The Star Wars Genius Theory uses the Grogu clone to get an accurate Thrawn story

    warning! This article contains SPOILERS for The Mandalorian Season 3, Episode 3.

    The Mandalorian He continues to tease the importance of cloning research in the Empire, and one genius star Wars The theory links it to the story of Thrones in the Expanded Universe. between The Mandalorian Season Two Admiral Thrawn named Escape Ahsoka Bring live versions of star Wars rebels Characters Thrawn’s live-action debut has never been closer. Although Thrawn is brought to star Wars canon in 2017, the character’s expanded universe legacy is hard to forget.

    Importance of Admiral Throne to star Wars The franchise was recognized when the character was introduced star Wars rebels Season 3, even though Disney’s Lucasfilm regards all Expanded Universe stories as myths. unlike star Wars EU, Thrawn’s canon star Wars The story is mostly set during the Empire era. This is now set to change, as Thrawn appears to be an obvious choice for The Mandalorian Big bad era.

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    The Mandalorian Age is clearly a trilogy adaptation

    Star Wars Heir to the Empire Expanded Universe

    decades ago Star Wars: The Force Awakensthe star Wars The universe had its first Episode VII in the form of Timothy Zane Throw Triple. Set right after Return of the Jediis very different from The Force Awakensthe inevitable time jump of 30 years, heir to the empire Continue the story where George Lucas left off by introducing many new concepts, characters, and stories. Although Lucas never considered the expanded universe canon, these stories helped sustain the star Wars The franchise survived until the prequels. Arguably the greatest addition to the expanded universe star WarsGrand Admiral Thrawn is now set to revisit the live-action events during the game The Mandalorian era.

    Even if Thrawn does not appear in The Mandalorian Season 3, “The Mandoverse” as a whole is a Throw Adaptive trilogy. The idea of ​​picking up the story shortly after Return of the Jedi Flips what the sequel trilogy tried and brings this star Wars The fact that the TV program is closer to what is in Zan heir to the empire an act. Not only is Thrawn directly involved in the Mandoverse story – Ahsoka is searching for Thrawn, as revealed in The Mandalorian Season 2 – But the idea of ​​the Empire not really disappearing adds some echoes to the mysteries of Imperial cloning research Throw Triple feet.

    The Empire could have another reason to look for Grogu

    Grand Admiral Thrawn Star Wars Rebels Season 3

    Grogu’s importance star Wars The universe goes way beyond how popular “Baby Yoda” was. The Mandalorian She met Grogu precisely because of how many people were after the child, as the show later established that Moff Gideon was the main agent looking for the child. Although Moff Gideon’s plans were still a mystery The Mandalorian first season finale, The Mandalorian Season 2 confirmed that Gideon only wanted Grogu to study his blood. The Mandalorian Season 2 also heavily hinted that Gideon and other remaining Imperial forces were conducting cloning research, which has now been revisited in The Mandalorian Subplot of the third season.

    Whatever remains of the Empire, whether it’s under Moff Gideon or Thrawn, clearly hasn’t given up on Clone Wars-era cloning research. The Empire even absorbed the Kaminoans’ research and continued to explore cloning possibilities. However, as clear as it seems that the Empire is trying to create Force-sensitive clones to serve as hosts for Palpatine or to create something like Snoke, there may be another reason for them to look to Grogu. One possibility is to create ysalamiri creatures, who can repel the force in the EU, which would make Throw Trilogy concept canon.

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    What part will Ysalamiri play in The Mandalorian Age?

    Mando, Grogu, Thrawn, and Ahsoka Tano.

    ysalamiri was brought to star Wars Thanks canon star Wars rebels Season 3, where a pair of sculptures clearly based on expanded universe types can be seen in Grand Admiral Thrawn’s office. However, whether Disney Star Wars canon ysalamiri creatures referred to in rebels They have the same ability to suppress Force as their counterparts in the Unknown Expanded Universe. However, if Grogu’s blood and cloning research are used to develop a creature that can cancel the Force, something like a ysalamiri would be an interesting addition to the Mandoverse – not necessarily The Mandalorian Season 3.

    Lizards that could suppress the power around them didn’t mean to take too much of a risk The MandalorianNominal character, as religion is not force sensitive. However, the Mandoverse has Force-sensitive heroes, namely Grogu, Ahsoka, and Luke Skywalker. With Thrawn it is expected to be Ahsokavillain in the future star Wars Shown, the canonical admiral can meet the cloned ysalamiri and use them against the Tano. rebels Ezra Bridger should also be considered in this scenario, especially because Ezra usually gets along with creatures who are fairly strong with the Force. Even if the Empire’s cloning plans didn’t concern the ysalamiri creatures, they could still be revisited, as their designs are in star Wars canon.

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