The plot, the cast, the release date, and everything else we know about

    The Hill family is back on our screens, I tell you what. Hulu has ordered a revival of the popular animated series with original creators Mike Judge and Greg Daniels on board.

    king of the hill Every Man follows propane and propane accessory salesman Hank Hill, his wife Peggy, and their son Bobby in Arlene, Texas. The series was a huge hit for Fox, and the show ran for 13 seasons from 1997 to 2010 and earned two Emmy Awards. While only confirmed this year, A.J Koth A revival has been in the works since right after the original finale. News of “reboot talks” surfaced every few years before dying out, a process that went on for more than a decade. Finally, in September 2022, the project seemed to be officially dead when Fox confirmed that they would not air a revival. However, in January 2023, Hulu swooped in and finally ordered a reboot of the long-awaited series.

    So what can we expect from Hank Hill’s next chapter? How have The Hills, Dale, Belle, and Boomhauer changed in the nearly 15 years since the show debuted? Let’s take a look at the expected plot, return, possible release date, and everything else we know about the revival king of the hill.

    King of the Hill Revival: The Conspiracy

    King of the Hill Season 13 ft. Rain Monster Tools
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    before king of the hillJudge was well established in animation with his massive success Beavis and Butt-head. Even the fans who tuned in Koth In 1997 he might have expected something similar. However, the judge went for the exact opposite plan, making Koth differs from Beavis and Butt-head as possible. Basically, Hank Hill had manners.

    Although mobile, Koth He distanced himself from his other cartoon counterparts with how grounded he was. The stories weren’t fanciful or exaggerated, and were a family comedy at heart. Judge and crew would have gone with The Simpsons And Family man The way animation was used to embrace the absurd. However, this may come at the expense of the story, and they choose to keep the friends and family atmosphere above all else. Hank Hill was just trying to provide for his wife and son and enjoy the company of his friends in a quiet Texas town. The show could easily have been a live action, and many storylines likely wouldn’t have changed.

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    From what we know about the plot of the revival, those ideas will stay on top. Currently, we don’t have much concrete information. However, Judge has hinted several times that the revival might age the characters, especially Bobby Hill. Keeping the characters the same age throughout the show’s run was one of the few areas it was in Koth It was like other animation software. Who knows, maybe we’ll see an older Bobby try to raise his kids with “helpful” input from grandparents Hank and Peggy. Co-founder Greg Daniels promises that the idea of ​​a revival is hilarious, which is a good thing.

    Since the show’s central premise hasn’t changed much over its 13-year run, we can expect that the revival won’t change much either. So all we can do now is wait for additional plot information as production continues.

    King of the Hill Revival: Cast

    King of the Hill (1997-2009)
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    When the revival was announced, it was confirmed that much of the original cast would return. Mike Judge will return to his lead voice role as Hank Hill, and let us know what. The judge also voices Boomhauer, Hank’s barely visible bachelor friend.

    Alongside Judge, Kathy Najimy returns as Peggy Hill, Hank’s wife and substitute Spanish teacher who can barely speak the language. Pamela Adlon returns as Bobby Hill (which may weaken the theory that he’s aged, so we’ll have to wait and see). Hank’s friends would drink more beer in the alley, with Stephen Root returning while a depressed and divorced Bill Dauterive and Johnny Hardwick returned as anti-government pest exterminator Dale Gribble. Side note, who wouldn’t want to see how Dale responds to today’s endless world of government conspiracy theories on Facebook? Lauren Tom rounds out the returning cast, both as neighbor Minh Souphanosin Vaughn and his daughter Connie.

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    There are some names missing from that list for various reasons. Brittany Murphy was an essential part of the original cast as Hank and Peggy’s niece Luanne Platter. Unfortunately, Murphy passed away in 2009, before the show originally ended. Also, the late Tom Petty voiced Luanne’s eventual husband, Lucky. It is unclear if their roles will be recast or if the characters will be removed from the show.

    Other absent names include Toby Haas, who voiced his neighbor/friend Kane, and Hank’s misogynistic father, Cotton Hill. Dale’s wife, Nancy, was voiced by Ashley Gardner, Nancy’s “very close friend” was Jonathan Goss, John Redcorn, and Nancy and Dale/John Joseph’s son were played by Breckin Meyer. Although not announced with the main returning cast, it’s possible that some of them will end up returning.

    King of the Hill Revival: Release Date

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    Hulu has ordered a revival of the series in January 2023, so there’s no timetable yet for a possible release date. However, due to the time frame of the cartoon, we could see it on our screens sometime around 2024.

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