Top 10 sword fighters in movies, ranked

    There is a kind of mysticism with swords that allows them to transcend historical time periods where they were most useful. Almost every movie genre from every time period lends special credence to sword fighters and swordsmen. It is often the hero’s skill with the sword that wins the day or becomes a prominent trait that makes him identifiable as the hero. This list takes a look at the top 10 sword fighters from popular movies.

    10 John – John Carter (2012)

    Taylor Kitsch John Carter
    Pictures of Walt Disney

    First up is John Carter of John Carter. In the movie, John is mysteriously transported from Earth to Mars. Due to the differences between the planets, John essentially becomes a superhero, able to leap incredible distances and display feats of strength. While Jon uses a variety of weapons, he does great damage with the sword and uses it in creative ways with its ability to defy physics.

    John is a Civil War soldier and is presumably trained in the use of a sword, but his fighting style lacks finesse in favor of brute force. However, with his ability to leap around his opponents and overwhelm them with force, he would likely be a force to be reckoned with if he went up against other sword fighters. However, he may not see a crossover anytime soon. John Carter It grossed $284 million at the worldwide box office, but thanks to its budget, it became one of the biggest bombs in history.

    9 Beatrix Kido – Kill Bill (2003)

    Kill Bill Volume 1
    Miramax Movies

    with possible Kill Bill 3 In the works, Beatrix Kiddo of Kill Bill He could come back and die more than ever. Unlike John Carter, Kiddo’s bloodliness comes from her years, training, and skills rather than her brute strength. She has traveled around the world and studied under different masters to hone her skills to the highest level. Her blade skill allowed her to take down dozens of yakuza at once, as well as many skilled opponents. She also learned secret techniques that allowed her to stop a person’s heart if necessary. With unparalleled skill, she was able to take revenge on many opponents with high skills and power them up.

    8 Westley – The Princess Bride (1987)

    Westley protects Buttercup in The Princess Bride
    Twentieth Century Fox

    while princess bride It contains several skilled sword fighters, and Westley proves his strength by being able to defeat all of them. His sword style blended many different styles together, impressing Inigo Montoya, who was at a loss how to defend against it. Westley uses acrobatics, clever tactics, and creative swordplay to give himself a leg up against every opponent.

    He’s managed to rise from a young cabin boy to the head of a gang of horrible pirates, and even after suffering a terrible loss in his life, he still defeats the movie’s villain with a sword. Westley’s tactics alone put him on this list, and his mastery of swordsmanship means few can equal his swordsmanship.

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    7 Aragorn – The Lord of the Rings (2001-2003)

    New Line Cinema

    Aragorn of Lord of the rings He was famous for his exceptional sword skills, even in the world of magical beings that live hundreds of years. Just for a human to obtain such prowess with the sword in their limited lifetime, their sword skills were the real deal. Despite being human, he possessed the Numenorian Blessing, which extended his life and allowed him to hone his martial skills over multiple decades.

    He fought mythical and loathsome creatures that would easily be better for an ordinary mortal man. The master wizard, Gandalf himself, remarked that Aragorn was the only member of their party who would struggle to defeat him.

    Aragorn is also a master tracker and can find Gollum when other characters can’t, including a mysteriously enhanced Gandalf. This means in battle with other sword fighters; No one can hide from Aragorn and not surprise him with hidden tricks. Aragorn Anderil’s sword is another factor that sets it apart. The so-called ‘Flame of the West’ made Aragorn a vessel of fate that could do nothing but kill the darkness by simply drawing the sword. Even the Dark Lord Sauron himself, when he saw the blade, remarked that despite its power, he was not above fear at the sight of it.

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    6 Will Turner – Pirates of the Caribbean (2003-2017)

    Jack Davenport and Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean_ Dead Man's Chest
    Walt Disney Studios

    Will Turner has proven on many occasions that he has the skills of a sword to be at the pinnacle of it Pirates of the Caribbean. Despite his straight-forward nature, his natural skill allows him to remain above the strongest sword fighters in the series. On the DVD commentary for the first film, the screenwriters reveal that their intention was for Will Turner to be the ultimate duelist. Hector Barbossa and Jack Sparrow were nearly identical, which makes it all the more impressive that an immortal could outsmart them.

