Top 10 movie villain plans that must work

    While it is often given that the villain’s plans must fall apart when the hero rises to defeat them, sometimes the villain’s plan is so good that it seems they are being cheated. In our lives, we value hard work and intuitively feel that if we put in enough of it ourselves, we will be rewarded. Here are some of the evil plans in movies that definitely feel like they have to work.

    10 Scar’s Take Over – The Lion King (1994)

    Mufasa's scar The Lion King
    Pictures of Walt Disney

    The malicious scar plot in the king lion It was a relationship that pretty much lasted several decades an act Work at first. By lying in the king’s household, he could ingratiate himself with the patriarch and gain a position of trust. He maintained this facade despite often going to the dark places of the kingdom and singing about his master plans. Scar managed to kill the king without witnesses and remove the heir with one move.

    Then, while Simba was growing up in the jungle, he ruled for dozens of years and managed to keep the entire kingdom united under his leadership. Basically, by the time Simba came to dethrone him, he had already won. The fact that his army was defeated by Simba makes you wonder how they managed to take control of Pride Rock in the first place. He must have had many well thought out plans over the years that kept him in power and his subjects loyal despite his exploitation of the land and its resources.

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    9 Robbery by Hans Gruber – Die Hard (1988)

    Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber in Die Hard
    Twentieth Century Studios

    Hans Gruber Die hard He had a perfect plan to take over Nakatomi Plaza and extract millions of dollars for himself to live out the rest of his life as a king. He knew every detail of the building and had assembled a staff that could get the job done. His plan failed without a hitch, and had it not been for the insane luck of John McClane, he might have succeeded. McClane was supposed to die many times in this movie, but he kept gnawing at the skin of his teeth.

    Sometimes, a villain’s plan can be perfect, but the universe still decides it must fail. His plan was so good that it would have happened without alerting the authorities or causing any complications whatsoever. He even had a plan to fake his death, but unfortunately, he ended up experiencing an actual death.

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    8 Zemo turns the Avengers against each other – Captain America: Civil War (2016)

    Daniel Bruhl as Zemo in Captain America: Civil War
    Walt Disney Studios

    Zemo was an interesting Marvel villain because he fought the Avengers, the world’s foremost super-powered group without any powers at all. Driven only by revenge, he embarks on a plan to get them to turn on each other and make the world hate them. He did all this while maintaining his anonymity. His plan ultimately worked, as the Avengers turned on each other and made the situation worse.

    In the end, the Avengers defeat him, but this time it seems they got lucky. If not for Black Panther overhearing Zemo’s conversation and tracking him down, he would have gotten away with his plan. Even though Zemo might have just ended his life anyway, he tried to do so rather than get caught.

    7 Voldemort Creates Horcruxes – Harry Potter (2001-2011)

    Lord Voldemort
    Warner Bros.

    Voldemort is the main villain Harry Potter films. It is an abnormal creature that spreads its essence across many objects known as Horcruxes that connect its being to the world. These horcruxes were hidden from even the most experienced magicians and allowed him to carry out his plans with impunity. Yet somehow, at every turn, his plans are constantly thwarted by Harry Potter and his friends. They had no plan but were able to uncover Voldemort’s operations despite planning it long in advance.

    One of Voldemort’s horcruxes was Harry Potter himself, meaning he couldn’t die if Harry died. It seems like if you’re a villain, tying your defeat to that of the hero is a smart plan. Inexplicably, when he tries to kill Harry, he kills the last piece of his soul instead of Harry himself. Although he didn’t know Harry was a Horcrux, it was very lucky for him that that was just the way the rules worked.

    6 Darth Sidious Takes Over the Galaxy – Star Wars

    Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith - The Tragedy of Darth Plague
    Twentieth Century Fox

    Darth Sidious had every edge in his plan that should have worked star Wars films. His strength on the dark side was so great that he was able to cut off the Jedi from seeing the future. This allowed him to engineer the annihilation of their system and the only group of superpowered beings that stood in the way of his takeover. Then he managed to become a powerful person in the Galactic Senate, acquiring the Republic’s resources and army to achieve his own goals. In the Hungarian Civil War, he mainly controlled both sides of the conflict. This allowed him to turn the Galactic Republic into an empire that would last for decades.

