The two best episodes of The Last Of Us aren’t about Joel (and that’s the point)

    The best episodes of The Last of Us may not revolve around Pedro Pascal’s Joel, but that only serves to highlight a larger point about the post-apocalyptic story.

    Warning: This article contains spoilers for The last of us Season 1, Episode 7, and The last of us video game series. The best two episodes of The last of us Not related to Joel, but this trend makes perfect sense. Incredible as Joel Pedro Pascal, The last of usThe most successful episodes focus on other characters who parallel his struggles. The last of usThe somber tone sets itself up for nothing but heartache with a few sweet moments in between, but those sweet moments help make it happen. The last of us private.

    The last of us Episode 6 ended with Joel’s brutal stab wound. The last of us Episode 7 picks up with Ellie desperately trying to save Joel, but it doesn’t take long for the episode to spin on Ellie’s past. Before Ellie Meets the Fireflies, Episode 7 follows The last of us: left behind Expands the story from the first game. While the audience waits in suspense for the story to return to Joel’s dire situation, it’s easy to get drawn into Ellie’s past as she enjoys her time with Riley, played by Storm Reid.

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    The Last Of Us Season 1 Episodes 3 And 7 Are The Best Episodes Of The Show (And It’s Not About Joel)

    The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 7 Ellie Riley Storm Reid Carousel Header

    The last of us Season 1, Episode 7 explores the budding romantic relationship between Ellie and Riley in a way that parallels Bill and Frank from Episode 3. While Joel is in both episodes, he remains on the sidelines. Bill and Frank’s devastating story was met with rave reviews, with some hailing it as one of the best episodes of television ever. Part of that backlash can be attributed to the amazing performances of Nick Offerman as Bill and Murray Bartlett as Frank, but The last of us The dedication to showcasing a poignant love story set in the midst of a post-apocalyptic world was also crucial.

    While it wasn’t the affliction that ended Bill and Frank’s relationship, it was still an outside force much bigger than them. Bill and Frank took their end into their own hands, but Ellie and Riley want to stay together as much as possible. Unlike Bill and Frank V The last of us, who have been together for years, Ellie and Riley’s romance is just getting started, so it’s sad to see her cut short. Both episodes showcase relationships thriving in the darkness of the broken world around them, bolstered by compelling performances by a talented cast – albeit largely without the involvement of Pedro Pascal.

    Episodes 3 and 7 still serve up Joel’s story in The Last Of Us season 1

    The Last of Us Joel and Ellie

    The last of us Episodes 3 and 7 both run parallel to Joel’s story. Bill and Frank’s relationship was a reflection of Joel trying to save Ellie. in The last of us Episode 3, Bill tells Frank that “I was never afraid before you appeared. After Joel lost his daughter, he didn’t feel the same fear until he met Ellie. On the other hand, Ellie and Riley’s relationship was in The last of us Episode 7 turns it around, because Ellie is trying to save Joel. Like Bill and Frank in Joel’s arc The last of us Season 1, while Episode 7 nods towards Season 2.

    Although Joel is not in The last of us Episodes 3 and 7 for a long time, therefore, remain central to the story. Ellie desperately wants to save Joel because she couldn’t save Riley. At the end of The last of us Episode 7, Ellie finds material to suture Joel’s wounds. The episode progresses to Ellie stitching it up with a design look painted on her face. While it is not clear if Joel would have survived the procedure, if he followed the TV show The last of usThe plot of the video game, Ellie will have saved Joel at the moment.

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    “The Last of Us” will ultimately be more of Ellie’s story than Joel’s

    The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 7 Ellie and Riley kiss

    The last of usThe original story continues after Joel’s death. The last of us is Ellie’s coming-of-age story and since she’s invulnerable, she’s also the most important person alive. since The last of us Renewed for a second season, the likelihood that the series will follow this path is very high, especially considering showrunners Craig Maizen and Neil Druckmann’s commitment to video game accuracy thus far.

    Saying goodbye to Pedro Pascal’s Joel would be heartbreaking, even if it continues into season two, but Ellie’s story is the real key. The last of us. Episode 7 not only parallels Ellie and Joel’s relationship, but also showcases how Ellie can be a compelling main character in her own right. No less important than Joel The last of us Season 1, it makes perfect sense that the best episodes don’t always feature him as the main focus.

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