The return of Russell Crowe’s Gladiator 2 was highlighted by one original movie scene

    While it is still unknown if Russell Crowe’s Maximus will return Gladiator 2but his appearance had been predicted a moment ago originally wrestler. At the end of wrestlerMaximus died a lot, making his appearance in the upcoming sequel very difficult. However, Russell Crowe is a face wrestler franchise, and one line showing how his character might come back Gladiator 2.

    Ridley Scott has finally returned to live Gladiator 2bringing the franchise back to its sequel over 23 years after the original’s release wrestler In 2000. The first wrestler It was a huge success, winning all kinds of awards and being a huge hit at the box office. This is in no small part due to Russell Crowe’s lead role as Maximus, as the entire movie was built on his performance. but, Gladiator 2 It will shift focus away from Maximus to Paul Mescal’s Lucius, a minor character from the original film. Despite this, Maximus Gladior 2 Returning is not impossible because of a line in the first movie.

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    Djimon Honsou’s final gladiator streak heralds the return of Maximus

    Maximus and Juba fight together in the gladiator

    While it still seems unlikely, Maximus Gladiator 2 Returning is not impossible, as proven by Djimon Honsou’s finale wrestler Line. In the original movie, Djimon Honsou plays Juba, a slave who befriends Maximus as they prepare to overthrow the Roman Empire. At the end of the film, Juba bids farewell to the recently deceased artist Maximus, concluding his time in the film by saying “I’ll see you again…but not yet. “

    While this was clearly not intended to predict Maximus’ return in the original movie, this line may be key to explaining his return in the original movie. Gladiator 2. While it’s still hard to pull off, the Juba line opens the door for Maximus to return for Russell Crowe, meaning his return isn’t entirely ruled out. It’s possible that Maximus and Juba will return, reuniting the duo with some of the other characters from the series Gladiator 2.

    How can Maximus return in Gladiator 2

    Maximus speaks to the King in Gladiator

    After the events of the origin wrestler, Maximus is dead, and there is no substitute for it. However, there are some ways he can still return Gladiator 2. The way the Juba line foreshadows involves the afterlife. Lucius could die Gladiator 2With him is a vision of Maximus and possibly Juba in the afterlife. This would reverse the original ending wrestlerwhich also saw Maximus enter the afterlife.

    Another way Maximus could come back Gladiator 2 In a dream or flashback. Lucius Maximus knew before his death that the young boy was even a fan of the gladiator. maybe Gladiator 2 Lucius can project memories of the events of the original film, allowing Maximus to return. While Maximus certainly won’t be a major character, there are a few minor ways the classic Russell Crowe character could have made an appearance. Gladiator 2.

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