    At this point, his plan seemed to be completely successful. The Rebellion was weak with worse technologies and fewer numbers, and there was almost no standing army by the time Luke Skywalker got involved. Somehow, a Jedi who learned how to swing a lightsaber allowed the Revolution to bring down the Empire completely. In fact, the rebellion had to be crushed by Sidious, whose master plans had been succeeding for decades until his defeat. One could say that Sidious had become very arrogant in his later years, but even so, shattering the empire seemed unrealistic.

    5 Sauron Takes Over Middle-earth – The Lord of the Rings (2001-2003)

    Saruman and Sauron Lord of the Rings
    New Line Cinema

    Sauron had a well-conceived plan in place Lord of the rings that seemed poised to allow him to take over Middle-earth. Somehow, the races of Middle Earth united to stop him and found one way to defeat him, destroying the One Ring. Conveniently, the destruction of this ring also destroys the ability of the other rings to contain Sauron’s power, finally defeating him. A group of unlikely heroes trek to the heart of his power in Mordor to destroy the Ring, but even that shouldn’t have happened.

    While many say it was Sauron’s arrogance towards “little people” that led to his downfall, his plan was too perfect to be thwarted.

    4 The Syndrome That Gives Everyone Powers – The Incredibles

    Syndrome in a scene from The Incredibles
    Walt Disney Studios

    V syndrome The Incredibles Plan to bring out the superheroes in the world to allow himself to be the only superhero. He would create a great reputation for himself as a protector, and then when he retired, he would gift his technology to the world, so that everyone could be a superhero. To this end, he invented a robot that could adapt to any situation and ultimately defeat any hero. He also had a zero point ray, which could immobilize anyone, super-powered or not.

    Inexplicably, the heroes continue to survive all of these attempts to kill them through sheer luck. Syndrome’s plan is only interrupted by him. The omni-droid ended up being very good at his job and was able to defeat Syndrome himself when he made an offer to stop him.

    3 Joker vs. Batman – The Dark Knight (2008) plot

    Ledger as the Joker
    Pictures Warner Bros

    The Dark Knight It was an interesting movie because it put the Joker on par with Batman. The Joker and Batman are seen as two sides of the same coin, with their minds working similarly to achieve different goals. Christian Bale said in an interview that he found the villainous side of Batman interesting, which inspired him to sign up for the role. So effective was Joker’s plan that he was able to convince the characters in the movie and even the watching audience that he didn’t have one.

    In the end, though, the Joker intended to destroy hope in people’s hearts by showing that the people responsible for protecting them couldn’t protect them when it was necessary. Ultimately, his goal was to corrupt Batman himself, and it seemed like his plan was ready to go. But Gotham is still saved in the end.

    2 Thanos Collects the Infinity Stones – Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    Thanos in Avengers Infinity War
    Walt Disney Studios

    Thanos had been sitting upright in his chair at the end credits scene in the Marvel movies for years before he finally decided to jumpstart his plan. Once he collects the infinity stones, he can start snap and prevent the universe from descending into madness. However, his plans are derailed by time travel, which seems very cheap. The heroes are also fighting an alternate universe version of Thanos to back out of his plan, which is also not fair. The original Thanos who succeeded is not allowed to defend himself.

    1 Aliens Prepare for Millennia – War of the Worlds (2005)

    Tripod machine from War of the Worlds (2005)
    Paramount Pictures

    aliens in war of the worlds They have been preparing for their invasion of Earth for thousands of years. The film was widely praised for its filmmaking techniques, The wars of the worlds It has been nominated for three Academy Awards. However, despite this praise, it always seems like the aliens should have won. They had the complete advantage over humanity in every sense of the word, but for some reason they did not expect the bacterial infection.

    While this decision is in keeping with the themes of the movie, it feels like the aliens were cheated. Didn’t they think viral infections for thousands of years were planning this invasion? In the end, humans had no right to emerge victorious from the situation.

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