Velma Creator comments on negative reviews

    It would probably be an understatement to say that film It wasn’t well received when it was released on HBO Max last year. As Scooby Doo A prequel series, albeit one without a trace of Scooby-Doo himself, the show primarily followed a new incarnation of Velma as voiced by Mindy Kaling. She also served as an executive producer on the show and helped creatively put it together alongside the series creator Charlie Grundy. The idea was to do something different with the franchise, and it certainly achieved that, for better or for worse.

    film It suffered poor reviews upon its release, holding a 7% bad rating with audiences on Rotten Tomatoes. Critics were kinder, though the series was still rated rotten with an approval rating of 40%. There have been a variety of complaints about the show, but one of the most notable is the accusation film disrespect or even “ruin” Scooby Doo franchise. In a recent interview for Emmy Magazine (via, Grundy addressed this criticism, stating that film It doesn’t take anything away from it Scooby Doobut just carving out its own little spot somewhere in that world.

    “The original Hanna-Barbera shows are still there to watch. We don’t erase the originals. We just want to be a little icy planet in the outer reaches of Scooby hair!”

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    A movie was created with the best of intentions

    Filma examines herself in the mirror
    HBO Max

    Grundy also talked about how to do that film compiled. He recalls how excited Kaling was when she initially talked to him about creating a show for the brainiest member of Mystery Inc. , a character who is often put on the sidelines to make way for Shaggy and Scooby’s antics. As Grundy explains:

    “Mindy came to me and said she would love to work on a story with Velma… She loved the character and thought it would be funny to have her at the center of the show.”

    Grundy also talked about the differences made to the Mystery Inc. characters. In terms of appearance. While Fred Jones (Glenn Horton) remains a white male, changes have been made to the ethnicities of Velma, Norville (Sam Richardson) and Daphne (Constance Wu). Grundy explains that these characters are not “rooted” in being white, but there was nonetheless some concern that the studio would not agree to make these changes. However, it appears that the powers that be at Warner Bros. She was happy with the idea, and happy with any character changes as long as the show was going to be “funny and good”. As Grandy says:

    “None of these characters have their roots in being white. We were worried about going to Warner Bros. and asking them to do it, but they said, ‘Do it. It’s time! Just make sure it’s funny and good!'”

    You can stream the first season of film on HBO Max. While not the second season officially Announced by the broadcaster, there have been reports that production has already begun on the second season. As bad as most of the reviews were, the series still drew high viewership ratings, so that might have been enough to secure a season renewal.

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