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    Australian actress Sarah Snoke delivers a knockout performance in this psychological thriller Run, bunny, run. The film tells the story of a woman struggling with a traumatic past who is forced to confront her own demons when her estranged mother returns. Directed by Diana Reed, another Australian native, the film takes advantage of the arid outback to add layer upon layer of atmosphere and tension.

    The film was developed by the creative team at Carver Films, a Melbourne-based development and production company focused on bringing independent films and television series to a global audience. The company had previous success handling the action genre in 2020 remains. Hoping to ride a wave of good hype from its screening at the Sundance Film Festival, Run, bunny, run Hopes to get the same success as The Babadookanother thriller exported from Australia.

    Rabbit Run: The Plot

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    Sarah Snook plays a fertility doctor, also named Sarah. The day begins with preparation for her daughter Mia’s birthday party, as she has just turned seven years old. As the day comes, Sarah’s daughter Mia begins behaving in eccentric and difficult ways. Just then, a white rabbit appears outside their door, to Mia’s delight and Sarah’s frustration.

    To make matters worse, a surprise birthday gift arrives, which pleases Mia to no end, but clearly gets on Sarah’s nerves. When the party is over, the days go on as Sarah reflects on the strange occurrences and changes in Mia’s behaviour. Mia begins pestering and demanding to see her grandmother, Sarah’s long-estranged mother, played by the amazing Greta Scacchi (Presumed innocence, gamer), where she gave one of the best performances of her career.

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    Run, bunny, run It is an intense and poignant psychological thriller that showcases the impressive acting abilities of Sarah Snoke. With stunning cinematography, atmospheric settings, and strong performances, the movie is a must-see for fans of the genre. In addition, themes of false memory, trauma, and human connection are fully featured.

    Diana Reed’s direction is masterful, creating an eerie and unsettling atmosphere that will leave audiences in their seats. This suspenseful and thought-provoking film will stay with you long after the credits roll, as any good movie in this genre should.

    Rabbit Run: Cast & Crew

    Sarah Snook on the phone as Chef Roy in Season 3 of HBO

    Sarah Snook, best known for her role as Chef in Succession, He is the standout and makes the most of it. Her performance was raw and deserving of the accolades she has received. This could be a huge role for her on the big screen. Newcomer Lily Latorre stars as her on-screen daughter, Mia. Sarah’s estranged and mysterious mother, Joan, is played by Greta Scacchi (Presumed innocence, gamer), while Mia’s father and Sarah’s estranged husband are played by Damon Herrmann, who is best known for the tourist And mindhunter.

    In what could have been an unlikable role, Herriman acquits himself rather well, bringing nuance to a role that could have been one-dimensional. The rest of the cast consists of solid character actors such as Neil Melville (Blue healers, lower abdomen), Julia Davis (Nighty night, love actually), and Trevor Jamison (Around the building, rabbit proof fencing). Additionally, their movie debut is actor Sunny Whelan.

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    Run, bunny, run It’s a great performance by Sarah Snook. She is able to convey her character’s anguish and fear while remaining physical, even brutal at times. Also interesting is director Diana Reid who keeps the tension high without losing control of the picture.

    The location adds so much to the film’s atmosphere, the cinematography is clear, and it focuses on the barren landscapes and tricky corners of the place Sarah and Mia call home. There is symbolism and meaning in the many shots involving animals and the time of day, each reflecting potential clues to where the journey will end.

    release date

    Run, bunny, run It was shown on January 19 at the Sundance Film Festival. The movie will be released on Netflix in 2023 in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and other regions.

    Everything else we know

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    Run, bunny, run Takes a slow combustion approach. It matches remarkably well with the scorching sun of South Australia. Run, bunny, run You should find a great launcher on Netflix. The streaming giant has elevated many small-budget projects to blockbuster hits, and this movie could become the latest project to hit the big time thanks to Netflix.

    The film has a harsh look, as it is shot in natural lighting. She goes back to movies like blue ruin And against all enemies, Sunny neo-noir films that stick with the viewer. Sarah Snook’s portrayal of a doctor, mother, and daughter separated at the seams by past trauma will have people interested.

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