Top 10 Netflix TV series to watch in one night

    When it comes to recommendations about full shows or series, people often turn to their friends to point them towards something interesting. However, since there seem to be an infinite number of genres, sub-genres, and tastes, one preference does not always coincide with another. Luckily, Netflix It has categories divided for viewers, and the service takes into account the amount of time a person has to watch a movie, series or show. Some of the categories are “Your Top Picks,” “90 Minute Movies,” “Casual Show,” and even “Limited Series.”

    Since everyone has a relatively busy schedule, the team at Netflix wants their consumers to have great original content that doesn’t overwhelm your to-do list. From series that only lasted one season to shows with compelling content that fans are asking for renewal, here are 10 Netflix Originals you can binge watch in one night.

    10 This is a ’90s show

    Donna and Leah

    when This is a ’90s show It started streaming on Netflix, and quickly made its way into the Top 10 TV Shows category. propellers from its predecessor, That ’70s Showexcited to see how the former characters will meet, the development of Jackie and Kelso’s roller coaster-like relationship, and how Eric and Donna will deal with parenting.

    Although the reboot mainly focuses on Leia Forman having a summer of adventure with her new friends (one of whom is flirty Kelso), Red and Kitty Snark and tolerance stole the show. The 10-episode season is nostalgic in the sense that fans get to see the older cast members reprise their roles, but also relive their glory days in the ’90s, when times were much simpler. The series has been picked up for a second season, so the diverse friendships and silly antics aren’t over yet with this crew.

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    9 Wednesday

    Jenna Ortega on Wednesday

    Combining horror and comedy is no easy task, but with Tim Burton working behind the scenes, Wednesday It was an instant hit. Jenna Ortega became a household name for her role as Wednesday Addams. With her love and respect for the character and genre, as well as Burton being front and center to help create the show, Ortega nailed the menacing look and tone of the character.

    The story of the Netflix series is fresh and relatable, in the sense that teens with superhuman abilities must learn to manage their abilities while also navigating the expected tragedies of growing up. Friendships, short-lived love interests, and brilliant solo creations make for the perfect show worthy of a binge. The series has been renewed for a second season.

    8 Disconnected

    Unpaired on Netflix[1)

    نادرًا ما تسير المفاجآت كما هو مخطط لها ، ولكن عندما تتحول حفلة مفاجئة إلى انفصال مفاجئ ، تتطور قصة بسرعة. نيل باتريك هاريس (مايكل) يلعب دور البطولة في المسلسل الكوميدي الرومانسي ، مفصول، بصفته وكيل عقارات ناجحًا ، خرج للتو من علاقة طويلة الأمد بشكل غير متوقع. كرجل في الأربعينيات من عمره يحاول المواعدة في مانهاتن ، يدرك أن مسبح المواعدة صغير وأن الطريقة التي يتواعد بها الرجال المثليون في العصر الحديث تختلف اختلافًا كبيرًا عما كانت عليه قبل 17 عامًا.

    تحتوي هذه السلسلة على أفراد من الجمهور يضحكون ويبكون ويفكرون في علاقاتهم الخاصة. بالنظر إلى أن هاريس اشتهر بصنع سيناريوهات كوميدية وقابلة للقياس ، يمكن لأي شخص مشاهدة كيف يستأنف هذا الرجل في منتصف العمر حياته العاطفية. على الرغم من أن Netflix لم يجدد المسلسل ، إلا أن Showtime التقط العرض لموسم ثانٍ (عبر EW).

    7 ابتكار آنا

    The invention of the Anna shot

    It seems everyone loves a good scandal, and what Anna Delvey (really Anna Sorokin) managed to do to some elite New Yorkers makes people want to parse her story. in Anna innovationviewers almost feel like they’re working alongside New York journalist Vivian Kent, by trying to figure out the flaws in Sorokin’s plans and lies.

    This miniseries deals with the lives of real people who go on extravagant trips, throw lavish parties, and most importantly, get scammed by an intelligent young woman who wants to be famous. Whenever caught up in her own lies or false narratives, Sorokin was always able to get out of it with her charms and financial promises. In 2017, the real Anna Sorokin was arrested and found guilty of multiple theft charges, but was released from prison in October 2022.

