Walter White killed everyone in Breaking Bad

    Consider the number of people Walter White has killed Too bad It highlights his decentness in villainy. throughout the five seasons Too badWalt caused the death of nearly 300 people, directly or indirectly. With the character’s descent into evil, Walt doesn’t necessarily seem to fall under the label of a psychotic killer. However, while it is true that Walt killed many people for reasons of self-defense and played a major role by accident in a chain of events that caused a plane crash, he also killed many characters in cold blood, including fan favorites .

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    Whether these deaths could have been avoided remains a strong topic of debate Too bad fans. It’s certainly possible to analyze just how evil Walter White was as his body count increased, considering both the people he killed directly and the deaths he unintentionally caused. It’s a shocking number that reinforces the complexity of TV heroes Too badWalter White really was.

    Season 1 – 2 deaths

    Emilio Koyama

    The number of people killed by Walter White Too bad It all started with Emilio. When Walt and Jesse come face to face with Krazy-8, a local drug distributor who is impressed with Walt’s meth quality, and Jesse’s partner Emilio, the situation quickly spirals out of control as Emilio recognizes Walt from the day he was arrested. Walt has no choice but to reveal his meth formula to Krazy-8 and Emilio in exchange for his life. However, Walt shows his best chemistry-teaching skills by tricking the duo into a deadly vapor that knocks out Krazy-8 and kills Emilio.

    Crazy 8

    Walt kills Crazy 8

    Krazy-8 becomes a hub for one of Too bad The most harrowing dilemmas of the first season as Walt must decide whether or not to save a man’s life. After the reckless disposal of Emilio’s body, Walt and Jesse still need to decide what to do with Krazy-8, who was only a minor character on the show but later ended up having a related story in the series. Better Call Saul. Walt is ready to let the man go but realizes that Krazy-8 has obtained a glass shard and intends to ambush him. This causes Walt to kill Krazy-8 in self-defense, and chokes the man to death.

    Season 2 – 168 deaths

    Jane Margolis

    Jane smokes and looks at Jesse in Breaking Bad

    Even with the number of people Walter White has killed Too bad, this is still one of the most shocking things. Jane Margolis remains a major supporting character in the series even after her untimely death, which occurs in the same season in which she is introduced. As their relationship was the most affecting Jesse throughout the show, Jane’s death persisted Too bad He marks the first hint of Walt’s broken psyche: although he doesn’t kill Jane with his own hands, he watches her collapse from a heroin overdose, and refuses to help her when he had all the resources and knowledge to do so. Walt believed that Jane posed a serious threat to his business with Jesse and was certainly relieved to hear that his negativity ultimately led to her death.

    wayfarer 515 passengers

    Walt watches a hitchhiker crash in Breaking Bad

    Walter White’s death toll Too bad She is definitely full of this moment. No one can guess that the mysterious pink bear exists Too bad It foreshadowed not only Jane’s death but also a catastrophe of gigantic proportions, caused indirectly by Walt’s decision not to interfere with her overdose. Jane’s death causes her father, an air traffic controller, to crash at work and make a fatal mistake, causing a catastrophic plane collision that results in the deaths of 167 people. The symbolic teddy bear falls from the wreckage straight into Walt’s yard, almost as a trophy brought from fate itself.

    Season 3 – 3 deaths

    Dio Dealer Jas Fring

    The Death of Gus Fring, a Drug Dealer

    One of Walter White’s most badass moments Too bad It also marks a turning point in his villainous mode. Aiming to save Jesse from an unfortunate fate, Walt tracks his partner as he prepares to kill the two drug dealers who caused the death of Jesse’s best friend, Combo. In a disturbing sequence, Walt comes seemingly out of nowhere and runs the criminals over. The scene ends with one of Walt’s best watchers Too badas Jesse solemnly instructs,Being. “

    Jill Boecher

    Jesse shoots Jill in Breaking Bad

    Jill Botticher was a man to die for ever since he got as good as Heisenberg at cooking meth. It was all about who would kill him in the end. When Walt and Gus’ relationship nears a boiling point, Walt and Jesse are quick to realize that the only way to stop Gus from killing the two of them is to get rid of Gail, a possible substitute for a meth cook. Walt manipulates Jesse into carrying out the order, and although he is not the one to pull the trigger, he is the biggest offender in the murder.

