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    Based on the book “Shriver” by Chris Belden, Little white lie It is a case of mistaken identity. With an all-star cast and a fun premise, this dark and indie comedy is an odd peek at literary nonsense. It also has a bit of a romantic subplot, which would serve as a small return to form for some of its stars.

    Little White Lie: Plot

    This is Shriver’s story. He’s a handyman who just can’t get a break. He also had not read a single book in his entire life. The problem is, he shares his name with a famous but reclusive writer. When the organizers of a writer’s conference accidentally send an invite to Shriver instead of the actual writer, our hero decides to take on the concept, packs his bags, and tries to kill someone else.

    What comes next is something he never dreamed of. Suddenly, Shriver realizes that he is the conference’s main draw. He was asked to talk about the book he had never read, as someone he had never met before, in a place that had never been right for him. The people at the convention fawned over him as if they had never seen the real Shriver before. The case of mistaken identity continues to escalate even as Shriver feels he may have taken control of this newfound fame, if misplaced.

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    When he begins to fall for the conference organizer, he knows he can’t give up the charade. But when the real Shriver shows up to claim his rightful place in the convention, all hell threatens to break loose.

    Amidst all this, Shriver must deal with a psycho stalker who may or may not know who he really is. When Shriver learns about the literary underling, he’ll also have to deal with a very stubborn detective eager to find out his secrets. People want to be around Shriver and get to know him. The problem is that he has no idea who he’s supposed to be.

    It is a story of misidentification, hero-worship, and the necessity for writers to heap praise on all whom they are told deserve to be highlighted. If Shriver can hold it together long enough to make it through the conference, it could change his life forever. But, on the other hand, if he falls prey to those around him, then this may mean the end of the road, both literally and figuratively.

    Little White Lie: Cast

    Little white lie
    Saban Films

    Although the film has been switched around several times since 2017, it continues to be directed by Michael Marin (A short history of decay). Marin is also a screenwriter. Little white lie It will be the second film he has written and directed.

    The movie also has a list of first-rate actors. Among them is Kate Hudson (glass onion(as Simon Cleary and Michael Shannon)Express train) as Shriver in the lead roles. The film also stars Peyton List (cobra kai)Perry Mattfield (in the dark), and Zach Braff (Obi-Wan Kenobi).

    The story also consists of a muddled list of characters, each deserving of their own subplot. To create these characters, the cast had to be solid. Have no fear because these actors are some of TV and film’s biggest hits. including Don Johnson (Take out the knives), Wendy Malick (Mac and Rita), Mark Boone Jr (the gate), and Emmett Walsh (The immaculate room).

    The film is produced by CaliWood Pictures. Producers include Gina Panibianco, Byron Wetzel, Lukas Jarach, and Michael Reiser.

    release date

    Little white lie It will be released on Netflix on March 3.

    Everything else we know

    Movie Little White Lie
    Saban Films

    When the movie was conceived in 2017, it was initially supposed to feature Thomas Hayden Church (Spider-Man 2), Toni Collette (pieces of it), Giancarlo Esposito (Too bad), Whoopi Goldberg (until). However, due to shooting and extended production issues, all four actors dropped out to participate in other projects.

    For many people, seeing a potential cast of a movie of this caliber may draw attention away from the movie. It might feel like a lost cause because so many great actors have dropped out. However, this film, which is set in the literary world, may have parallels Wonder boys (2000), which featured famous actors in their own dark comedy.

    The project is one of several new non-ROMcoms from Kate Hudson. The actress has been trying to branch out with movies like glass onionAnd Mona Lisa and the bloody moon. Her affinity for these projects has catapulted her into the spotlight once again, proving her versatility and resilience.

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    Michael Shannon, known for his blunt and often angry characters, took on the role originally intended for Thomas Hayden Church. Church, who is better known for his comedic chops, leaves an interesting gap for Shannon to fill. While Shannon was no stranger to comedy (his first film role was in hard day), the role will be a synthesis of his darker parts and his grittier style. As a result, the film is considered a black comedy. Shannon’s previous movie, Amsterdamthis law fits itself.

    The question is always how much to expect from a movie like this. With Kate Hudson in one of the main roles, the first thing people think of is the romantic comedy. However, one romantic subplot doesn’t make for a rom-com. however, a Little white lie It can have quite a few exciting and unexpected twists and turns before it ends.

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