The real reasons why cast members left the show

    Revolving around the folklore of vampires, sirens, wolves, and biblical characters, The Vampire Diaries It was undoubtedly the popular CW TV series featuring supernatural creatures. The show ran for a good eight seasons, introducing a slew of funny and creepy characters and a plot that was generally unpredictable. The cast was even better than the characters and the plot who pulled the show together very elegantly while giving first class performances.

    Unfortunately, after a certain time, fans have seen many Vampire Diaries The characters are heavily written off. While such exits may have appeared at the time as the absolute requirement of the story, off screen the story was very different. Many of the actors left the show for personal reasons, while others simply moved on for better opportunities. Naturally, the writers handled these disparate exits well, keeping the plot cohesive. Here are the real reasons why actors make it The Vampire Diaries They left the show when they did.

    Nina Dobrev

    The Vampire Diaries Elena
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    Nina DobrevOne of the most shocking was Elena Gilbert’s exit The Vampire Diaries Season six. For Dobrev, the reason for leaving the show was pretty clear, and she didn’t hesitate to inform her adoring fans of the same via her Instagram post in April 2015. She wrote, “I always knew I wanted Elena’s story to be a six-season adventure, and during those six years I got to ride the age “. It is clear that Elena’s journey continues The Vampire Diaries He was the most accommodating of all the characters. She was even given a worthy send off by being put into a magical trance, leaving room for her character to revive. And as we know, she came back in the final episode of the series.

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    Sarah Canning


    Guardian to orphan Elena and Jeremy Gilbert, Aunt Gina (played by Sarah Canning) filled the early seasons with her warmth and infectious attitude. Unfortunately, Gina was tragically killed by Klaus Mikkelson. Much surprise The Vampire Diaries Fans, there was no concrete reason for such an outing. In fact, in an interview with TV Line, it was revealed that the writers had absolutely no idea how to proceed with Canning’s character. However, at the time, Canning had a lot going for her career, starting with the movie Find the I-5 KillerAnd she was working on another A short film noir project needed her undivided attention.

    Stephen R McQueen

    The Vampire Diaries Jeremy
    Warner Bros. Television Distribution

    Stephen McQueenas Jeremy Gilbert, parted ways The Vampire Diaries in a more dramatic way. Similar to Jenna, the writers felt the need to write off Jeremy as well to keep the show’s plot fresh. And they rightfully did so by driving him away from Mystic Falls under the guise of attending art school when he had, in fact, become a vampire hunter. In an interview with E! The show’s producer and executive producer Julia Blake explained her decision to part with Jeremy: “Every year we take stock of where our characters are, and we decide it’s time for them to grow up and move on, it’s time for them to die, where are they going, what could their departure do to the other characters, what What their departure could do to their character.”

    Joseph Morgan

    Klaus Michelson

    Joseph Morgan He deserves all the praise that comes his way for playing the powerful villain turned anti-hero Klaus Mikaelson. But despite being highly regarded in The Vampire Diaries Universe, Klaus had to leave Mystic Falls to settle unfinished business in New Orleans. Before fans make any uncomfortable assumptions about his departure, rest assured that the show’s creators had bigger things planned for Klaus’ arc that would have been impossible to cover on the show. Hence, the actor left Morgan vampire to star as the lead in the spin-off The originals Next to Daniel Gillies as Elijah.

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    Michael Trevino

    The Vampire Diaries Tyler
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    creators of The Vampire Diaries They’ve proven, time and time again, that they’ll do everything they can to keep the story fresh. While staying true to their words, they’ve done what’s absolutely necessary for Tyler’s character, too. In season six, Tyler (played by Michael Trevino) accidentally reactivates his supernatural curse and, to keep his friends safe, leaves Mystic Falls, announcing the end of his story.

    However, in reality, Tyler was written off to prevent the arc from repeating. Shortly after his exit, Trevino opened up about his character’s end: “I had a sit-down conversation with Julie Bellic and honestly, it’s hard. They also don’t want to keep me on the show and they have a recurring storyline. Not only for me, personally, as an actor, but also for the fans — no They want to see the same story recycled.”

    Matt Davis

    The Vampire Diaries Alaric
    Warner Bros. Television Distribution

    Alaric out the Vampire Alban It came sooner than expected when there was so much more to explore about the character’s depth. so he said, Matt Davis He was relatively happy with his deposit. He felt that he and the show’s creators had too many creative differences about Alaric, and it would have been better to end his character than give him an unsatisfactory arc. Then, Plec decided to end Alaric’s arc in Season 3 when Davis’ contract was up for renewal. But as fans will be aware, the departure didn’t last long: Alaric was resurrected in Season 6, which was a win for everyone.

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