    5 Jack Sparrow – Pirates of the Caribbean (2003-2017)

    Jack Sparrow
    Walt Disney Studios

    Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean He often gets notoriety for his sword skills. He has been seen losing sword fights to people he shouldn’t be losing to, but that is only because of the comedic element to his personality. When Jack is serious, he can take on the best sword fighters. He has a mind that is passionate about tactics and dirty fighting, which will be effective against many of the well-heeled heroes you often see wielding swords in movies. Will Turner will insist on a fair fight, to which Jack Sparrow will agree to the benefit of bending the rules, giving him victory.

    4 Maximus – Gladiator (2000)

    Russell Crowe in Gladiator
    Universal Pictures

    wrestler It has won five Academy Awards and been nominated for a total of 12. It centers on the narrative around General Maximus, a warrior who is caught in slavery and forced to fight for his life in the Roman Colosseum. Despite being disadvantaged at every turn, he triumphed over opponents with superior weapons and build. In the final battle, Maximus is stabbed in the heart. Even with this severe handicap, he was able to defeat the villain with his skill and strength.

    Even in a fight with another movie duelist, you wouldn’t want to face off against Maximus. His experience in the arena, combined with his soldier training, would make him an equal match for any sword fighter. He has a unique dirty battlefield education and army tactics that will be hard to beat.

    3 Conan – Conan the Barbarian (1982)

    Universal Pictures

    Conan the Barbarian is a man who has been training since he was old enough to walk. His village was attacked, and he became a slave. It was hard work at a young age that would make Conan a hulking brute who defied the natural order of things. He was considered one of the most powerful humans who ever lived, having the strength of 10-20 men combined. While his sword skills may lack finesse, his overwhelming strength makes up for it. His swordsmanship was born out of pure instinct, not instructions. He quickly learns techniques and uses them to more deadly effect than opponents have ever shown them to him.

    An instinctive fighter is perhaps the worst opponent a skilled sword master will ever face. Since they do not follow the rules of style, they can be very unpredictable. Usually, a Swordsman’s skill comes from seeing the same attacks thousands of times before, which gives them the insight to know what to do in each situation. Conan’s attacks come from Reflex, which means that a Swordsman’s skill cannot give them insight or the advantage by thinking ahead.

    2 Zorro – The Mask of Zorro (1998)

    Mask of Zorro Banderas
    Amblin Entertainment

    Visit who zoro maskA swordsman’s strength comes from his tactics and quick strikes. He always surprises his opponents and is more of a detective than a sword fighter. Basically, if Batman was a sword fighter, it would be Zorro. While many people might underestimate Zoro in the duel movies, he would take advantage of his underestimation to carve his way through the ranks. Another benefit to Zorro is that he always survives every situation he’s in for another day’s ride. His near miraculous ability to not die is a superpower in itself that must be taken into account in a sword fight.

    1 Obi-Wan Kenobi – Star Wars

    Obi-Wan Kenobi with lightsaber

    Obi-Wan Kenobi Who star Wars He may have an edge against cinematic duelists just from his lightsaber alone. However, if we ignore the lightsaber and give it a normal sword, it still beats the competition. is known in star Wars Universe As the best defensive swordsman, he practices a style known as Soresu, which is the most defensive form. Obi-Wan defeats his opponents by exhausting them by rendering their attack useless. Combined with his strength powers, he can stand toe-to-toe with even the toughest sword fighters in the movies.

    He can fight and defeat Anakin with only his lightsaber skills, though Anakin is empowered by the dark side. Obi-Wan’s losing record may not be flawless, but his skills and experience will make him a formidable enemy for any fantasy sword fighter he encounters on the field of battle.

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