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    What happens when a police officer is transferred to the FBI because the organization thinks they have what it takes to track down someone who seemingly terrorizes a city without rhyme or reason? The audience is about to discover the new movie to catch a murderer.

    Not to be confused with the 1992 movie of the same name, Shailene Woodley Stars as the cop in question in the upcoming film. It was originally announced as a 2019 lead exclusively by Variety when the film was working under the title The hatred. Damien Zifron directed and wrote the project, with Jonathan Wickham serving as writer as well. Szifron and Woodley are also producers, along with Stuart Manashil (observer) and Aaron Ryder (Access).

    Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole with a police officer as she tries to solve the case? Here’s everything you need to know to catch a murderer.

    To Catch a Murderer: The Conspiracy

    After a killer terrorizes Baltimore on New Year’s Eve, the local police and the FBI try to uncover any information they can to put an end to the killing spree. The Bureau thinks that Eleanor (Woodley), an officer in the local police department, could find something they can’t find in the small evidence attached to the case.

    The trailer provides additional insight, particularly into why the FBI enlisted Eleanor to help them solve the case. While she was originally rejected from the office due to her personality assessment, they now believe that her personality could lead them to suspects. They seem to believe she could share similar personality traits and have a unique insight into what drives a killer to commit such acts.

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    It’s also clear that whoever commits these crimes around Baltimore is skilled. One of the victims was injured while in a glass elevator, demonstrating the suspect’s abilities. They also have the foresight to leave no fingerprints or shell casings behind, which makes the job for the authorities (and the public) more difficult.

    The FBI agent Eleanor works with is heard in a voiceover saying he wants the cop to slip after “the suspect while the individual goes down a path of ‘destruction.'” He recognizes her talent and wants her to use it, so they can crack the case sooner rather than later, especially Because there appears to be no pattern in the victims, this means that anyone and everyone in Baltimore is at risk until they find out more about the person behind the killings.

    It appears they’ve narrowed down the list of suspects, as Eleanor’s voiceover at the end of the trailer says, “They brought me in because they thought I’d get you,” implying that she’s talking to the person responsible. Of course, it might just be a phone call due to the audio distortion, but we’ll have to wait and see.

    To Catch a Murderer: The Cast


    Shailene Woodley is Eleanor. The actress originally came to prominence with her roles in youth media such as the ABC Family/Freeform series The Secret Life of an American Teenagerthe forked Trilogy, film adaptation Bad luck. Her film career exploded with roles in Grandsons And Surprisingly now. Her recent work includes adriftAnd RamificationsAnd Big Little Lies.

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    Additional cast members include Ben Mendelsohn (Captain MarvelAnd Rogue One: A Star Wars StoryAnd The Dark Knight Rises), Jovan Adepo (BabylonAnd PlatformAnd I’m sorry for your loss), Ralph Inison (willowAnd the witchAnd game of thrones), Rosemary Dunsmore (ChuckyAnd orphan black), Michael Cram (every dayAnd Shadow hunters), Jason Cavalier (QuanticoAnd Sixth scream), and Mark Camacho (X-Men: Days of the Future PastAnd Arthur).

    release date

    to catch a murderer It is scheduled to hit theaters on April 21.

    Everything else we know

    To catch the killer 2023
    vertical entertainment

    The movie was initially announced under the name The hatred. However, judging by the reports, it seems that the name of the movie was quite good in production and shooting. It’s unclear when the name changed, but it was likely after Vertical Entertainment bought distribution rights to the film late last year.

    The definition of the original title can give insight into the kind of person Eleanor is trying to find or even Eleanor herself. A hater is a person who avoids interaction with humans and society. The person being pursued by the FBI could be antisocial or not feel they belong in society for any reason. Part of the reason the Bureau thinks Eleanor can help is because they feel her personality profile can match that of the suspect. This character is why the FBI didn’t accept her at first, so it’s strange that they now want to use her to track down someone.

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