UAW strike may cause dealership slowdowns in the future

    ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — It is now officially day two of the United Auto Workers strike. Local dealership officials say the hope is that the Union and the manufacturers can make a deal.

    But while the strike continues, what does that mean for local dealerships and supply chains?

    The UAW and the “Big Three” companies; Ford, GM, and Stellantis are bargaining around the clock. While they try to find a common ground, dealerships and service suppliers are wondering what the future will look like for them.

    “I think time is the key issue here,” Brad McAreavy, Rochester Automobile Dealer’s Association’s President says. “How long it goes on is really going to determine what happens.”

    The historic strike between the three large manufacturers and the UAW continues, and McAreavy says a supply disruption may not happen right way, only if the time is right.

    “If you get into a situation where the strike goes on more than say 30 days, you’re going to start to see some declining inventory levels and you might see some potential parts shortages,” he says.

    So far, only three plants in the United States have been motioned to go on strike. Locally, the GM plant in Rochester is still business as usual, they say until they’re told otherwise by the UAW president to start the strike in Rochester.

    “Whatever they feel is the best timing and the best plant to hit, you know that’s what’s going to happen,” Dan Maloney, President of the Local 1097 United Auto Workers says.

    McAreavy says if someone is looking into buying a car from any of these manufacturers, they may want to see if it can happen sooner, rather than later, before those lots start to look bare.

    “Dealer inventories right now are pretty good,” he says. “They’re just under a 60 day supply of vehicles. 

    On the other hand, GM management released a statement reading in part quote:

    “We will continue to bargain in good faith with the union to reach an agreement as quickly as possible for the benefit of our team members, customers, suppliers and communities across the U.S.”

    “For a consumer who might be in the market 30 days from now, again if the strike continues, you’re going to see less selection out there in the dealer inventories and there probably will be some limitations on production as well,” McAreavy says.

    News 8 will continue to monitor any developments of when the Rochester GM plant may go on strike, both on-air and online.

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