    6 Russian doll

    Russian doll season two nadia bees
    Via: Universal Television

    “Déjà vu” is simply shorthand compared to what Nadia (Natasha Lyonne) is up against Russian doll. In the first season, she is stuck in a game-like loop where every time she dies, she resumes her life at her 36th birthday party. Nadia tries desperately to make sense of what is happening to her – believing she is taking some new drug – until she meets a man who suffers the same strange fate.

    The second season acts as its own story, with Nadia traveling back in time to her mother’s body. She tries to right the wrongs she feels her mother made, but ends up discovering many secrets about the woman who gave her life. The series moves fast and offers a dark yet humorous twist on how people manage their lives with care.

    5 Queen’s maneuver

    Miss the cast

    Although the story is fictional, the creators Queen’s maneuver Do an excellent job of showing fans what happens behind the fame and recognition. Elizabeth Harmon was orphaned at a young age, and while in the orphanage, she was given heavy doses of drugs. This led to her addiction, which later caused her to dabble in other things. However, before she was adopted, she learned to play chess. With drugs that help her visualize moves and tactics, she quickly rose through the ranks of professional chess players.

    Watching a young woman playing the ‘man game’ in the 1960s as she battled her addiction is unbelievable. Fans can relate to the lonely feeling of self-discovery while pursuing the passion of making money. Knowing that people will take advantage of the woman but hoping she stays on top, it’s hard to pause this series.

    4 the society

    A land without parents, The Society presents the entire Lord of the Flies movie from Netflix

    After a canceled school trip leads dozens of teens back to their strangely deserted hometown, they realize they are cut off from the outside world. In an effort to create their own society, leaders are chosen, food rationed, and weapons documented. It is not surprising that not everyone sees eye to eye with some new decisions and rules, but this does not justify the death, cruelty and inconveniences that occur.

    The audience can empathize with many of the students in the society Because of the variety and variety of problems among the group. From the psychopathic teen who manipulates others to the terrified teen’s mother-to-be, emotions run high as the mysterious event can’t be easily resolved. This long-running 10-episode series has yet to be filmed in a second season, but that doesn’t mean the show isn’t worth a late-night binge session.

    3 Squid game

    Squid game

    Children’s games, along with betting, are taken to extremes in the popular South Korean drama series, Squid game. The premise of the show is unusual, but that unique and harrowing story is earning Squid game #1 Most Streamed Netflix Series.

    With financial hardship befalling almost everyone in the real world, watching 456 individuals volunteer to compete for the chance to win millions of dollars is a concept that weighs heavily on ordinary people. After discovering that the “games” played lead to the death of those who lose, fans still find themselves in conversations about whether or not the experience is worth trying. The show has been renewed for a second season, and fans are eagerly awaiting its release date.

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    2 when they see us

    when they see us

    based on real events, when they see us It tugged at the hearts of many, and rightly pissed off the masses. In four episodes, the aftermath of the Central Park running case is unfolded. The five black and Latino men who are falsely accused and arrested for the rape and assault of a white woman are portrayed by the characters during their time trials as well as their time spent in and out of prison.

    The five young actors specifically represent the innocence of the men at the time of their trial, and their acting abilities are put to the test when it comes to showing fear and confusion over accusations. The show paints a picture of a corrupt justice system by taking an inside look at how the police can manipulate stories as well as naive and frightened young boys.

    1 maid


    maid It was based on the memoirs of Stephanie Land, The Maid: Hard work, low pay, and a mother’s will to survive. Given that motherhood is rarely easy for a young mother, adding the factors of her abusive boyfriend and mentally ill mother creates a dynamic that no one can help but watch. Margaret Qualley stars as Alex, a struggling young mother trying to do her daughter right. She escapes horrific circumstances only to be sent back to her.

    While figuring out her options for jobs, living situations, and a possible college degree, Alex finds herself vacillating between independence and total solitude. Her situation and her difficulties are not a new concept, but her depiction of pulling herself out of a depressive state, leaving it all behind with mere dollars in her pocket, and doing it all with a toddler on his hip is nothing short of inspiring.

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