Underrated Western Movies of the ’90s, Ranked

    with proverbs dancing with the wolves Being nominated for 12 Academy Awards and winning seven, and the unforgiven It received nine nominations and won Best Picture and Best Director, and the ’90s had some really great Westerns. Of all those involved in the genre’s critically acclaimed films, many others are serially underrated in comparison.

    Whatever your tastes, the ’90s had many great westerns of all kinds to choose from. Here’s a look back at some of the good Westerns released in the ’90s that probably didn’t receive as much praise as they should.

    Today’s movie

    10 Quigley down

    9 Selleck in Quigley Down Under

    At the beginning of the nineties decade Quigley down Watch Tom Selleck play a shooter cowboy who uses a modified rifle to deadly effect. His exploits take him to Australia, and here the plot sheds some light on the plight of the indigenous people of that region.

    While the movie received mixed reviews and wasn’t much to write home about at the box office, it was a very solid movie with a great story for a reluctant hero, played appropriately by Selleck. It seems largely forgotten these days but remains one of the most underrated Westerns of the ’90s.

    8 bad girls

    Bad cast
    Twentieth Century Fox

    bad girls It was a 1994 Western centered around four heroines. With a great cast that included Drew Barrymore and Andie MacDowell, the movie probably could have been better. A departure from the traditional Western that used a strong male lead, this movie took a different approach as it tells the story of four prostitutes who are on the run after they kill a client who abuses one of them.

    While critics agreed that this was a solid idea, the movie itself was panned. Given the rise of feminism in the modern world, the film may have been underestimated given that it was released at a time when these concepts were not celebrated as readily as they are today.

    7 Geronimo: An American Legend

    Geronimo_ an American legend
    Columbia Pictures

    Given the sensitive way representation is handled in film today, Geronimo: An American Legend It is one of those western films that is definitely worth another look. It was released in 1993 and was a box office flop and a critical failure as well, but today, it may be receiving a glowing re-evaluation.

    A fictional account of the Apache Wars told through the diplomatic tension between an Apache leader, Geronimo, and an American first lieutenant, the story had significant significance in light of the way Westerners often portrayed Native Americans. It also featured the likes of Wes Studi’s brilliant Geronimo, Gene Hackman, Jason Patric, and even a young Matt Damon – and yet, despite all this, the movie still flopped badly, even though it didn’t deserve it.

    6 Another outlaw

    Rourke in The Last Outlaw

    HBO made-for-TV movie Another outlaw It was released in 1993. It featured an all-star cast led by Mickey Rourke and supported by Dermot Mulroney. The movie also had a strong plot that saw a former hero get out of the law after his family was killed during the Civil War.

    With Mickey Rourke of course continuing to reach much greater heights in his career, most considered his role in this Western to be unforgettable. The movie got lukewarm reviews and was largely forgotten despite being a perfectly decent movie, all things considered.

    5 dead man

    Deb in Dead Man
    Miramax Movies

    Classified as a western acid, dead man He witnessed a rare box office flop from Johnny Depp as he starred in this largely panned film. A massive box office failure, the film was also considered highly artistic by critics, as it threw in plenty of cultural allusions, such as that of poet William Blake. Also photographed entirely in one colour.

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    In the process, it lost much of its meaning and depth, leaving audiences and critics disappointed. Despite this, the film has been praised for its cultural accuracy when it comes to some of its depictions of Native American culture and may have suffered from being set in the wrong time period, since some of its nuanced aspects may have been better received today than they were. at that time.

    4 Ride with the devil

    Maguire's Riding With The Devil
    USA Movies

    Famed director Ang Lee isn’t usually associated with Westerns, so in 1999, no one expected much when it was made Ride with the devil. To say the film was burned is an understatement. It reportedly made just over half a million dollars against a budget of $38.

    Despite this, the film received generally positive reviews proving that it may have been one of the most underrated Westerns ever. Starring Tobey Maguire, it was categorized as a revisionist Western and praised for its gritty nature and multi-layered story.

    3 Young Guns II

    Young Guns II
    Twentieth Century Fox

    The sequel to the 1988 movie, Young Guns II He saw most of the original cast reunite. This was followed again by the exploits of the legendary outlaw Billy the Kid (played by Emilio Estevez). Although the first movie did not do well, it was a huge hit with audiences.

    Young Guns II Looks like he suffered from audience fatigue. Its critical response declined less, as did its popularity with audiences. However, like the first movie, it wasn’t bad at all and might have done better as a standalone movie without having to live in the shadow of its predecessor.

    2 purgatory

    A scene from Purgatory

    At the end of the twentieth century, a unique Western film called purgatory in 1999. It was outstanding in the sense that it mixed some traditional western elements with other exotic elements like horror and fantasy. Despite such an ambitious goal, anyone who’s seen it will likely agree that it was a great little movie and thoroughly entertaining.

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    Since it was a made-for-TV movie and released on TNT, it has never found the same amount of acclaim as mainstream Westerns since its time. Regardless of its creation and implementation, purgatory It’s probably one of the most enjoyable westerns you’ll come across if you’re looking for something a little different from the genre.

    1 On the quick and the dead

    Stone in the fast and the dead
    Sony Pictures

    Consider a movie directed by Sam Raimi, with a cast that includes Russell Crowe, Gene Hackman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sharon Stone, and Gary Sinise. It seems nothing can go wrong, right?

    1995 Western On the quick and the dead She somehow managed to confuse the masses despite coming with such credentials. In a commercial sense, it was profitable without being anything special. Critically, it received mixed to mostly lukewarm reviews. Nevertheless, the film has a cult following and is one of the most enjoyable Western films out there.

    Between a great cast, plot and some memorable moments, it was more than a solid show as far as Westerns go. Despite this, the movie is still quite underrated and not often talked about in discussions of great Westerns. if you don’t see it, On the quick and the dead It is definitely one to try for anyone who loves westerns or strong leading women.

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