    Season 4-5 deaths

    Hector, Pictures, and Gus Fring

    Bad death break

    Walter White carries out his master plan to deal with Gus Fring by manipulating Hector Salamanca into finally getting his desired revenge. With Hector paralyzed and only able to communicate by ringing a bell, no one can suspect him. This makes the old man the perfect tool for Walt, who attaches a pipe bomb to Hector’s wheelchair. In a disturbing scene, the explosive device explodes inside Hector’s hospice room, killing him, Gus Fring, and Gus’ assistant Tyrus, perfecting Walt’s famous plan. There are questions about how realistic Fringe is Too bad Death, but it certainly was unforgettable.

    Joss Henchmain

    Jesse and Walt leave the super lab

    Walter White is a despicable person, however Too bad Fans can’t complain when he decides to kill people in order to save Jesse. After indirectly causing the memorable death of Gus Fring, Walt still needs to deal with two of his henchmen who are holding Jesse captive in the Superlab, and he doesn’t hesitate to pressure them. Walt rescues Jesse, and the two bid farewell to Gus’ lab with a final cleanup and a legendary exit as the place burns to the ground behind them.

    Season 5 – 22 deaths

    Mike Ehrmantraut

    Jonathan Banks as Mike Ehrmantraut in the Breaking Bad death scene.

    all Break the ban A fan who loved defending Walter White’s actions had a hard time doing so when Mike’s death occurred. Mike Ehrmantraut was an easy fan favorite; Although he was far from a good man, he was one of the few criminals on the show with some moral sense. Mike’s honor led to Too bad Death, because he refused to divulge the names of Gus’ imprisoned men and was thus shot by Walt. As he leaves Mike to die, Walt bids farewell to the last bit of humanity and remorse that still exists in him, drawing ever closer to his character in Heisenberg than ever before.

    Mike’s imprisoned men

    Dying in prison breaks bad

    After getting rid of Mike, Walter White’s main goal was to eliminate anyone who could identify him or Jesse to the police. This will ensure that his business and identity remain safe, even if it means ordering the killing of 10 people who may or may not be involved. Walt calls Jack Welker, Too bad The main antagonist of Season 5, who ensures that his hack men will take care of Mike’s imprisoned partners, kills them off one by one in a series of horrific acts of violence inside the prison.

    Hank Schrader and Stephen Gomez

    Hank dying

    It’s weird to think that Hank Schrader almost died in the first season of… Too bad Because the moment Jack Welker is shot dead marks the vital moment when Walt finally realizes the horror he brought with his drug empire. He has to come to terms with the fact that Hank’s blood is on his hands because he’s the one who got him into this mess. Hank’s death changes everything. He finally breaks Walt’s fantasy about a prominent future, dividing his family once and for all. And to make matters worse, another innocent life was taken besides Hank: Steven Gomez, a competent agent who died in the service.

    Jack Welker and his gang

    Jack Welker Death Breaking Bad

    Even with the number of people Walter White has killed Too badMost of the audience cheered him when it came to these deaths. Walt’s submachine gun remotely eliminates all major opponents of the Too bad Season 5 ends at once, ending Jack Welker’s Nazi gang, avenging Hank’s death, and rescuing Jesse from captivity. Walter knew that of the lives he had destroyed, Jesse had been the most affected. Walt owed his partner a chance at redemption, which led him to participate as one army. Jack officially dies smoking a cigarette, representing the futility of revenge, a theme that ran through the final season.

    Lydia Rodarte Cowell

    Lydia Walt Gallon is the methylene in Breaking Bad

    Lydia was easily one of the most distasteful characters in the series Too bad, and fans were happy to see her slowly succumb to a horrible death. Walter White made sure to kill her treacherously when she turned on him, poisoning her with ricin and leaving her no choice but to watch her body gradually malfunction.

    Walter White

    Walter White in Breaking Bad Felina

    The last life of Walter White Too bad He was on his own, and there is no better way than to die due to injuries to his organ. His death was not actually shown, but the spin-off movie El Camino He confirms Walt’s death through a news report. Walt knew the only way to protect his loved ones was to finally give in, and Too bad Finally, the final “Felina” shows him admitting his own mistakes and selfishness. In the end, he did not succumb to cancer and got rid of the ordinary life that frightened him so much, but he died knowing that there was nothing good about what he had done.

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