luca In the form of lamp lifeAnd 22 against the groundAnd Chow Alberto, respectively. Pixar has had short series based on their characters including Forky asked a questionAnd excavated daysAnd cars on the road. Disney+ needed more content, and Pixar got more work than ever before and a bigger platform. This would likely shift focus away from theatrical shorts and more on Disney+ material which at the time was Disney’s main priority.

    The Pixar shorts are returning to theaters

    Pixar Up movie
    Walt Disney Studios

    Despite the emergence of Pixar to drop short films from their theatrical releases and instead focus on making them part of the streaming library, there seems to have been a shift back to a tradition that served Pixar so well in the past. racist It is the latest Pixar movie, and it was announced that the movie will be presented by a Pixar movie shortly before it. Carl’s history Based on the characters from higher. The short was originally set to premiere on February 10, 2023, on Disney+ as part of the digging day series until it was removed from the release schedule. On March 28, 2023, this was confirmed Carl’s history Instead it will be released by racist Marking the return of Pixar short films to theaters.

    Pixar will release two films in 2024: Elio And inside out 2. There is no information yet if those films will have short films before them. However, with Bob Iger returning as Disney CEO putting a new focus on theatrical release and setting up relationships with Pixar Animation after former CEO Bob Chapek sent three Pixar films to Disney+, there’s a good chance part of the new plan is to bring back Pixar shorts.

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